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Are you ready for the FOOTBALLGASMMMMMMMMMMMMM – Week 13 College Football TV Schedule

After what has to be a disappointing weekend of college football, Footballgasm 2017 is upon us!  So much college football and NFL football from Thursday until Monday night thanks to Americans celebrating their turkey day.  I could say that we beat them to the punch by about six weeks but they have a holiday on a Thursday.  And many people get the Friday off as well.  So yeah I am a bit jealous of that.

Time for the college football schedule and I will do it more like the American Thanksgiving style I have used in past years.  Not every game is important but every game gets its spotlight.  Here we go!  Brace yourselves!  Remember that the first graphic is the American network and the second graphic (or set of graphics) is where we can see the game here in the Great White North.


Ole Miss at #14 Mississippi State 7:30 PM

Ole Miss is just playing for pride here as they are not going bowling this year thanks to Hugh Freeze and his penchant for escorts.  Mississippi State, on the other hand, still has a chance at a New Year’s Six bowl so this is huge for them.  They are currently #14 and would need a bit of help so a big win here would be a good start.

UPDATE #6: This has been moved to TSN2.


Western Michigan at Toledo 11:30 AM

A Toledo win here clinches their spot in the MAC Championship and a date with Akron (who clinched the MAC East last night).  A loss and they have to wait to see what Northern Illinois does in their game.

#2 Miami at Pittsburgh Noon

The comparisons are going to come up so let’s just state them here.  Many teams are hoping that in this game, playing the part of the 2007 West Virginia Mountaineers will be the 2017 Miami Hurricanes and playing the part of the 2007 Pitt Panthers will be the 2017 Pitt Panthers.  Not quite the Backyard Brawl but man it would cause a shit-ton of chaos which I would be very fine with.

Northern Illinois at Central Michigan Noon

This game only becomes important if Western Michigan can pull off the upset of Toledo a bit earlier in the day.  A lot of scoreboard-watching will be happening in Mount Pleasant for sure.

Navy at Houston Noon

At the start of the season, there were many that figured this would be a supremely important game for the New Year’s Six spot.  Didn’t turn out that way.  Both teams are bowl-eligible so this game is really not important.  Let’s hope no one gets severely injured in this one.  That’s all we can hope for.

Missouri at Arkansas 2:30 PM

This game will be overshadowed by the rumours of Bret Bielema’s demise in Fayetteville.  He is almost guaranteed to be shitcanned so the rumour mill will be in full force in this one.  The nice story of Missouri means nothing here because they are already bowl-eligible.

USF at #15 UCF 3:30 PM

The game of the day!  The War on I-4 winner goes to the AAC Championship.  A UCF win and they are one win away from going to the Peach Bowl (probably).  A USF win and there will be a lot of intrigue when the College Football Playoff rankings come out on Tuesday.  Memphis awaits the winner of this game in the AAC title tilt.

New Mexico at San Diego State 3:30 PM

This game really does mean nothing.  SDSU going bowling, New Mexico not.

Western Kentucky at FIU 7:00 PM

Another game that means nothing since both teams are going bowling…unless there are two many bowl-eligible teams.  Then this game would be somewhat important.  Otherwise, nah.

#25 Virginia Tech at Virginia 8:00 PM

The Commonwealth Cup, for once, doesn’t mean a whole lot as both teams are heading to bowl games.  However, this is the first instance of not really knowing where this game will head.  It shows up on the specialty pack for Bell but not for Rogers.  TSN1 and TSN3 have the game on their schedule as well so my guess is it will end up here, especially since this is the week where people who don’t get the specialty pack finally get their fill of college football.

UPDATE #1: Might as well start numbering them now.  This game has been moved from TSN1 and TSN3 to TSN2.  Why?  So they can show replays of the CFL Division Finals.  Yeah.

Texas Tech at Texas 8:00 PM

Big game here for the Red Raiders as a win gets them to bowl-eligibility.  Tom Herman’s Longhorns would like nothing more than to send Kute Kliff Kingsbury and his squad home for the holidays.

Saturday Early

East Carolina at #20 Memphis Noon

Memphis still has a shot at the New Year’s Six spot.  They have to take care of business here first against a lowly Pirates team who is fully regretting letting Ruffin McNeill go a couple seasons ago.

#7 Georgia at Georgia Tech Noon

Georgia Tech needs a monster upset here to go bowling.  For Georgia, the stakes are higher.  A win probably guarantees a New Year’s Six bowl at the very least.  It also gives them an outside shot at the CFP if things shake out their way (let’s just say they will be huge Auburn fans later in the day).

