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What an unbelievable Saturday…and Friday…and Thursday night – Week 13 College Football Recap

So I have decided to do this recap differently as well, using my scheduling post to go through the week that was.  And what a week it was in college football.

So much happened and I am exhausted just thinking about it.  Smiling, but exhausted.  A lot of football to watch and I was glad to do it.  I will remember this week in a few months where this is no college football and none on the horizon.  Dark times, my friends.  Here we go!

This recap will consist of the scores alongside what the broadcast information was.  We shall see if this ends up being easier than the normal recap I do.  The answer, I am sure, is no but I’m going to give it a shot anyway.


Ole Miss 31 Mississippi State 28 7:30 PM

Mississippi State had an outside shot at a New Year’s Six bowl game.  This loss sealed their fate.  The one thing everyone will be talking about with this Egg Bowl is Nick Fitzgerald’s injury.  It was gruesome and tough to watch.  If you haven’t seen it, let’s just say it’s an ankle injury and leave it at that.  He will be back next season so at least it wasn’t a career-ender.  But still, tough on that kid for this to happen.  And on top of that, Dan Mullen coached his last game in Starkville as Florida hired him as their new head coach.  Rough week for the Bulldogs.


Toledo 37 Western Michigan 10 11:30 AM

Toledo dominated WMU and if it wasn’t for an upset at the hands of Ohio they may have been in the New Year’s Six mix.  Instead they will head to Detroit for the MAC Championship for the first time in over a decade.  That seems shocking to me considering how good the Rockets have been the past decade.

Pittsburgh 24 Miami 14 Noon

Is this 2007?  Pittsburgh did the same thing to a #2 team back then by foiling West Virginia’s national championship hopes.  They may have hampered the Canes’ hopes with this win but The U can still get in to the College Football Playoff with a win in the ACC Championship on Saturday.  One of the best parts of this was Pat Narduzzi at halftime basically saying this would happen.  Gutsy.  Anyway, this may have usurped Syracuse’s upset of Clemson as Upset of the Year.

Central Michigan 31 Northern Illinois 24 Noon

With Toledo blowing WMU out this game became not important at all to NIU.  And then the Chippewas beat the Huskies anyway.

Houston 24 Navy 14 Noon

Nothing important here although I am seriously wondering if Navy goes to the Army-Navy game as an underdog.

Missouri 48 Arkansas 45 2:30 PM

Bret Bielema was fired on the field after the game.  That’s insane.  And classless.  The Razorbacks are in disarray and I don’t know of a prominent coach will go there now considering what just happened.  I am guessing Bielema will take a one-year break from coaching to head to the booth.

UCF 49 USF 42 3:30 PM

Possibly the best Group of Five game ever.  This game was bonkers.  So much scoring, especially late in the game.  Have to give the Bulls credit, they kept it close.  UCF might be the best G-5 team of the CFP era but they still have a tough AAC Championship against Memphis coming up.

San Diego State 35 New Mexico 10 3:30 PM

Not important although surprising how far New Mexico fell in one season.

FIU 41 Western Kentucky 17 7:00 PM

FIU has been surprisingly good this season.  In all the Lane Kiffin hoopla, people forgot that Butch Davis came to Florida International and has turned the program around quickly as well.

Virginia Tech 10 Virginia 0 8:00 PM

This was not a good game.  Possibly the only good thing about it was it was done in about three hours.

Texas Tech 27 Texas 23 8:00 PM

This game was significantly longer than the VT-UVA game that was on at the same time.  The Red Raiders pulled it out at the end to become bowl-eligible and crush the spirits of many 5-7 teams.

Saturday Early

Memphis 70 East Carolina 13 Noon

Good god.  Memphis-UCF is going to be fun next week.  Whatever you do, take the over.

Georgia 38 Georgia Tech 7 Noon

Georgia proved why they are still possibly deserving of a CFP spot.  Or Georgia Tech proved why they should stay home for bowl season.  Probably a bit of both.

SMU 41 Tulane 38 Noon

If you saw the end of this game, it would have infuriated you.  Temple was on the SMU 2 with a few seconds left.  For some unknown reason they called a run play, and it looked like the QB crossed the plane of the goal line for a touchdown with no time left.  This would have sent Tulane to a bowl game.  The referee called the runner down just outside the goal line.  Replay couldn’t see the obvious that he had to have crossed the goal line with the ball.  In the end, the Green Wave will be home for the holidays because of a completely botched call.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for replay and getting calls right.  But when the officials AND the replay officials both fuck things up then we have a serious problem.

Florida State 38 Florida 22 Noon

Florida State won this easily.  Both teams are god-awful.  Now let’s hope Florida State has to go to Shreveport since there are other ACC teams that deserve to go to better locales because they had better seasons.

Purdue 31 Indiana 24 Noon

Can’t call them Purdon’t anymore!  Purdue has had quite the bounceback season under Jeff Brohm who I am sure will be courted by some of the football powers in college football.  Feels weird to put Purdue in my bowl projections just so you know.

