NFL TV Schedule

Well that was some kind of week eh? – Week 16 NFL TV Schedule

A lot of stuff happened this past week.  A lot!  Two stupid rules reared their ugly head on the same day.  Jerry Richardson was investigated for a lot of crap and then decided to just up and leave and sell the team.  This means the Panthers are not a shoo-in to stay in Charlotte past the near future.  But some good stuff.  Some huge playoff-calibre games with huge playoff implications.  The NFL is finally getting to the part of the season where things get really good.  It’s honestly the time of year that brings a lot of NFL fans back from not watching much pro football over the first few months of the season.  Because when football is good, it’s a TON of fun to watch and there’s very little, at least in sports, that rivals it.

Let’s get to the schedule and HEY!  No more Thursday Night Football.  Thank fucking god.  Saturday football is fine now that college football is in bowl season.  Let’s go!


Indianapolis at Baltimore 4:30, TSN1/3/4/5
Minnesota at Green Bay 8:30, NBC, CTV, TSN1/3/4/5

Sunday Early


Buffalo at New England All affiliates (except Detroit & Cleveland) Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario, Kitchener, Toronto, Montreal, Atlantic
LA Chargers at NY Jets
Miami at Kansas City
Denver at Washington
Cleveland at Chicago Cleveland
Atlanta at New Orleans Minneapolis, Rochester, Burlington Ottawa
LA Rams at Tennessee Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane, Buffalo BC, Alberta, Winnipeg
Detroit at Cincinnati Detroit TSN1, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5
Tampa Bay at Carolina

Sunday Late


Jacksonville at San Francisco Detroit TSN1, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5
Seattle at Dallas All affiliates (except Burlington) All affiliates (except Montreal & Atlantic) Atlantic
NY Giants at Arizona Burlington Montreal


Pittsburgh at Houston 4:30, NBC, TSN1/3/4/5, CTV Two
Oakland at Philadelphia 8:15, TSN1/3/4/5

Non-A-A-Ron Things and Stuff

  • Four games not available in Canada (other than on DAZN).  I guess there could have been interest in all of those games but with so many games, some have to be left behind.
  • No cross-flex.  I think that’s done for the season so for the people who get all pissy about it you can rest easy.
  • Interesting setup this week.  No Sunday night game.  However, we do have two Saturday games and two Monday games.  The Monday games are an easy sell because it will be the only football on Christmas Day.  Other than the NBA’s normal Christmas Day mega-sked, there is nothing else on that day.  So enjoy!
  • Buffalo-New England is a HUGE game early on Sunday.  Same with Atlanta-New Orleans.  Most of the other games pale in comparison and it shows when we look at the coverage of those two.
  • The late afternoon Sunday schedule suck-diddly-ucks.  And the poor people who get FOX out of Burlington (who may coincide with the ones who get CTV out of Montreal) get the worst of the bunch.  Giants-Cards.  Yuck.

We are getting very close to the end.  Only two weeks to go.  Here’s what the playoff picture looks like at this point:

#1 – New England (clinched AFC East) #1 – Philadelphia (clinched first-round bye)
#2 – Pittsburgh (clinched AFC North) #2 – Minnesota (clinched NFC North)
#3 – Jacksonville (clinched playoff spot) #3 – LA Rams (lead NFC West)
#4 – Kansas City (lead AFC West) #4 – New Orleans (lead NFC South)
Wild Cards: Wild Cards:
#5 – Tennessee/Buffalo/Baltimore #5 – Carolina
#6 – Tennessee/Buffalo/Baltimore #6 – Atlanta

And here is your list of eliminated teams in order of current worst to best:

  • Cleveland
  • NY Giants
  • Indianapolis
  • San Francisco
  • Houston
  • Chicago
  • Tampa Bay
  • Denver
  • Cincinnati
  • NY Jets
  • Washington
  • Arizona
  • Green Bay

Cleveland clinches the #1 pick in the draft with a loss or a Giants win.  They also hold the Texans first-round pick so this could finally be a lucrative draft for this terrible franchise.  Now some clinching scenarios since that’s what most of us are watching for now anyway:

Home-field Advantage

  • New England clinches with a win AND a Pittsburgh loss AND a Jacksonville loss
  • Philadelphia clinches with a win OR a Minnesota loss

First-round Bye

  • New England clinches with (a win AND a Pittsburgh loss) OR (a win AND a Jacksonville loss)
  • Pittsburgh clinches with a win AND a Jacksonville loss
  • Minnesota clinches with a win AND a Carolina loss

Division Title

  • Kansas City clinches with a win OR a LA Chargers loss
  • Jacksonville clinches with a win OR a Tennessee loss
  • New Orleans clinches with a win AND a Carolina loss
  • LA Rams clinch with a win OR a Seattle loss

Playoff Berth

  • Tennessee clinches with a win AND a Baltimore loss AND a Buffalo loss
  • Carolina clinches with a win
  • New Orleans clinches with a win
  • LA Rams clinch with a Detroit loss AND a Carolina loss AND an Atlanta loss
  • Atlanta clinches with a win


  • LA Chargers eliminated with a loss OR (a Kansas City win AND a Tennessee win AND a Baltimore win)
  • Miami eliminated with a loss OR (a Buffalo win AND a Baltimore win) OR (a Tennessee win AND a Baltimore win) OR (a Buffalo win AND a Tennessee win)
  • Oakland eliminated with a loss OR a Buffalo win OR (a Kansas City loss AND a Tennessee win) OR (a Kansas City win and a Baltimore win) OR (a Tennessee win AND a Baltimore win)
  • Seattle eliminated with a loss
  • Dallas eliminated with a loss
  • Detroit eliminated with a loss

So the Seattle-Dallas game may be fairly important since it is essentially a Loser Leaves Town match where the loser is gone for good this season.  The winner can still clinch a playoff berth on the final Sunday.

Alright so there you go.  A lot going on.  Enjoy the bowl games and NFL games everyone!


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