Possibly my least favourite post of the year (a.k.a. How Did I Do – NFL Version)

Last year I combined this with a mock draft post.  I won’t be doing that this time around.  I can only fit so much bullshit in one post right?  I have tried before, believe me.  Anyway, I will do this the same as last year by looking at predictions and comments I made at the start of the season and see how they turned out (spoiler alert: almost all of them did not turn out the way I thought).  Allons-y!

New England, Green Bay, and Seattle are candidates to get to at least 13 wins although Julian Edelman’s season-ending ACL injury will make the Pats passing game a little less formidable than it would have been. They will still clean up in the AFC East though.

Yeah the Pats cleaned up in the AFC East again.  And basically in the conference.  The AFC was woefully thin this season.  Green Bay did not do well although who knew A-A-Ron would go down with a big injury that cost him a few games.  And Seattle…well they ran into a Rams squad that was really good this season.  Still.  I have to say I batted .333 on this one.  If I was in the majors I would be pissed off that they are colluding against me getting a big-money contract for a ton of years.  But since it is just predictions then I am not doing too well right out of the gate.

I see three divisions being ultra-competitive: the AFC South, AFC West, and NFC South. The other five will not be, at least at the top of the division. Hell, the Packers may clinch by Halloween.

God damn you Rodgers!  Plus the Vikings were really good.  Helps when you have a guy like Case Keenum play out of his mind for a couple months.  In the end, the NFC South was fun to watch and I was right about that.  The AFC South was also competitive as the Titans and Jags actually played well and it made for an exciting finish.  The AFC West, as much as the Chargers want to say otherwise, was the Chiefs’ division to lose and boy did they try to lose it.

The race for the Wild Card in the AFC should be a good one. I have the Bengals and Chiefs getting in but the Ravens, Colts, Texans, Los Angeles Chargers (yes the inept Chargers) and even the Dolphins with Smokin’ Jay Cutler will have a say in who gets into the playoffs. If the Bills get their act together they should be included here too although it’s pretty likely they will fall 2-3 games short like they always do.

Boy where do I start here.  Let’s start at the end.  The Bills made the playoffs!  Which made me happy despite the prediction being wrong.  The Dolphins and Colts were terrible.  So were the Texans but losing J.J. Watt and Deshaun Watson early would cripple most teams.  The Ravens gaffed against the Bengals which allowed the Bills to get in in the first place.  Somehow Marvin Lewis still has a job there despite saying he was “leaving.”  What is it about professional football in Ohio that is so daunting?

In the NFC, the race will be between the Bucs, Cards, Giants, and Saints. Maybe Carolina. Everyone else, no.

Just looking at that sentence makes me cry.  What the fuck was I thinking?

As for the worst team, the Jets, Bears, and Niners seem to have the inside track on the #1 overall pick next season. Considering the Jets have arguably one of the worst quarterback trios in recent memory I will slot them in as picking Sam Darnold in next year’s draft.

And of course the Browns again made my prediction wrong.  Thanks a lot.  Then again, if it wasn’t for our friends from Cleveland and Jimmy Garoppolo revitalizing San Francisco’s football team, I would have been close to dead on here.

MVP should have a bunch of candidates although watch out for Jameis Winston who could chuck for an absolute boatful of yards (pun somewhat intended).

God damn it.

Rookie of the Year is always a crapshoot so I won’t even delve into it. All I know is that DeShone Kizer (yes, DeShone Kizer) could very well be the best rookie quarterback this year. Playing for the Browns. No, I’m not drunk.

You know what?  I probably was drunk.

And now my playoffs preview which I will go over in point form to minimize how stupid I was:

  • Cincinnati, Arizona, Dallas, and Tampa Bay didn’t make the playoffs.  Neither did Seattle but they were close.  Oakland didn’t as well.  God do I look stupid for picking them.
  • Oh hey I had two of those teams facing each other in the Super Bowl: the Raiders and Seahawks.  I fucking suck.
  • On top of that I had Tampa Bay making it to the conference championship.  Good lord.  The only thing I got right was New England making it to the AFC Championship.  This is seriously terrible.
  • Of the four actual conference championship teams, I picked one of them to even make the playoffs.  Maybe I should just quit predicting the NFL altogether.

Let’s never speak of this again.

No realignment news again really.  Two years in a row.  At some point in the next few years there will be MASSIVE realignment news and it’s all we will talk about.  Until then let’s enjoy the breather.  The next mock draft should be maybe a couple weeks or so from now.

The next post will be the conference tournament schedule.  The conference tournaments officially start on February 26th…so this Monday!  As has been the case the past few years, the Atlantic Sun is the first conference to start the fun.  Will we get to see this?  Absolutely not.  Don’t be daft.  However, this year we get things a bit earlier than we normally would…OK some of us will get it earlier.  Because the Big Ten just HAD to have their tournament in New York they will be doing it doing week one of conference tournament play.  Meaning on the last day of February, Canadians will get their first taste of conference tournament action.  Nice.  Why don’t they just move all the tournaments to either New York or Las Vegas since it seems that is where half of them are now anyway.  Or do the NCAA tournament FA Cup-style.  Every team is in (technically) but the really shitty teams have to start in round one and the much better teams get byes to like round seven.  It would be hilarious/crazy to watch one of the worst teams in D-1 go on a glorious run until they meet up against Kansas in an eighth round matchup and get beaten by 80.  Along with promotion/relegation, this should happen.

Anyway, enjoy your week everyone.


2 thoughts on “Possibly my least favourite post of the year (a.k.a. How Did I Do – NFL Version)

  1. Seattle is a team that’s trending downwards. Russell Wilson got all that money when his contract was restructured. The offensive line & rushing game took massive hits. There is talk that Earl Thomas & Richard Sherman could be on their way out of the Pacific Northwest this offseason.

    How does Marvin Lewis keep his job? I cannot understand that either. The Bengals are another team that needs to rebuild.

    For the last six years, Tampa Bay has done absolutely nothing but underachieve.

    If the Jets land Kirk Cousins and the team continues to improve in 2018, they might be a year or two away from unseating New England in the AFC East and possibly being a major contender.


    1. Well it was just a matter of time with Seattle and mostly due to their defense. As players leave or decline they weren’t going to have the same strong defense as they did when they were contenders every year for a few years. And yes, Wilson’s contract hurt Seattle’s money situation.

      I figured Tampa Bay, after 2016, would improve enough. It certainly seemed that way. Boy was I wrong.

      I am of the firm belief that until Brady or Belichick (or both) leave (or retire), the Pats will continue to be the team in the division with the other teams having to fight for Wild Card spots.


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