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Your NFL Wild-Card Weekend Schedule and CFP National Championship (short) Preview

Alright we have finally hit the second season in the NFL.  And we have a few relatively new fanbases to the party, including the one I belong to, that being a fan of the Buffalo Bills.  Not a member of the Bills Mafia though.  Those people are nuts.  I mean it’s nice to see fans take tailgating to the next level but if it involves wrestling moves that Cactus Jack might even cringe at then you may have gone too far.  And I am positive he has also never drank beer that has been run through the crack of a woman’s ass (he would then be Crack-tus Jack, right?  Right?  Is this mic on?).  I may be wrong though.  Anyway on to the short and sweet Wild-Card Weekend schedule!


Tennessee at Kansas City All affiliates All affiliates
Atlanta at LA Rams All affiliates All affiliates


Buffalo at Jacksonville All affiliates All affiliates
Carolina at New Orleans All affiliates TSN1, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5 All affiliates

The few Wild-Card notes I have

  • Seeing the Bills, Jaguars and Rams all in the playoffs on the same weekend makes it feel like it’s 1999 all over again (or at least around that timeframe).
  • CTV gets three of the four games and the last one goes to TSN and CTV Two.  The game will be in progress on TSN3 after the hockey game is done.

Every game is obviously important from here on in which makes the NFL actually exciting again.  I’ll be honest: no matter how this past Sunday turned out, it was one of the most exciting NFL days in recent memory.  Sometimes you have to set things up to hopefully create drama.  Then cross your fingers and if it works then it’s something people will remember for a long time.  For once they did something right!  I’m sure something will happen over the next month that will fuck things up again but for now, let us all breathe a sigh of relief in honour of the National Football League.

OK now to the College Football Playoff National Championship.  An all-SEC affair with Georgia facing Alabama.  You know what this means right?  Let’s have a little history lesson.  The last time the natty was an all-SEC matchup it was Alabama and LSU in early January 2012.  It was a rematch of a game these same two teams had earlier in the 2011 season.  Alabama ended up blowing LSU out but that is beside the point.  What it did was essentially put the final nail in the coffin for the BCS.  People had been complaining about the BCS for years but this is what put it to the point of no return.  This brought us the College Football Playoff which is a whole lot better but still has its wrinkles.  Many bemoaned the fact there were only going to be four teams involved.  I liked only having four teams as it still made it exclusive, made the regular season important, but now provided a playoff on the field.  But this all-SEC matchup, combined with a bit of a lack of respect for UCF, has started the rumblings again.  I know this is only year 4 of a 12-year contract but I have a feeling that before this contract is up, there will be at least one more team added to the CFP.  We know it will happen, it’s just a matter of when.

Anyway, the game will be shown on all the TSNs, except for TSN2.  UPDATE: The game will be shown on all the TSNs.  TSN4 will join in progress after the Leafs game but the rest of the channels start right at 8:00.  It should be a good game.  Evil Saban is undefeated against his old assistants.  That’s pretty remarkable.  Unfortunately for many people I have a feeling he will stay that way.  It will be close but I see Bama winning it all.  Going to go 27-21 Tide.  The game starts at 8:00 Monday night if you needed any reminder.

UPDATE #3: TSN2 is showing the Coach’s Film Room which is usually fairly hilarious.

One final thing: the FCS Championship is this Saturday.  Unfortunately for us it looks like the specialty packs have stopped showing FCS football.  Nice for them to do that during the season.  I wondered when this would start to happen.  Don’t get me wrong, do I NEED to watch this game?  No, but it would be nice to.  Plus, I paid for ALL college football shown on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and the SEC Network not already shown on TSN.  Not just FBS.  All.  I pray that they don’t do something drastic and end the specialty pack altogether although Bell and Rogers (and some of the smaller telcos) are known for their short-sighted dumb decisions.  As long as they can save a buck they will do it, no matter who’s expense it’s at.

UPDATE #2: Thanks to reader Mike, I have been informed that the FCS Championship is on TSN2 at Noon on Saturday.  This is the first time an FCS game has ever been on TSN (as far as I know).  This feels like college football broadcasting bizarro world.

Anyway, everyone enjoy the game this weekend and Monday night!


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