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Time for the ol’ NFL Draft recap (like anyone cares)

We got through it.  At times it was fun and exciting.  At other times it felt like slogging through knee-deep mud.  I think I whipped through the third day in about 90 minutes and even then it felt way too long.

So instead of my normal draft recap where I go through every team and put them on the Mayock Scale (TM), I will do things differently.  I’m just going to go through some of the draft goings-on and the highs and lows and maybe some winners and losers.  That’s about it.  I can’t bring myself to evaluate every team.  I think I would go nuts doing that.  Her we go!

  • The highlight of the draft, in my opinion, was Ryan Shazier walking to the stage to announce the Steelers’ first round pick.  He has come a long way since that scary injury last season.  And for people who were pissed off that some of the announcers and Roger Goodell were letting the cat out of the bag early so to speak, just give it a rest.  It was a nice moment.  Not everything has to be a complete shock to the system.  That’s what the Cleveland Browns at the NFL Draft are for.
  • And that pick that Shazier announced?  Terrell Edmunds, brother of Tremaine who had been drafted earlier.  So two brothers going in the first round.  That’s also insane.  That’s a lot of cool stuff for one pick at the NFL Draft.  Made up for a lot of the mundane bullshit that happens there.
  • Baker Mayfield going number one I can handle.  I don’t think that’s too big of a stretch.  He won a lot in college so that has to count for something.  I still would have went Sam Darnold but whatever.  The Johnny Football comparisons for Baker are way off-base and just people trying to stir the pot for attention and page views.
  • As for the Browns next pick, I don’t think it was a good one.  Not saying Denzel Ward isn’t good because he is.  But the chance to draft Bradley Chubb was right there and they passed on it.  Not a good look.
  • To be honest (hindsight being 20/20), if I had been the Browns I would have drafted Barkley first and probably still would have got Mayfield at #4.  All of a sudden, the Browns would have been hailed as instant draft winners.  Now, not so much.
  • David Akers trolling Dallas fans is this year’s Drew Pearson taunting Eagles fans.  I hope this doesn’t mean that the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl this year because none of us can handle that.
  • I see Lee Corso donned a Mel Kiper head during College Gameday.  I thought he was supposed to pick winners (Hi-yo).
  • I thought the NFL Network did a pretty good job with their coverage.  The foursome of Rich Eisen, Charles Davis, Daniel Jeremiah and Mike Mayock is about as good as they come.  Nothing seemed overdone or gimmicky.


  • Let me preface both the winners and losers list with this one indisputable fact: it’s really too early to tell.  So this is off of what many people observed so far with these picks.
  • Baltimore – The Ravens did quite well.  They got Lamar Jackson with their second pick of the first round.  They also picked Orlando Brown and Mark Andrews far below where they probably should have gone.  I don’t think any of their picks were reaches so they, by all accounts, had a good three days in Ozzie Newsome’s final draft.
  • Buffalo – I know I will get flak for this but I think the Bills did a pretty good job.  I know Josh Allen wasn’t a popular pick but a good one in that spot since the Bills need a quarterback whose name doesn’t rhyme with Dathan Meterman.  Also, getting Tremaine Edmunds and Harrison Phillips will be huge additions to an already stellar defense.
  • Denver – They somehow got Bradley Chubb at the five spot.  I still don’t get how.  Then they got Courtland Sutton, Josey Jewell and TWO good running backs.  I say Elway grabbed a good haul there.
  • NY Giants – Saquon Barkley and Will Hernandez?  That’s all you have to say there.


  • New Orleans – I don’t care what anyone thinks: trading that many draft picks for Marcus Davenport?  It’s the same as the Mitch Trubisky situation last season.  Unless Davenport has a good first year this will look like a dumb move from Saints’ management.
  • Seattle – This will be another extremely unpopular pick.  But other than drafting Shaquem Griffin (a feel-good story who should have been drafted about a round earlier), they didn’t quite hit the bullseye on most of their picks.  Rashaad Penny is huge risk-reward here.  If he ends up killing it in the league the Seahawks will look like geniuses but they could have had them with their next pick probably easily.
  • Kansas City – Part of this is them parting with picks to move up to get Patrick Mahomes last year.  So can’t totally fault them for that.
  • Detroit – Funny how everyone is lauding the Frank Ragnow pick in the #20 spot considering I saw almost no mock drafts having him that high.

