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CFP National Championship Review (well a short one at least) and the NFL Divisional Playoffs sked

God DAMN that was a good national championship game.  I understand many of you didn’t want Alabama to win.  I kind of wanted Georgia to win but I really wanted a good championship to end the season on a high note.  Especially with seven-and-a-half months of no college football coming up (or at least college football that counts).  So with that criteria, it was a fantastic game.  And now the playoff can expand to a fifth team thanks to the Tide and to UCF.  We are slowly going towards an eight-team playoff.  While I don’t fully agree, I will embrace it as long as they don’t go beyond that.

I will get more into the game when I do my final bowl ranking and review.  For now here is the schedule for this weekend’s divisional playoffs.


Atlanta at Philadelphia (4:30) All affiliates All affiliates
Tennessee at New England (8:00) All affiliates All affiliates


Jacksonville at Pittsburgh (1:00) All affiliates All affiliates
New Orleans at Minnesota (4:30) All affiliates All affiliates

A few Divisional Round notes

  • I noticed I didn’t have the times in for the Wild-Card post.  That has been corrected.
  • So CBS gets two games this round and FOX only gets one.  NBC gets one because it’s NBC I guess.  I have a feeling CBS and FOX alternate who gives one of their games in this round to NBC.
  • CTV gets all the playoff games this weekend.  Don’t know why and don’t care since when I watch them I will watch the US channel anyway (Despite the fact we still get the 500 Canadian Tire commercials, 400 Tim Horton’s commercials and approximately 1 million commercials about the same three shows that CTV wants to promote.  Sorry CTV, no matter what you do, I REFUSE to watch Young Sheldon.).

Wild-Card weekend was fun I have to say.  Only one game that would be considered not that great and it was still not bad (Falcons-Rams).  Epic comebacks, defensive battles (let’s stay positive here), Marcus Mariota channeling his inner Mr. Perfect, the Saints just not being able to stop scoring.  It was pretty good.  To be honest, paired with Week 17, it is the most NFL football I have watched in a couple years.  I know part of that is my near-obsession with college football so I will always pick that over the pros.  But the product had become shit.  These past two weekends proved there are still times when the NFL is just so much damn fun to watch.

Alright that’s it that’s all.  I am wiping away my tears at no more college football (save a couple of all-star games later this month).  Enjoy the games everyone!


2 thoughts on “CFP National Championship Review (well a short one at least) and the NFL Divisional Playoffs sked

  1. Hey Bossman! Happy New Year buddy! I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts over the course of this football season.

    “I have a feeling CBS and FOX alternate who gives one of their games in this round to NBC.”

    This is correct. NBC shows an AFC game in even numbered years while they have an NFC match in odd numbered years.

    The Georgia vs Alabama game was awesome to watch! I actually had Alabama being the National Champion. Hopefully the College Football Playoff WON’T be expanded beyond four teams. It will ruin College Football’s regular season & late season games won’t have as much meaning and intrigue.

    One game that I am looking forward to in the 2018 season is the Auburn vs Washington game at Mercedes Benz Stadium. If Auburn blows out the Huskies, it may very well set the tone for their season (as they will use the SEC Championship Game & Peach Bowl losses in that same venue as motivation) and they just might be the team who ends up being the 2019 National Champion.


    1. Happy New Year to you too. Don’t worry about lack of comments. There are times I could cut down on the posts due to, well, life happening. But I power through.

      The national championship was great. I honestly would prefer four teams (and have stated that in the past) but I will have to stick with the times if (and more like when) it does expand. As long as it doesn’t become some bastardized March Madness event I will eventually be fine with it.

      Talking about opening weekend of 2018 makes me already miss college football. Seven-and-a-half months. Then again, maybe I will become productive on Saturdays until then!


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