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Fairly short post about upcoming weekend – Week, uh, 15 College Football TV Schedule?

So this is the Saturday highlighted by two things: the Army-Navy Game and the Heisman Trophy presentation.  Army-Navy is fun to watch.  I love the game.  I would love to go see it live in person.  And until something happens where Navy is undefeated after an AAC Championship victory and the lose to Army, this should continue to occupy this schedule spot.  Why?  What else would we watch?

Well there are a few other things.  Behold the (very) short schedule for the weekend:


US Canada
FCS Quarter-final: Weber State at James Madison 7:00 PM

As of right now it isn’t showing up on any guide but it should at some point since it’s college football and it’s on ESPN2.

UPDATE: Looks like we aren’t getting this FCS game.  I have a feeling the other one tomorrow is also one we won’t get.  Not impressed.


US Canada
FCS Quarter-final: Wofford at North Dakota State Noon  
Army vs. Navy (in Philadelphia) 3:00 PM

Another FCS quarter-final game (that should show up on the specialty pack.  There are two other FCS playoff games on Saturday but they are on ESPN3.  In the past we have received one or two so one may show up later on in the week.  Also, of course, the main course which is Army-Navy.  First one without Uncle Verne.  Kind of sad but we all know Brad Nessler will do a good job with it.

UPDATE #2: As I thought, no FCS game today either.  This may be an anomaly but I have a feeling that we won’t see any non-FBS games the rest of the season.  This is, of course, a joke but there’s nothing these telcos do that truly surprise me anymore.

As for the Heisman Trophy presentation, it looks again like we will miss it.  Which isn’t a big deal this year since it is pretty obvious to anyone that has watched a bit of college football this season that Baker Mayfield will win the award.  So no big loss really.

In the next week or so I will be putting up a relatively full bowl TV schedule although I will be a bit cautious with the games that will appear on TSN since last year they changed their schedule after the bowls commenced.  I wish they would just do the schedule and stick to it.  They know what they are going to air 99.9% of the time to about 14 days out.  So if they made the schedule late next week they would have most of the bowl schedule set (other than New Year’s Day).  I will also put out my bowl rankings in terms of watchability pretty much.  Trying to figure out what rating scale to use as I have used a few in the past.

Anyway, enjoy the few games everyone.  I might get the NFL schedule up tomorrow.  We shall see how that goes.


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