Which brings me to mock drafts in general.  Almost no mock had Mayfield #1 until like a day or so before the draft when that seemed to be the consensus.  Then everyone’s mock had it.  What bullshit.  I am going to cut down my mocks to three (at most) next year if not less.  It’s a fruitless endeavour and I sometimes feel it is a complete waste of time.

So yeah there were other winners and losers (I guess) from the draft and other cool things happening but I think I have put too much effort towards it now.  For doing this in my spare time it felt like I put way too much of myself and my time into it.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked live-tweeting it.  I love live-tweeting during actual college football season.  Keeps me engaged.  This, on the other hand, was great at the start but by midway through the first round I was getting tired.  In general and of being on Twitter.

Again, this is about making this blog better but also about doing the things I like and enjoy and want to spend time on and less on the stuff I am liking less and less.  It’s a work in progress.  I make it sound like some grand piece of gallery art when it’s absolutely not.

Anyway, soon enough it’s the most important games list meaning we are getting close to being only double-digit amount of days away from college football season (as of right now we are at a sad 117 days away).  Have a good week everyone.


12 thoughts on “Time for the ol’ NFL Draft recap (like anyone cares)

  1. Hey Bossman!

    I think Barkley is going to be an excellent running back with the Giants. Cleveland in my opinion should have traded the #4 pick for a package of players and/or additional draft picks. Baker Mayfield should do fine. The Browns can’t be worse than they were last year. (or could they?)

    I was surprised that Detroit drafted someone on offense with the #20 pick. Later on, they did draft a defensive back in Tracy Walker. Unless Detroit’s secondary improves, it’s not going to matter. But then again, maybe Matt Patricia will bring some of the things he’s learned from Bill Belichick in New England and the Lions just might put their losing ways down the stretch to an end. Or not. I really don’t know.

    If Kansas City doesn’t make the playoffs (the AFC West is either going to be won by the Chiefs or Broncos in my opinion), Andy Reid is going to be gone. Denver on the other hand, big steal for them to land Bradley Chubb to their already strong Top 3 defensive unit. If Case Keenum plays the same way this year that he did for the Vikings last year, Denver is going to be scary good and they will be right up there with New England & Pittsburgh in the AFC.


    1. The jury should be out on Patricia since he has proved nothing as a head coach yet. There are many guys who were great coordinators but terrible head coaches. Give him a year and let’s see what happens.
      That’s a big if for the Broncos. Keenum came out of nowhere to do amazing last season. If he does it again then Denver should be really good. If not, it probably proves it was anomaly for him and the Broncos will struggle to win the division.


  2. Hey Bossman!

    Is there any chance that you might be able to do a projected Associated Press Top 10 ranking sometime during this upcoming week and then a subsequent AP Top 25 projection in the summer? It’s the same thing Phil Steele does. Not his projected Top 10 / 25 but the AP. I think those would be great posts & fun to compare them.

    Also, I am very much looking to your predictions as to what games will air on CBS, ABC, Fox & the TSN channels. Wishful thinking on our parts, here’s finally hoping that we will get Fox Sports One games on the College Football packages this year.


    1. I can give it a shot although I have much less expertise than Phil does. Like a TON less expertise. Maybe I can incorporate it in one of my upcoming posts.
      Well I now have a bit of an in in terms of the TSN projected schedule so I may be a lot closer on those games than I have been in the past, especially in terms of timing.
      We won’t get FS1 this season. That is pretty much guaranteed. Next year is where the fun may begin though. The ACC Network commences and, like the SEC Network, we should get those games up here on the specialty packages. At that point, it may behoove Bell/Rogers/other telcos to create something on the college football front more than what they are doing now with all the cable cutting going on. Next summer could be very interesting with this.


