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Oh god…it’s that time again. Alright *deep breath*……let’s take a look at my 2017 CFB predictions

No more football this season.  Yes this is sad.  We are six-and-a-half months away from college football starting again.  No, I will not watch spring games.  I think it’s somewhat ridiculous.  I get the point of them (kind of) but still won’t watch them.  It helps that most of them are on ESPN so I won’t get them anyway.  I will do more mock draft posts (pin drop in the audience) but will not watch the Combine…at least live.  I will watch some analysis of it but for the most part I find the NFL’s Kreepy Kombine to be bizarre.  I guess you could call it Football Scouting Porn.  The CFL starts in like late May this year with their pre-season (May 27th to be exact).  Why most (if not all) of these games aren’t in neutral locations I can never figure out.  There are only eight pre-season games in total.  Eight.  Not hard to figure out other places to put them if you really want to grow the game.

Anyway, let’s get on to the meat of this post (the roast beef if you will)…my college football predictions this season.  Some were pretty good.  Others….my god they were so off the mark.  Let us begin shall we?

College Football Playoff and New Year’s Six

  • My College Football Playoff Final Four was…well, off the mark:
    • Alabama – They got in.  And won the whole thing.  I had them losing in the semis though so I struck out there.  And that was the best of my picks.
    • USC – I figured they would be #1.  They were not.  They struggled a bit but still made the New Year’s Six.  To face…
    • Ohio State – I figured they would find a way to get out of the tough Big Ten and into the CFP.  They did win the Big Ten Championship and lost out on the spot to Alabama and ended up at the Cotton Bowl where they beat the Trojans pretty handily.  So still not too bad with my picks so far.
    • Wisconsin – The first part I got right.  I said they’d run the table going into the Big Ten title game and they did.  But they weren’t high enough up in the rankings to survive the loss they had to Ohio State which is what I also said would happen.  So in the end, these picks weren’t too bad considering Wisky also made the New Year’s Six.
  • How about my New Year’s Six picks?  Let’s see…Florida?  Tennessee?  Florida State?  Fuck.
  • I had Northwestern, Auburn and Michigan being just on the outside of the NY6 looking in but playing in good bowls.  Not bad Bossman.  Not bad at all.

Heisman Trophy

  • Yes I had Sam Darnold to win it but a lot of other people did too.  I did have Baker Mayfield as runner-up though.  I am impressed with myself.
  • The only misses would be Deondre Francois (who could have been if he hadn’t been injured in game one) and Bo Scarbrough.  Other than the Mark Ingram season, Saban likes to use the committee in the backfield kind of thing.  I should know this by now.

Let’s Look at Some Bad Team Predictions

  • Should we start in the SEC?  Why not since I was such shit in the SEC East (SEC West I fucking ROCKED!).  I had Florida 1st, followed by Tennessee.  Good god.  I also had Missouri last and South Carolina tied for fourth although those don’t look TOO bad considering I think I was on par with many other actual experts on this.
  • I thought it would be Purdon’t again.  It wasn’t.
  • Both Arizonas did much better than I thought.  And even then both head coaches were still shitcanned (for wildly different reasons).
  • Baylor was trash (which many were overjoyed with).
  • Florida State was WAY worse than it should have been.
  • BYU was God awful…..hehe.
  • Tulsa was terrible.
  • The Florida Initial Universities did much better than I figured.  The Atlantic version (thanks to Lane Kiffin) and the International version (thanks to Butch Davis).
  • North Texas was also really good (and fun to watch).

Let’s Look at Some Good Team Predictions

  • There are many I got absolutely correct (or pretty close to it) so let’s look at some odd ones like Alabama losing a game (to Auburn) and still winning the SEC West.  OK the last part wasn’t right but I was close otherwise.
  • Wisconsin running the regular season table.  Oh yeah.
  • Low hanging fruit but I almost aced the Pac-12 North.
  • Texas finishing fourth.  Not at the top or near the bottom like many others thought.
  • Toledo being ALMOST the class of the Group of Five.
  • Appalachian State kind of doing the same thing.
  • And the Mountain West as a whole.  Staying up until ungodly times in the morning to watch their games paid off!

