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A new mock draft after the Kreepy Kombine

I did not watch the Combine.  I saw a few tweets about certain players like Lamar Jackson (who is a QUARTERBACK) and Shaquille Griffin (who is a DEFENSIVE BEAST) among others.  Other than that, nope.  The Combine is just fucking weird.  I go to the gym and see people work out.  Because people work out there and I am also there to work out.  I would never watch those people work out on TV so there’s no way I would do the same for football players.  I get the idea behind it but a guy going up and down a draft board because of his speed in the 40 is ridiculous.  How often does someone go 40 yards, untouched, and in a straight line?  Maybe a few times a season?  Anyway, it’s bizarre.

What the Combine does do is allow me to do a Mock Draft V.3. since there would have been some movement afterwards because GMs and Assistant GMs and scouts need something to do.  So here’s the next iteration of the mock draft followed by some random info:


1 cleveland browns Sam Darnold, QB (USC)
2 ny giants Saquon Barkley, RB (Penn State)
3 indianapolis Bradley Chubb, DE (NC State)
4 cleveland browns Denzel Ward, CB (Ohio State)
5 denver Josh Rosen, QB (UCLA)
6 new york jets Josh Allen, QB (Wyoming)
7 tampa_bay_buccaneers-primary-2014 Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB (Alabama)
8 chicago bears Tremaine Edmunds, LB (Virginia Tech)
9 san francisco 49ers Quentin Nelson, G (Notre Dame)
10 oakland Orlando Brown, T (Oklahoma)
11 miami_dolphins-primary-2013 Baker Mayfield, QB (Oklahoma)
12 cincinnati Derwin James, S (Florida State)
13 washington Roquan Smith, LB (Georgia)
14 green bay Marcus Davenport, DE (UTSA)
15 arizona Connor Williams, T (Texas)
16 Baltimore Derrius Guice, RB (LSU)
17 los_angeles__chargers-primary-2017 Leighton Vander Esch, LB (Boise State)
18 seattle.png Joshua Jackson, CB (Iowa)
19 dallas Vita Vea, DT (Washington)
20 detroit_lions-primary-2017 Isaiah Wynn, G (Georgia)
21 buffalo Rashaan Evans, LB (Alabama)
22 buffalo Mason Rudolph, QB (Oklahoma State)
23 Mike McGlinchey, T (Notre Dame)
24 carolina James Daniels, C (Iowa)
25 tennessee titans logo Harold Landry, DE (Boston College)
26 atlanta Maurice Hurst, DT (Michigan)
27 new orleans Billy Price, C (Ohio State)
28 pittsburgh Malik Jefferson, LB (Texas)
29 jacksonville jaguars Courtland Sutton, WR (SMU)
30 Will Hernandez, G (UTEP)
31 Kolton Miller, T (UCLA)
32 Philadelphia Carlton Davis, CB (Auburn)


33 cleveland browns Jamarco Jones, T (Ohio State)
34 ny giants Isaiah Oliver, CB (Colorado)
35 cleveland browns Ronald Jones II, RB (USC)
36 indianapolis Sam Hubbard, DE (Ohio State)
37 new york jets Sony Michel, RB (Georgia)
38 tampa_bay_buccaneers-primary-2014 Arden Key, DE (LSU)
39 chicago bears Calvin Ridley, WR (Alabama)
40 denver Brian O’Neill, T (Pittsburgh)
41 oakland Taven Bryan, DT (Florida)
42 miami_dolphins-primary-2013 Nick Chubb, RB (Georgia)
43 Chukwuma Okorafor, T (Western Kentucky)
44 washington Da’Ron Payne, DT (Alabama)
45 green bay Anthony Miller, WR (Memphis)
46 cincinnati Dorance Armstrong Jr., OLB (Kansas)
47 arizona James Washington, WR (Oklahoma State)
48 los_angeles__chargers-primary-2017 Ronnie Harrison, S (Alabama)
49 new york jets Jaire Alexander, CB (Louisville)
50 dallas Dallas Goedert, TE (South Dakota State)
51 detroit_lions-primary-2017 Harrison Phillips, DT (Stanford)
52 Baltimore Christian Kirk, WR (Texas A&M)
53 buffalo Trenton Thompson, DT (Georgia)
54 D.J. Moore, WR (Maryland)
55 Mike Hughes, CB (UCF)
56 carolina D.J. Chark, WR (LSU)
57 tennessee titans logo Hayden Hurst, TE (South Carolina)
58 atlanta Terrell Edmunds, S (Virginia Tech)
59 new orleans Lamar Jackson, QB (Louisville)
60 pittsburgh Justin Reid, S (Stanford)
61 jacksonville jaguars Mark Andrews, TE (Oklahoma)
62 Duke Ejiofor, DE (Wake Forest)
63 M.J. Stewart, CB (North Carolina)
64 Philadelphia Kyzir White, S (West Virginia)