Ohio State 31 Michigan 20 Noon

FOX had to be happy that almost no other game was relatively close (and the two that were were games of lesser importance overall).  tOSU keeps on trucking with this win and now they could legitimately be one win away from the College Football Playoff which seems absurd for a team that allowed Iowa to score 55 points on them.  It’s not 2007.  It’s not 1990.  But it is this decade’s crazy college football year for sure.

Louisville 44 Kentucky 17 Noon

This was revenge for last season.  Pure and simple.


Boston College 42 Syracuse 14 12:30 PM

Syracuse’s late-season collapse is one of the more confusing aspects of a season full of confusion and chaos.  How Dino Babers’ squad went from what was at the time the upset of the year (and may still be labelled as such by some) over Clemson to being an ACC also-ran in a matter of a a little over a month is mind-boggling.  Babers is probably squarely on the hot seat now for next season.

Saturday Afternoon

Auburn 26 Alabama 14 3:30 PM

This game pretty much lived up to all the hype.  Auburn is the real deal and Bama can be slayed.  In the end this could mean that both teams make the College Football Playoff but for now let’s drink in the chaos, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

NC State 33 North Carolina 21 3:30 PM

I think I watched about 28 seconds of this game.

Wisconsin 31 Minnesota 0 3:30 PM

Here’s another game I watched very little of.  It felt from about the halfway mark of the first quarter that there was no way Wisconsin was losing this.  Now they are one win over Ohio State away from being in the College Football Playoff (like I said at the start of the season…kind of).

Fresno State 28 Boise State 17 3:30 PM

Fresno State’s win means the Mountain West has no shot at a New Year’s Six bowl.  These same two teams meet again in Boise this Saturday.  You know what, I can buy the arguments against conference championships.  Here’s a prime example.  It’s why Bedlam was moved a few weeks up; to avoid having a rematch in back-to-back weeks.

Oklahoma 59 West Virginia 31 3:30 PM

Man the Sooners put a hurtin’ on the Mountaineers.  And what was all the horseshit with the captains carrying Baker Mayfield’s jersey to midfield for the coin toss.  He didn’t fucking die.  He wasn’t paralyzed from a hit.  He wasn’t in an accident.  He wasn’t wrongly convicted of a crime.  He got suspended for grabbing his junk and telling the Kansas sideline to fuck off.  And the suspension lasted…two plays.  What a joke.  He will still win the Heisman and we will all forget about this in a few weeks.

Kansas State 20 Iowa State 19 3:30 PM

What a fantastic finish here.  Nothing really to play for but KSU marching down the field (which is kind of unlike them) and scoring on the final play of the game was awesome to watch and part of what makes college football so great.

Penn State 66 Maryland 3 3:30 PM

I’m not sad I don’t have BTN.  Honestly.

Michigan State 40 Rutgers 7 4:00 PM

So Rutgers on FOX eh?  How did that work out?  Can we just reform the Big East already?

Vanderbilt 42 Tennessee 24 4:00 PM

The Sadness Bowl.  Remember folks, we have seen history this season.  Arguably the worst Tennessee team ever.  And they aren’t even the Champions of Life anymore.  What a shitshow.

Saturday Primetime & Late Night

Oregon 69 Oregon State 10 7:00 PM

The Ducks scored 69 points.  Giggity.

Louisiana Tech 20 UTSA 6 7:30 PM

A surprisingly good game that was a close defensive battle.  Watching a team battle for their bowl lives on the final regular season weekend is always great to watch.  LaTech’s win pretty much put the nail in the 5-7 teams’ coffins for this season.

Clemson 34 South Carolina 10 7:30 PM

This wasn’t even close.  I think many were kind of hoping for more chaos after what we had seen the previous 48 hours.  It was not to be and Clemson should be #1 come Tuesday.

LSU 45 Texas A&M 21 7:30 PM

Kevin Sumlin’s last game at Texas A&M wasn’t a good one.  And can you call what Ed Orgeron has done in Baton Rouge this year a quiet 9-3?  You almost have to.  He has proven that he was probably the right guy for the job all along.

Stanford 38 Notre Dame 20 8:00 PM

Not quite the beatdown most people are calling this but it really wasn’t close.  At all.  Stanford pulled away and then heard about Washington pasting Washington State so now they get to go to the Pac-12 Championship.  Could they get in to the New Year’s Six with a win?  It’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Washington 41 Washington State 14 8:00 PM

What is Wazzu’s problem with Washington?  They seem to almost always fall flat in the Apple Cup.  And this was their chance to solidify a NY6 spot.  Instead they will be in a lesser bowl and might see their coach leave to go elsewhere.

BYU 30 Hawaii 20 9:00 PM

I honestly didn’t watch much of this game.  Both teams were worse than last year.  BYU’s fall from at least being an above-average team is stunning really.

Air Force 38 Utah State 35 10:15 PM

This ended up being a close game.  I will be honest…I went to bed just before 1:00 AM.  I was actually footballed out (and battling a bit of an illness).