Tulane at SMU Noon

Tulane has done way better than most thought they would.  Willie Fritz is spinning his genius again.  A win here completes a great season as the Green Wave would go bowling.  The Mustangs are already going bowling and are a great story in their own right with Chad Morris bringing this team back in a short time to bowl contention.

Florida State at Florida Noon

First off, Bell has this on the specialty pack and TSN3.  My guess is it ends up on TSN3 (kind of like the VT-UVA game the previous night).  Florida is playing solely for pride as they are 4-6.  FSU is also 4-6 but rescheduled the ULM game that had been cancelled earlier in the year due to the hurricane.  This game happens during Conference Championship Week.  This means that if the Noles win here they will probably be bowl-eligible.  What a joke.  I hope the Gators win by 40.

Indiana at Purdue Noon

The winner goes bowling.  Loser is home for the holidays.  So this is actually pretty huge.  Now this is a bit of an issue since it appears on the specialty pack.  However, TSN2 has a game but the teams are TBA.  My gut says its IU-PU but it could be one of the other games being already shown on a TSN network.  For now, let’s say it will be on the specialty pack but stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE #3: With UL-UK being moved to TSN2 (for now), this game is on the specialty pack only.

#9 Ohio State at Michigan Noon

This is an interesting one as so many scenarios affecting the CFP and NY6 come out of this game.  A Michigan win hurts tOSU’s NY6 chances and completely destroys their CFP chances.  It also hurts Wisconsin.  A Buckeye win keeps them with slim hopes for the College Football Playoff and almost guarantees a New Year’s Six spot.  It also helps Wisconsin.  So much riding on this game.  It’s also the first year FOX has broadcast The Game.  So many changes in college football broadcasting this season.  Let’s hope we get caught up at some point and get FOX Sports One but that’s a different argument for a different time.

Louisville at Kentucky Noon

Louisville is going bowling.  Kentucky is going bowling.  It’s a rivalry game so at least there’s that.  Other than that, there are many other options in this timeslot.

UPDATE #2: This game has been added on TSN2 instead of Indiana-Purdue.  It is still showing on specialty pack guides as well.  This should change by late tomorrow.

UPDATE #7: Yep, this game has gone to TSN2. However, Duke-Wake Forest has been added to the specialty pack.

Boston College at Syracuse 12:30 PM

This game also means nothing since BC is going to a bowl game and Syracuse basically collapsed after the upset of the year over Clemson.

Saturday Afternoon

#1 Alabama at #6 Auburn 3:30 PM

The game of the day and the one that could turn the College Football Playoff and New Year’s Six upside down.  We all remember what happened last time these two teams met as Top 10 teams in the Iron Bowl.  Auburn is hoping for a repeat of that performance.  The winner here goes to the SEC Championship against Georgia.  A Bama win means Auburn is eliminated from CFP contention and UGA has a slim chance (with a win over GT).  An Auburn win and then who knows what happens.  The SEC won’t be eliminated in this case but we could see a #3 or even #4 seed be an SEC team which would be odd to see.

North Carolina at NC State 3:30 PM

Not important at all although you have to wonder about Larry Fedora’s future after the Tar Heels bottomed out this season.

#5 Wisconsin at Minnesota 3:30 PM

The Badgers need to win here.  And they almost need to win in a blowout as their strength-of-schedule will hurt them without some huge wins.  They still have the Big Ten Championship and a big win there will help as well.  Minnesota would need the massive upset win to go bowling this year, not what P.J. Fleck expected in his first year with the Gophers.

#23 Boise State at Fresno State 3:30 PM

And here is an argument against conference championships.  This game is the first in a series of two since these two teams meet again next weekend in the Mountain West Championship.  The only thing with this game is Boise needs a win to keep their New Year’s Six hopes alive.

West Virginia at #4 Oklahoma 3:30 PM

The Big XII’s CFP hopes rest on Oklahoma’s shoulders so a win here is desperately needed by the Sooners.

Iowa State at Kansas State 3:30 PM

Both teams are going bowling so no issues there.  However, ISU is the only team that could leap past TCU and go to the Big XII Championship.  We will know whether they have a chance at all since TCU plays Baylor the day before.  A TCU win and this game is essentially meaningless.

#10 Penn State at Maryland 3:30 PM

Thanks to PSU’s collapse against Ohio State, this game means nothing. It’s probably also the reason this game is on the Big Ten Network.

#16 Michigan State at Rutgers 4:00 PM

This game really doesn’t mean anything.  It just feels weird to see Rutgers on FOX.

Vanderbilt at Tennessee 4:00 PM

Both teams are home for the holidays.  This could be the most meaningless game in this rivalry in a very long time.  Sad times in the state of Tennessee.