Random Info

  • Gone to two rounds!  I would say it means double the chances to get things wrong but that’s a lie.  It easily quadruples it.  Which makes me on par with Mel Kiper.
  • I can’t see the Giants passing on Barkley now.  This means the Browns lose the opportunity to get a top QB and THE top RB in the first four picks.  It means, chances are, their pick at running back will come later in the draft (which I have them doing on their second 2nd round pick).
  • This may now work out great for the Broncos.  They just got Case Keenum so whoever they draft at QB can at least sit and watch and be mentored for a season, which we know is definitely the way to go (most of the time).  See Rodgers, Aaron.
  • I don’t put trades in at all.  I know they will happen but it’s difficult enough to pick two rounds of the draft let alone throw in trades.  But something tells me the Bills, after trading Tyrod Taylor to the Browns, will be moving up in the draft to get a QB.  As of right now I have them getting Mason Rudolph (which isn’t a bad pick at all) but they could move up to get one of Darnold, Rosen, Allen or Mayfield.
  • Both Edmunds boys (Tremaine and Terrell) I expect to go in the first two rounds.  That should change I am sure since mock drafts, I realize once again, are a fool’s game.
  • Yes the Saints just signed Drew Brees again.  But Lamar Jackson would do well to go there, watch a pocket passer like Drew who throws the ball approximately nine thousand times a game, and mesh that with his ridiculous athleticism.  This guy could very well be Michael Vick 2.0…without the bad shit.

So there you go.  Another mock draft.  Impressed, right?  Yeah, I’m not that impressed either.  And I still can’t believe the draft is like a month-and-a-half away.  Didn’t it always used to be early March/late April?  A quick online tells me the last time it was even as early as mid-April was the 2000 draft.  I must be hallucinating then.

Hey, remember my “I will try to post once a week” comment?  Yeah that got flushed down the toilet.  What else can I talk about without sounding like I am forcibly creating a post for no other reason than to create a post.  I will have at least one more mock draft…maybe two.  And perhaps another What-if post since they are SO popular (as in I assume they aren’t popular at all).  Other than that?   Crickets.

I am working on the college schedule now that it is out.  Mapping it out and such.  It takes a while so I never do more than a bit at a time because even I would get bored with it.  Once the draft is upon us, I should start getting back into things.  So let’s consider this a season finale of sorts.  Like on TV.  Except way worse.  Enjoy your week everyone!


3 thoughts on “A new mock draft after the Kreepy Kombine

  1. Hey Bossman!

    Are you enjoying the March Madness tournament? What do you think has been the biggest surprise of the first round so far?

    It should be interesting to see what the Browns do with the first and fourth selections in the draft. They have been very active in the free agent & trade market so far. Maybe they will draft one prospect and trade the other pick for a package of players and/or more draft picks. If Cleveland does the right things, they just might turn things around in the 2018 season.

    New Orleans were losers in the draft last year just missing out on Mahones. They need to make sure that they draft a quarterback this year. If they miss out again & Drew Brees is out for any period of time, their season will be sunk.


    1. Am I enjoying it? Sure! Unless I look at my bracket. Then the answer is no. But it has been a ton of fun to watch the absurdity of this college basketball season culminate in the insanity that we are watching.
      Cleveland will need 2018 to build and integrate their new players into the lineup. I would say 2019, if they play their cards right, could see their *gasp* return to the playoffs. I don’t think they will trade either first round pick unless they get a sweetheart deal. Maybe they should call up the Bears.
      Brees just re-signed with the Saints so at least he is around for the near future (and will retire a Saint most likely). They do need a QB but I don’t know if they pull the trigger in the first round or not. I say they don’t and that a pretty good QB will fall in their lap in the second round (as you can see I have them getting Lamar Jackson who would be loved down there).


  2. What an upset by UMBC on Friday night! The first time a #16 seed has ever knocked off a #1!!!

    I must be in the minority of those who didn’t complete a bracket. Then again, I don’t follow college basketball during the regular season as there are 351 teams in Division I.

    With Cleveland, maybe they will make the playoffs in 2020. I can see them winning at least four games in 2018.

    If Brees plays the whole season & the defense continues to make improvements, New Orleans will likely have a shot to contend for the Super Bowl again. But being the defending NFC South champions, it’s going to be tricky. I can see Lamar Jackson going to the Saints and their fans would absolutely love him for sure.


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