Bowl eligibility

The following teams clinched bowl eligibility this past weekend:


Florida State (kind of…they are almost assured a win against ULM on Saturday so they might as well be included here)


Texas Tech


Middle Tennessee

Louisiana Tech




And UL-Lafayette and New Mexico State can clinch this Saturday.  Good lord.  Well I guess my bowl projections past the CFP and NY6 are going to change a bit.  Plus this basically eliminates any 5-7 team from playing in a bowl game.  By my count, at least one 6-6 team will not be invited to the party.  Again, I will reiterate my bowl plans and that this should happen starting next season.  Just sayin’.

Coaching Carousel

Can you hear the circus music (in your head)?  I know I can.  The coaching carousel is always a bit wacky but this is bordering on absurd now.

It started with Chip Kelly being hired as coach at UCLA.  We knew it would start a domino effect.  We didn’t realize that the dominoes would be covered in gasoline and set on fire.  Here’s what has happened since then (these are in no particular order):

  • Many Florida fans thought Kelly was going to Gainesville.  When that didn’t happen they made an awesome hire but getting Dan Mullen to move over from Mississippi State.  Now a huge opening at an SEC school that might get a great Group of Five coach.
  • Bret Bielema was fired basically on the field after the Hogs’ loss on Black Friday.  Pathetic.  You couldn’t do it the next day?  It will be interesting to see who the new AD and head coach will be there because they have a major image cleanup to do.
  • Texas A&M, not surprisingly, shitcanned Kevin Sumlin.  Other than the Manziel years he didn’t quite get to the spot where many Aggie faithful thought he’d be.  But it looks like he may end up in Tempe because…
  • Arizona State fired Todd Graham.  Why?  Couldn’t be because of this year.  They did well.  The previous two not so much and it felt like he would had to have had a better shot at the Pac-12 South to keep his job for next season.
  • Matt Luke had the interim tag taken off at Ole Miss.  Interesting.  If he wins 8 or more games next season (which is entirely possible) this will be considered one of the best coaching moves of 2017.
  • Mike Riley was fired at Nebraska.  Again, not surprising.  Let’s get the Scott Frost takes going now!
  • Kliff Kingsbury was…NOT fired at Texas Tech.  That win over Texas probably saved his job.  Next year the leash will be much shorter.  I think seven wins at least or he’s a goner.
  • Kansas also did not fire their head coach.  Why?  Who knows.  I think it’s time to seriously consider bringing Mark Mangino back.  Who cares if he’s a shitbag.
  • Ty Detmer was let go as offensive coordinator at BYU.  Yeah because the offense was the only problem.  Right.
  • David Bailiff was let go by Rice.  Not a surprise.  The Owls were awful this year and hadn’t been consistent in the past few years under Bailiff.
  • Joey Jones is gone at South Alabama.  He couldn’t build off that bowl game appearance and has since been passed by almost every team in the Sun Belt save Coastal Carolina (who’s new) and Texas State.

So who’s going where now?  Well let’s just say the hiring season started with a bang…if by bang you mean nuclear bomb explosion:

  • Tennessee hired Greg Schiano.  Or tried to.  People literally went fucking crazy in Knoxville.  Hell, even the wrestler Kane (who may go by Mayor Kane soon enough) chimed in saying it probably wasn’t a good idea to hire ol’ Greg.  Why?  People said he knew more than he told when he was at Penn State about the goings-on of one Jerry Sandusky.  Other people ripped on other issues that have happened with Schiano at the helm.  You want to know the real reason?  It’s because he was average, at best, as a head coach.  Derek Dooley would be a better hire than this guy.  If they need a defensive coordinator, by all means, give the guy a shot but not as a head coach.  Some guys just aren’t meant to be the main man.  So now Tennessee is back to the drawing board.

Potential coaches on the move and where they could go:

  • Mike Leach – A lot of people in Knoxville want Leach to coach the Volunteers.  Whether he wants to go there is a different story.
  • Mike Norvell – This is the next big thing (along with Scott Frost) in college coaching.  Tennessee would be a good fit but don’t be surprised if Mississippi State gets him now that their spot is open.
  • Scott Frost – He is almost a shoo-in to go to Nebraska.
  • Jeff Brohm – What he has done at Purdue has been spectacular.  Whether he would be a fit in the SEC is another story.  Arkansas might be the only fit here.
  • Kevin Sumlin – Looks like he is heading to Arizona State.
  • Lane Kiffin – Isn’t he going to be the coach of every team that needs a coach.  Either him or…
  • Jon Gruden.

I am sure there are more possibilities but I don’t feel like listing them at this time.  Tomorrow I will have my bowl projections up then it’s back to the normal college schedule on Thursday, NFL schedule on Friday bit.  Enjoy your week everyone!


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  1. Hey Bossman

    How bout that JJ Molson out there at U C L A. Game winning field goal to win the “Bear Bowl” . Great Canadian content on FS1.


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