Saturday Primetime & Late Night

Oregon State at Oregon 7:00 PM

Oregon is going bowling and Oregon State is definitely not.  This game, as of right now, is showing up on the specialty pack guides AND TSN2.  My guess, again, is that TSN will get the game.

UPDATE #4: This game has been moved to the specialty pack.

UTSA at Louisiana Tech 7:30 PM

The Bulldogs need a win to go bowling here.  This game isn’t showing on the Bell specialty pack yet but is on the Super Sports Pack.  That issue should sort itself out in the next 24 hours.

#3 Clemson at #24 South Carolina 7:30 PM

One of the big games of the night as Clemson has to be on upset alert here.  Another game that could really cause chaos for The Committee.  The Tigers are already locked into the ACC Championship but a loss here affects both them and Miami.  Big stakes here.

Texas A&M at #18 LSU 7:30 PM

The biggest issue here?  Kevin Sumlin’s future in College Station.  It is rumoured that he will be fired after this game (or the next morning).  To be honest, even if he isn’t fired right after this game, his time is over as Aggies head coach.  I can almost guarantee that he won’t be the head coach of Texas A&M for the 2018 season.

#8 Notre Dame at #21 Stanford 8:00 PM

Big game here for Notre Dame and for Stanford.  Different stakes though.  Stanford as no shot at the College Football Playoff but could move up towards a New Year’s Six spot with a big win here.  Their Pac-12 fate is not in their own hands as their conference schedule is done and they have to watch what happens in the Apple Cup.  As for the Irish, they need a big win here and a lot of chaos in front of them.  A win basically locks them into a NY6 spot at the very least.  If enough happens in front of them, they could sneak into the #4 spot and play in the CFP semi-finals.

UPDATE #5: This game has been moved from TSN4 to TSN1.  The Raptors game has been moved to TSN4 which necessitated this move.  Twitter user @CamPeverley notified me of the TSN changes.  Thanks go out to him.

#13 Washington State at #17 Washington 8:00 PM

Biggest Apple Cup ever? Close. It doesn’t mean much to the Huskies except for pride…and the fact if they win then Wazzu is knocked out of the Pac-12 Championship. The Cougs control their fate. Win and go to the Pac-12 Championship to face USC. Lose and they won’t even get a New Year’s Six spot. It’s that simple.

BYU at Hawaii 9:00 PM

This happens pretty much every year.  CBS Sports Network shows college basketball after their afternoon game and then goes to this odd timeslot for the final college football game of the day on the network.  And it’s always a game that has no stakes.  No difference here.  Both teams were disappointing this year with BYU being VERY disappointing.

Utah State at Air Force 10:15 PM

Utah State will play in a bowl game this year.  Air Force will not.  The crazy weekend of college football ends with a whimper.

Some gambling fun and games

I combined the primetime and late night portions of the schedule here because really, the late night schedule is the calming down after a crazy two days.  I eliminated the games of the week since there are a bunch of them and a bunch of secondary ones.  Only a handful of games have no stakes other than pride (which sometimes can make for the best games).  After a week of relatively easy picks, let’s start this week’s picks which should be a lot more difficult.  I will provide way more picks this week than normal, just an FYI.

Mississippi State over Ole Miss

Toledo over Western Michigan

Miami over Pittsburgh

Central Michigan over Northern Illinois

UCF over USF

Virginia Tech over Virginia

Texas over Texas Tech

Memphis over East Carolina

Georgia over Georgia Tech

Tulane over SMU

Florida over Florida State

Indiana over Purdue

Michigan over Ohio State (yes I am calling for the big upset)

Alabama over Auburn (although it will be close)

Wisconsin over Minnesota

Boise State over Fresno State

Oklahoma over West Virginia

Kansas State over Iowa State

Louisiana Tech over UTSA

Clemson over South Carolina

Stanford over Notre Dame

Washington over Washington State

This is gonna be fun.  I can feel it.  Only once in the past few years has this final weekend of the regular season (for most conferences) disappointed in general.  I can’t see this being the case this year.

I figured i would do this post today and the NFL one, in its entirety, tomorrow.  I will be doing updates over the next few days for the college football schedule as there are sure to be a few.  I am also live-tweeting most of Friday and pretty much all of Saturday.  Enjoy the games everyone!


