NFL TV Schedule

You don’t have to be an Eli Manning fan to see this is bullshit – Week 13 NFL TV Schedule

What Ben McAdoo did in benching Eli Manning was bad.  McAdoo does deserve to be fired and I believe they should do at halftime at one of their remaining home games.  But to bench him for Geno Fucking Smith?  Seriously?  I mean it would be one thing to say “Hey we are giving Davis Webb a shot and see what he’s got.”  That would be fine.  Would suck for Eli but at least it wouldn’t leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouths.  Hell, even Cowboys, Redskins and Eagles fans are probably saying “That is some supremely fucked up shit.”  Geno Smith is not a good quarterback and really has no place in an NFL lineup.  But hey, what do I know?

So let’s just get to the schedule before this boils over into something really angry.

Sunday Early

New England at Buffalo Seattle, Spokane, Buffalo, Rochester, Burlington, Boston Kitchener, Toronto, Montreal, Atlantic
Kansas City at NY Jets
San Francisco at Chicago
Houston at Tennessee
Indianapolis at Jacksonville
Minnesota at Atlanta All affiliates (except Detroit & Buffalo) BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Northern Ontario, Ottawa
Detroit at Baltimore Detroit TSN4
Tampa Bay at Green Bay
Denver at Miami

Sunday Late

Cleveland at LA Chargers Minneapolis, Detroit, Cleveland TSN4
Carolina at New Orleans Minneapolis, Detroit, Buffalo, Rochester, Boston Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Northern Ontario, Kitchener, Toronto, Ottawa Atlantic
NY Giants at Oakland Burlington Montreal
LA Rams at Arizona Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane BC, Alberta

Sunday/Monday Primetime

Philadelphia at Seattle Sunday, 8:30, NBC, TSN1/3/4/5, CTV Two
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Monday, 8:30, TSN1/3/4/5

Non-Eli NFL Schedule Points and Stuff

  • SIX early games not being shown in Canada.  There are actually more late games (four) being show this Sunday than early games (three).  I don’t think I have ever seen this before.  I will admit though that NE-BUF and MIN-ATL are easily the two best games of the early slate so does it really matter if you can’t see the other games (unless it’s close)?
  • The cross-flex doesn’t affect us this week since it is SF-CHI being moved over to CBS and DEN-MIA moved to FOX. two games that none of us can see unless you have the DAZN which in that case…why would you be here looking for a schedule on here?  You must be here for my witty banter.  I get it now.
  • No more CFL this season so you will see TSN games all day although it’s a slow start this week.  Only TSN4 showing games before Sunday night at this point.  That should change in upcoming weeks.
  • Speaking of TSN, Week 17 is going to be VERY interesting.  The World Juniors will have a full slate of games that day (which usually a Canada game to highlight things in the afternoon).  And it’s the final week of the NFL regular season which is huge and TSN usually capitalizes on that with multiple games on multiple stations.  Don’t know how that will work although when it comes right down to it, hockey is king is the country so the WJHC will take precedence for sure.

Time for the updated playoff picture:

#1 – Pittsburgh (AFC North champ) #1 – Philadelphia (NFC East champ)
#2 – New England (AFC East champ) #2 – Minnesota (NFC North champ)
#3 – Tennessee (AFC South champ) #3 – LA Rams (NFC West champ)
#4 – Kansas City (AFC West champ) #4 – New Orleans (NFC South champ)
Wild Cards: Wild Cards:
#5 – Jacksonville #5 – Carolina
#6 – Buffalo/Baltimore #6 – Seattle/Atlanta

The Bills and Ravens continue to hold on to a share of that final Wild Card spot with five games to go.  Unfortunately for them there are six teams within two games of them and most of them were expected to be better this season so we should see a dogfight for at least one of those spots.  Other than that not a whole lot of change.  Seeing the Packers and Cowboys two games out of the playoff picture with five games to go is honestly bizarre (although understandable considering their circumstances).

Everyone have a great weekend and enjoy the games!


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