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So………………………………now what?

Man was that ever a fun Super Bowl.  The most pew-pew-pew Super Bowl ever.  Nick Foles and Tom Brady both had (arguably) the greatest two-game playoff stretches EVER for a QB in NFL history.  I will refrain from the Big XII jokes I heard about this one but every so often you need a game like that.  Especially in the NFL.  Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles for their first Super Bowl victory and good luck to the city of Philadelphia cleaning up after that celebration.

Might as well move on with Mock Draft 2.0.  OK Mock Draft 2.  No decimals.  I am not Mel Kiper (or any of the other drafttheads who do four different versions of the draft every damn day).  Here we go followed by inane somewhat-early analysis:


1 cleveland browns Sam Darnold, QB (USC)
2 ny giants Josh Rosen, QB (UCLA)
3 indianapolis Bradley Chubb, DE (NC State)
4 cleveland browns Saquon Barkley, RB (Penn State)
5 denver Josh Allen, QB (Wyoming)
6 new york jets Baker Mayfield, QB (Oklahoma)
7 tampa_bay_buccaneers-primary-2014 Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB (Alabama)
8 chicago bears Quentin Nelson, G (Notre Dame)
9 san francisco 49ers Orlando Brown, OT (Oklahoma)
10 oakland Roquan Smith, LB (Georgia)
11 miami_dolphins-primary-2013 Derrius Guice, RB (LSU)
12 cincinnati Connor Williams, OT (Texas)
13 washington Tremaine Edmunds, LB (Virginia Tech)
14 green bay Denzel Ward, CB (Ohio State)
15 arizona Billy Price, C (Ohio State)
16 Baltimore Calvin Ridley, WR (Alabama)
17 los_angeles__chargers-primary-2017 Derwin James, S (Florida State)
18 seattle.png Joshua Jackson, CB (Iowa)
19 dallas Maurice Hurst, DT (Michigan)
20 detroit_lions-primary-2017 Leighton Vander Esch, LB (Boise State)
21 buffalo Vita Vea, DT (Washington)
22 buffalo Mason Rudolph, QB (Oklahoma State)
23 Rashaan Evans, LB (Alabama)
24 carolina Marcus Davenport, DE (UTSA)
25 tennessee titans logo Harold Landry, DE (Boston College)
26 atlanta Da’Ron Payne, DT (Alabama)
27 new orleans Malik Jefferson, LB (Texas)
28 pittsburgh Carlton Davis, CB (Auburn)
29 jacksonville jaguars Mike McGlinchey, OT (Notre Dame)
30 Isaiah Wynn, G (Georgia)
31 Isaiah Oliver, CB (Colorado)
32 Philadelphia Kolton Miller, OT (UCLA)


  • Still doing only the first round at this point.  I mean it’s two-and-a-half months until the draft.  Don’t want to burn myself out on this.
  • Hey remember when I said I wouldn’t give into the Josh Allen hype?  Well I kind of am.  Kind of.  I’m moving him into the Top 10 at this point but with the following caveat: if the Broncos pass on him I don’t think the Jets would take him so he would fall pretty far down the ladder.  So it’s all-or-nothing at this point for Mr. Allen.  That should change 50 times between now and the draft.
  • I think it makes sense (for now) that the Browns draft two offensive weapons early so that neither has to be relied on too much.  I mean the Browns will still suck but maybe they won’t suck as bad.
  • Two Isaiahs in a row.  Nice.
  • Mike McGlinchey with the farthest fall so far.  19 spots from the first mock to the second.  Then again I know next to nothing so who knows where he will end up.  Also we have fucking idiots for GMs on certain teams so at least one of them will do something relatively stupid on the draft’s opening night.

So that’s it.  No more football.  College football starts again in 201 days.  That is way too long.  I always try to remember how I get through these dark times.  At least the summer is easy to figure out since there’s a ton to do but right now I just feel sad.  Maybe I have F-SAD: Football Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Either way this should be a good time to get back into being a normal human being.  Like:

  • workout more.  I am amazed I don’t always feel like a bag of shit but these are the times I usually do: the times when I have much less to do.
  • work on projects around the house.  Not that there is too much I can do without spending the amount of money I would need but still…I have to stop letting things go so long.
  • date more.  More like date at all.  This has to work in conjunction with the workout more point above and…
  • eat better.  I know part of this is my depression but I have to fight and not take the lazy way out with food.  Plus I can’t see it costing a ton more to eat better so I might as well do it.  Got to be an example for my kids and whatnot.
  • re-connect with friends.  This I am terrible at.  Not saying I have to put the first foot forward but I do have to try harder (and hope they also try in return which is another story altogether).

There’s way more stuff there.  Hopefully I can use the next six months to my advantage so that I feel fine spending a whole bunch of Saturdays in a row watching a shitload of college football and shunning some other responsibilities.  And with my kids ignoring me more and more these days (as kids are wont to do as they get older) this will only get worse.

I am hoping to continue to post at least once a week going forward until I start back up in the late spring with some schedule posts and important games posts and stuff like that.  We shall see how this goes.  Have a great week everyone.


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