  3. We know that DAZN is not living up to it’s potential. $20 a month for Sunday Ticket last year seemed like a great deal. NO. Not with all of the buffering, lack of high definition quality streams, failure to offer direct CBS & Fox (DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket feeds) for certain games, atrocious customer service, etc. In retrospect, I’m very happy that I took a wait and see approach in regards to DAZN. As it turned out to be something that was too good to be true. After the 2018 season, maybe the NFL will completely take away DAZN’s exclusivity to offer Sunday Ticket here in Canada as well as that of the Red Zone Channel.

    Tying that to your post regarding the ACC Network & Fox Sports One games, the cable & satellite companies as well as the telcos could partner together to pick up those games so that DAZN cannot carry them. If they are smart, this is what will hopefully happen.


    1. Sunday Ticket is going back to the cable companies to offer out to customers this season. I think you can still get it on DAZN as well but the telcos can offer it too. As for RedZone, I have no idea.
      After what happened with the Sunday Ticket debacle last season, there is no way DAZN will get their mitts on college football. Saying that, something has to change for the 2019 season or otherwise us college football fans up here will be losing out on some games (which seems to be the status quo but this would be like worse than status quo).


      1. Hey Bossman

        DAZN just got their hand on the full Champions League broadcast rights for the next three years which both disappoints me immensely (as a big fan of European soccer) and worries me (as it suggests the chances of them getting their mitts on college football are a little greater than we may have thought). Something to keep our eyes on.

        I confess to being quite concerned that the number of college football games we are going to be able to see may decline soon – there is absolutely no excuse for the number of games to do anything but increase but living in Canada has a way of diminishing one’s expectations in this regard.

        Can’t wait for the season to get here – less than 100 days now.


      2. With DAZN getting UCL and Europa League rights, it means TSN loses them; subsequently, TSN will have to hold on to other properties a little tighter, with one of them being college football. TSN is slowly diminishing in terms of what they have to offer consumers for live sports. They can’t lose another property as well.

        Saying that, I do agree that with the ACC Network beginning next season we need to see a positive shift or else at some point college football fans in Canada will get routinely shut out of a lot of games. The CRTC, Bell and Rogers have not given me a lot of confidence that this will turn out well but we shall see.


  4. I don’t think TSN is going to help us out here for multiple reasons.

    First, the Champ[ions League and Europa League games are all mid-week. So to the extent that they need to fill specific programming slots CFB does not help.

    Second, TSN is wall-to-wall CFL and come September I think there are a lot of CFL games on Saturdays.

    Third, even if they DO start showing more CFB, I seriously doubt they will be showing games that are not already available to us on the Sports Packs. Since the Sports Packs have arrived I don’t think we have *ever* had a game on TSN that we would not have received via the Sports Packs (or ABC).

    I think our only hope is that the Sports Packs up their game. But with the ACC Network coming and FS1 getting more and more games I fear our halcyon days are gone. Fingers crossed though. For now I’m looking forward to the 2018 season.


    1. I think the UCL/Europa League is more about losing an entire set of programming regardless of where the programming lies. I do see your point though.
      The CFL and TSN are in an interesting little dance. Two entities that are trending the wrong way, married and not really being able to live without the other. The CFL needs TSN more than vice versa but TSN would be in big trouble without it. I do have the tentative TSN schedule for this CFB season and it’s about the same amount as last season. That could change and it really tells us nothing about the 2019 season.
      Sportsnet had the rights to FOX’s college football library so TSN would not have been able to show any of those games even if they had wanted to. Rogers does not have those rights anymore so if TSN wanted to pick them up, they could. Problem is, with ESPN/Disney having a stake in TSN (for now), the chances of that happening are slim.
      The ACC Network games should end up on the sports packs pretty much right away next season. There would have to be a restructure (especially on Bell’s end) since they would need the proper amount of channels to air as many games as needed. At one time there could be games from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, SEC Network, ACC Network. That’s five if you don’t include alternate broadcasts (two games on the SEC or ACC Network at the same time). The ACC Network games would effectively replace the FSN Regional games that we would sometimes get up here although now we would get them every week. I don’t know how this affects the weekly game on WSBK/WNLO or their ACC Network Extra platform so we will have to wait on that. If I’m Rogers or Bell, I work on all of these sports packs since live sports obviously still creates a ton of cash (as seen by the recent WWE and UFC deals). Creating more robust sports packages (even if they cost more than they do now) would give sports fans closer to what they want: all the sports they want to watch without having to have a ton of other channels.
      For now, we can feel safe with the status quo of the 2018 season knowing we could be heading to college football broadcast-mageddon.


