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The Conference Championship Schedule…and a college all-star game!

And then there were four.  Here’s the sked:


AFC Championship: Jacksonville at New England (3:00) All affiliates All affiliates
NFC Championship: Minnesota at Philadelphia (6:30) All affiliates All affiliates

Two (count ’em…two!) quick notes

  • We have the normal afternoon and evening times for conference championships.  It’s kind of a nice change from the regular Sunday sked.
  • CTV gets both conference championship games as well as the American networks CBS and FOX.

See that was quick.  It will be interesting to see if the NFL gets close to the amount of viewers they had last season for the conference championships.  For a myriad of reasons I am going to say they won’t.  Let’s just hope the games are good since the playoffs, in general, have been fun to watch.

As for college ball, we have an all-star game this weekend.  It’s the East-West Shrine game and it’s on at 3:00 on the NFL Network on Saturday.  If I recall correctly, they have some weird hybrid NFL/college rules in this one but hey, it’s still college football and I will still watch it…OK I will PVR it and watch it later but I will watch it dammit!  There’s actually two all-star games this Saturday but the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl is on FS1 so fuck that.

Enjoy the games everyone!


2 thoughts on “The Conference Championship Schedule…and a college all-star game!

  1. I think that New England (unless Tom Brady is not playing) & Minnesota will be playing in Super Bowl LII. Who do you have Bossman?


    1. I agree. I think Minnesota gets to be the first team to play on their home field for the Super Bowl and they will face the Patriots. Brady will play, I am almost certain of it. How much his hand affects him will be interesting though. Still think it would be close even if he was still injured.


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