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It’s just AFC North football…sure Ben – Week 14 NFL TV Schedule

So it’s just AFC North football?  After one of your teammates suffered a spinal injury (albeit on a clean hit but go with me on this), it felt like it was just retribution-style football after this.  “I’ll hit this guy and then stand over him so he knows we aren’t taking any of their shit.”  “I will go helmet-to-helmet with this guy and possibly give him a concussion but who gives a shit because it’s retribution.”  Give me a fucking break.  There’s playing hard-nosed football and then there’s what happened Monday night in Cincinnati.  I feel bad that Ryan Shazier’s injury (which is quite serious) is being overshadowed by this buffoonery.  Especially in 2017, this kind of thing can’t happen.  Throw Gronk’s brain cramp on top of this and it was a rough couple of days for a league that seems to be drowning in bad publicity.

Anyway, let’s get to the schedule and since it’s so early, you get the Thursday game in the schedule (for people who asked):


New Orleans at Atlanta 8:30, NBC, TSN4, CTV Two

Sunday Early


Minnesota at Carolina Seattle, Spokane, Minneapolis, Boston BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Northern Ontario
Oakland at Kansas City
Indianapolis at Buffalo Buffalo, Rochester Kitchener, Toronto
Dallas at NY Giants Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane, Rochester, Burlington, Boston Ottawa, Montreal, Atlantic
Chicago at Cincinnati
Green Bay at Cleveland Minneapolis
San Francisco at Houston
Detroit at Tampa Bay Detroit TSN2

Sunday Late

Washington at LA Chargers Detroit, Cleveland TSN2
NY Jets at Denver Burlington
Tennessee at Arizona
Philadelphia at LA Rams Minneapolis, Detroit, Buffalo, Rochester, Burlington, Boston Northern Ontario, Kitchener, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal Atlantic
Seattle at Jacksonville Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg

Sunday/Monday Primetime

Baltimore at Pittsburgh Sunday, 8:30, NBC, TSN4/5, CTV Two
New England at Miami Monday, 8:30, TSN1/4/5

Non-Roethlisberger Notes and Crap

  • Only four games not being shown overall in Canada this week.  A vast improvement over last week’s six in one timeslot.  And again, it’s mostly games where, unless you are a fan of the team involved, they are not important games.  I could copy-and-paste this sentence every week until Week 17 when most of the games are important for one reason or another.
  • Cross-flex fun!  Minnesota-Carolina moved to CBS and is one of the games of the week (along with the Eagles-Rams and Ravens-Steelers games).  Washington-LA Chargers also moved to CBS as well.  Honestly I have stopped asking why this happens (I know it’s the whole two games in one market at the same time issue but still).
  • Only one TSN channel being used this week.  TSN2 gets a full day of games.

Updated playoff picture time!

#1 – Pittsburgh (AFC North champ) #1 – Minnesota (NFC North champ)
#2 – New England (AFC East champ) #2 – Philadelphia (NFC East champ)
#3 – Tennessee (AFC South champ) #3 – LA Rams (NFC West champ)
#4 – Kansas City/LA Chargers/Oakland (AFC West champ) #4 – New Orleans (NFC South champ)
Wild Cards: Wild Cards:
#5 – Jacksonville #5 – Carolina
#6 – Baltimore #6 – Seattle

We are three-quarters of the way through the season so some teams have almost pretty much clinched (look at the top two seeds in each conference) and a couple will clinch in the next week or two (the Rams, Saints, Titans, Jaguars).  The AFC West is a dog’s breakfast and will grant us, possibly, another year of a much better team (as of right now that would be the Jaguars) having to travel to a team that is much worse (as in the AFC West champ).  It’s what I continue to hate about the NFL playoff structure.  To be honest, division winners should only be guaranteed one of the top five seeds, leaving the sixth for the final Wild Card spot.  This way, a team that is in a division with another really good team won’t suffer because they had the audacity to be in the same division as this slightly better team.

Might as well start the Elimination List!  Here we go: the teams that are officially eliminated from playoff contention.

  • Cleveland
  • NY Giants
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago

Teams that could be eliminated this week include Indianapolis, Houston, Denver, Tampa Bay, Arizona and Washington.  So we could have ten teams eliminated with three weeks to go.  Yikes.

Everyone have a great upcoming weekend and enjoy the games!


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