College Football

Hey hey! (in Krusty the Clown’s voice) – It’s time for the first bowl recap of the season!

OK maybe using an exclamation mark at the end was a little too much.  Not saying I am not excited about bowl season.  I am.  I have gone over what I wish would change many times so won’t reiterate them here.  But we know how bowl season works out.  Out of the (now) 41 games, here’s how they will (probably) pan out:

  • There will be 10 that were anywhere from damn good to awesome to INSTANT FUCKING CLASSIC!
  • Ten more that are in the “Hey that was some good football and I enjoyed watching it” category.
  • The next ten would fall into the category of “You know what?  There were some good moments here and plus it was still decent football which we don’t get from mid-January until mid-August (at least of the college variety) so shut your piehole!”
  • The final eleven will fall into the “Eh, I watched some of it, PVR’ed the rest, and caught up on other things in my free time.”

Can’t win em all.  Just remember all this come the middle of May when college football has been long gone yet still feels so far away from beginning again.

Let’s get to the recap!

Celebration Bowl – North Carolina A&T 21 Grambling 14

I did not make a pick for this game although I probably should have.  It would have rated higher than at least a dozen bowls this season for sure and lo and behold it was a good game.  North Carolina A&T could have been in the FCS Playoffs and could have done well.  Not James Madison or North Dakota State well but could have made the quarter-finals.  This team was that good.  And Grambling was pretty dominant in the SWAC this season.  Probably the best 1-2 HBCU school combination in a long time.

New Orleans Bowl – Troy 50 North Texas 30 (My pick: Troy 48-27)

I was VERY close with my selection.  Didn’t go exactly the way I thought.  I figured North Texas would keep it close until early in the fourth and the Trojans would then run away with it.  Nope, Troy had this one in the bag early.  Not a good start for the FBS bowls but not a bad one either.

Las Vegas Bowl – Boise State 38 Oregon 28 (My pick: Boise State 55-44)

Alright I was very close with the margin of victory.  Other than that?  I got nothing.  This was about the weirdest and wackiest game I have seen in a while.  Boise looked like they were going to score 100 at one point and then allowed Oregon to get back into it with some bad turnovers.  This game wasn’t nearly as close as the score indicates but Oregon looked REALLY bad here, especially on offense.  Here’s hoping new head coach Mario Cristobal gets things trending in the right direction next season.

Cure Bowl – Georgia State 27 Western Kentucky 17 (My pick: Western Kentucky 45-14)

I rated this the worst bowl game of the season.  Ends up it won’t be the worst.  Not saying it gets much past 3/10 territory but still.  My beef with this game and this day is this: this bowl was on at the same time as two other bowls.  Yes they overlapped a bit but as I have said before, one of the big points of bowl games (in my opinion) is that they are national showcases, especially for programs that rarely get the national spotlight.  With a game starting at 1:00, this game on at 2:30, another starting at 3:30, then the 1:00 game ending and another one starting right after that at 4:30, this game was getting very little of the spotlight.  Which sucks for them.  Then again, we can mostly blame ESPN for this since CBSSN and FOX have to work around their schedule and they leave a sliver of room for inclusion.  And we wonder why many people (mostly Americans) have a hate on for ESPN.

New Mexico Bowl – Marshall 31 Colorado State 28 (My pick: Colorado State 48-32)

Not even close with the pick (except for Marshall’s score) but at least this was WAY better than I thought it would be.  Actually came down to the final minute or two which is kind of what you hope from most bowl games.  That they be competitive.

Camellia Bowl – Middle Tennessee 35 Arkansas State 30 (My pick: Arkansas State 45-31)

Two good bowl games in a row.  Was a good way to end the opening day of bowl season.  And this was a wild one.  No play was more crazy than this:

  • Ball thrown to MTSU receiver is caught.
  • As he is being tackled to the ground, the ball comes out but no one can be sure he made a “football move.”
  • ASU player picks it up while he was down but he might not have been fully down.
  • He runs all the way back until fumbling just before the goal line.
  • One teammate misses picking up the fumble but another pounces on it in the end zone.
  • After a loooooooooong delay, it was ruled the ASU defender was down at the ASU 1 negating almost everything that happened afterwards.

Now there is some bowl game football for ya!

Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl – Florida Atlantic 50 Akron 3 (My pick: Florida Atlantic 58-28)

To start, I knew this would be a blowout.  FAU is way better than Akron, has LANE FUCKING KIFFIN as the head coach and was on their home field.  More importantly: what is Cheribundi?  Here’s the answer straight from their website:

Cheribundi packs over 50 cherries in each bottle, which gives you a nutrient-packed elixir that fights inflammation, improves sleep, boosts memory and more.

Huh.  Ok then.  Btw, Lane going for two up by like 31 points because of shit talk from Akron administrators is fucking glorious and we need more of that.

Frisco Bowl – Louisiana Tech 51 SMU 10 (My pick: SMU 43-20)

Two bowl blowouts in a row.  Ugh.  And if I hadn’t made my picks so early I might have changed my pick or made SMU not win by so much.  Good luck Sonny Dykes.  Luckily it’s SMU and not Texas or otherwise your ass would already be on the hot seat.

Gasparilla Bowl – Temple 28 FIU 3 (My pick: FIU 33-21)

This game was not good.  At all.  I was hoping it would stay close as it was like 7-3 in the third quarter.  Once Temple went up 14-3 I knew it was pretty much over.  Didn’t help that FIU lost their starting quarterback on the first series of the game.  Poor kid playing his only bowl game as a senior and goes out like that.  I just wish they did Bad Boy Mower races all night.  Would have been way more exciting.

First recap over!  Started out strong but man did we have three pretty bad bowl games to finish this recap.  Let’s hope the next batch of games are good.  Like the ones today…that are on in the afternoon.  My PVR getting some work today.

This will be the last post before Christmas so I am wishing all of you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas.


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