  5. “Sportsnet had the rights to FOX’s college football library so TSN would not have been able to show any of those games even if they had wanted to. Rogers does not have those rights anymore so if TSN wanted to pick them up, they could. Problem is, with ESPN/Disney having a stake in TSN (for now), the chances of that happening are slim.”

    TSN should pick up the package of Fox / FS1 College Football games (even with ESPN/Disney owning part of TSN). TSN picks up other sports coverage from FS1 (such as MLS & NASCAR). So why not some NCAA Football games? They will be missing out on a gold mine here in Ontario with Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State in the Big Ten. Same in British Columbia with Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State. If it means utilizing only two or three TSN channels for CFL coverage on a Friday or late Saturday night and the FS1 covered game is better on paper than the ESPN Networks game(s), then do it. TSN needs to pick up something before DAZN picks up something else (and destroys that property).

    If TSN loses the CFL to Sportsnet and/or the CBC for instance, that’s another gap in their summertime programming schedule. What would they replace that lost programming with? Major League Baseball games from FS1? If they are not able to show those games because let’s say Rogers owns the rights to them (my understanding is that FS1 regular season games are not shown by Sportsnet but they pick up the feeds in the postseason though), someone can correct me if I’m wrong on that first point. TSN will be in serious trouble. They lost NHL rights after the 2013-2014 season. To lose CFL rights as well, would be a major loss.

    As for the College Sports Packages that Bell & Rogers have, they better be offering more games next season (or even this upcoming season and surprise us) if they don’t want to lose more customers. Also, if it means paying a higher fee to DAZN for the privilege of carrying NFL Sunday Ticket next season, 2020 & 2021 on their systems, then do it.


    1. OK to be honest I don’t know if part of the contract (or agreement) with ESPN on these specialty packs is that they only contain games that would air on an ESPN network (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, SEC Network, ESPN3 and soon enough ACC Network). If not then definitely the specialty packs can pick games up from FS1. My guess is that when it comes to TSN, every league has a different deal when it comes to exclusivity (or if it even exists: think the NBA). So again, it could be something in the contract that says TSN cannot air FS1 or FOX college football games. But who really knows. I think DAZN won’t be a real threat until they get their act together after the Sunday Ticket debacle. But give them time, maybe even just a year, and TSN AND Sportsnet should consider them a real threat.

      TSN will never lose the CFL. The CFL would probably die off before that happens. TSN has basically kept the league alive while inadvertently helped themselves stay as the (arguably) #1 sports network in Canada. That’s slowly changing with the loss of UCL/Europa League games. If the NHL continues their string of good seasons/good publicity (they’ve had two good seasons in a row after what many thought was one of the worst seasons of hockey in recent memory) then that will be great for Sportsnet. The Jays regressing doesn’t help them though. If the Jays, next season, get back to form then we can start considering Sportsnet as the true #1. But back to the CFL, TSN and the league need each other. The CFL is not doing that well but they have been in much worse situations and got out of it. Hell, in the past three decades they have had some great years, both on the field and financially so it’s not like they can’t bounce back.

      The specialty packs will have to change their tune starting next season. The ACC Network must appear, without issue, right away. Plus, as long as the B1G, Big XII and Pac-12 get better games on FS1, many fans will be upset if they can’t at least get access to these games. As I have said before, I am willing to pay more to get the college football games I want as long as that choice is there. But it’s not. That’s the real sad part here.


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