Coaching Hot Seat Fun-Time Extravaganza

  • I had Paul Haynes at the top of my list.  No surprise he got fired.
  • I had Todd Graham #3 on my list.  He was fired although many were shocked he was.  And he was replaced by Herm Edwards.  That’s gonna be a real interesting 2018 in Tempe.
  • Sean Kugler, Kevin Sumlin and Rich Rodriguez were all in my Probable Shitcanning section.  Good times.  David Beaty was also on the list and will be brought back for 2018 which is another reason we need promotion and relegation in college football.
  • Not even I could have predicted how poorly they treated Bret Bielema when they fired him.
  • My Doubtful Shitcanning list had the most hits.  God damn it!  Then again I couldn’t put everyone in the predicted-to-be-fired bucket.  It would get too crowded.

So again I decided to compare myself to the Stassen method of pre-season predictions.  I do want to know where I stand despite the fact I usually stand near the bottom of the ladder looking up on people much, much smarter than myself on this topic.  So after much calculation (including perhaps some trigonometry and calculus), I got…drum roll please………………


That puts me TIED FOR FIFTH!  Wow.  That’s pretty damn good if I must say so myself.  Then again I don’t have near the knowledge every one of the actual participants in that list have but still….yay me!  It helps that I would have had the best marks for my Big Ten East, Big XII and Mountain West West Division and had damn good predictions for the Pac-12 North (although one magazine got it perfect…nice).

So hey I did well…for once.  This just makes me more sad that we are without college football for at least another 190 days.  Ugh.

So yeah mock drafts, college basketball conference tournament post, and some other filler until we get back to the good stuff sometime in the Spring.  Have a great week everyone…unless you are like me and dread Valentine’s Day and all that goes on with it.  Ugh.  The 15th can’t come soon enough.


7 thoughts on “Oh god…it’s that time again. Alright *deep breath*……let’s take a look at my 2017 CFB predictions

    1. Not this summer. As far as I know the CFL is still locked in with ESPN through the 2018 season. It’s the following year that could see this change. It would also correspond with a possibly move back of the season by a couple of weeks, if not a month or more.
      It sounds like one would come with the other. I don’t know why that is but I am guessing that the NFL Network would not want to take any time away from the NFL into November especially since they do highlights throughout the day every Sunday throughout the NFL season.
      What this may do is move more games to Saturdays which would suck for people who do not have a CFB specialty pack as it would most likely mean less CFB games on TSN networks as they would be filled more than they are with CFL games.
      Again at this point it’s all talk but it will heat up a few months from now again for sure.


  1. Hey Bossman,

    Good job with your college football season predictions for last year. To be tied for fifth place using the Stassen method is awesome! That’s a major accomplishment!

    Phil Steele is already taking pre orders for his 2018 College & Pro Football Preview Magazines. I ordered my copies last weekend. Looking forward to getting both of them in late July or early August.

    Last year, he didn’t produce an NFL magazine and I must say that Athlon & Lindy’s doesn’t do it for me. When Phil & his team of staff puts out an NFL preview, much like his College Football Magazine every year… it’s #1 on the market.


    1. Thanks man!
      Can you order them online or do you still have to call in to order the magazines?
      I honestly didn’t buy an NFL preview mag at all last year. I have yet to do a post on my NFL predictions and how I did on them but I have a feeling it wasn’t that good. I do agree that PS’s NFL magazine has always been awesome.


  2. No problem!

    We here in Canada still have to call in. No online ordering for us.

    Do you remember the first time that Phil put out an NFL magazine to be sold in stores? It was $7.90 (after tax). I still have the copy to this day. 🙂


  3. Absolutely. You could still find Phil Steele’s College Football Magazine in smaller independent shops within the province (not sure if there’s one in Guelph). Last year, a shop in Ottawa’s ByWard Market was selling some copies. I will take a look around that same shop in June and see if they are selling it this year.


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