9 thoughts on “Are you ready for the FOOTBALLGASMMMMMMMMMMMMM – Week 13 College Football TV Schedule

  1. OK, first my bias on the table. I am an FSU fan. With that out of the way, question: why the animosity at them rescheduling the game? If you just hate FSU for whatever reason (as I do Florida, Tennessee, the entire Big Ten, USC and Texas), I get it. But you have never given me that feeling. In fact, you are a big proponent of, “the more football the better”. This is the very definition of “more football”. So, unless you hate FSU (which is fine by me), I simply don’t get your position here and would be curious to hear your explanation. Thanks.


  2. Honestly it’s a way for FSU to keep a streak going that honestly they have no right to have. They played horrible this season and this will take a bowl spot away from another team that is probably more deserving (if they end up winning out). People wonder why many get angry at the college football powers, here’s a reason right here. Remember, bowl games are supposed to be showcases for schools and potential recruits and a reward for the players, especially the seniors. Florida State gets enough national exposure whereas many other schools don’t get that. This is their chance at a bit of a spotlight.

    And yes I am always a a proponent of more football…if we can see the game. We won’t be able to (in all likelihood) so it might as well be that the game doesn’t exist to us.

    So in the end, it’s not really animosity, it’s more calling out a situation for what it is. An attention/money grab from a school. Worse part is, it would be a much better redemption story if they came back next year and was a national title contender after they miss bowl season for the first time in a loooooooooong time.


    1. I agree with Bossman here, it just seems petty on FSU’s part. It’s a lost season already, so why not just let it end this week against the Gators.

      Conference championship week is about “Meaningful” football games, not some attempt to sneak into a bowl game through the back door.

      In the end a more deserving school might lose out because of this. One that can use the national exposure a lot more than a very pathetic FSU team this year does.

      I am a Gators fan but that has no bearing on my feelings here. Just seems like the wrong decision by FSU and I would feel the same way if Florida or any other Power 5 team was trying this just to get into some stupid bowl game.


  3. Alright, thanks for that. Allow me to share my perspective.

    At the start of the year everybody schedules 12 games. The understanding is that 6-6 gets you in. I fail to see how going 6-6 (assuming a win in Gainesville and next week which is FAR from certain of course) against the teams you were scheduled to play before the season began equates to “no right to a bowl game”. But for the hurricane this game would have taken place. The intervening event here is the hurricane – why should any particular school be punished for that?

    And who is this team that they are going to take a bowl berth from that is “more deserving”? It will be another 6-6 (or worse) team that (I’d bet my life) played an infinitely easier schedule. No 6-6 team is “deserving” of a bowl so the fact that one of them (or even a 5-7 team) gets displaced by another is hardly worth crying over.

    If you want to argue, for example, that no Power 5 school should get in without 7 wins in order to give a spotlight to a lesser team I’d be fine with that but those are not the current rules. And there have been plenty of high-profile schools going to a bowl game with a 6-6 record in the past.

    As far as I can tell, the argument basically amounts to, “you lost a game due to a hurricane and should not be allowed to make it up because you are a big school”.

    Furthermore, many coaches say the biggest advantage to a bowl berth is the extra practices you are permitted to hold. There’s no way FSU wants to play in the Independence Bowl for “exposure”. Hell, FSU in the Independence Bowl is awful exposure – better to not play in one at all from that perspective. I’ll bet dollars to donuts it’s the practices that matter. And if ever a team needed more practice it is this year’s FSU squad. Why should they be deprived of the extra practice time which they would otherwise be entitled to but for the hurricane (again, assuming the two far-from-certain wins do come)?

    As for the allegation that they are “sneaking in”, I don’t see what is sneaky here. It’s not as though they were staring at a 5-6-1 season (oh how I miss ties – seriously!) and sneaked in a previously un-scheduled 13th game. All they are doing is playing the 12 teams they were scheduled to play before the season with one 9actually two) of them re-scheduled from the original dates.

    As for “Championship Saturday”, have you seen how many hurricane make-up games are scheduled that weekend? FSU joining the parade hardly taints an otherwise pristine Saturday.

    Long way of saying we will have to agree to disagree. 🙂

    And maybe the Gators will render all this meaningless.



    1. I can understand your reasoning here. I think the optics are bad and paints the Noles in a bad light regardless of the whole “we scheduled 12 games so we will play 12 games” theory. Florida isn’t doing that. Maybe they should? Maybe Georgia Tech should? Both programs aren’t going bowling without putting a game back in. And there are no hurricane make-up games during Conference Championship Week.

      I like the debate though. Much more high brow than most NFL debates.


      1. Should always be able to debate civilly! I never comment anywhere that is not civil. Another good thing about your blog!

        I hear ya on the optics but when you drill down I just don’t think the optics hold up.

        Maybe the Gators and Ga Tech should have done so too. They chose not to for whatever reason.

        At least some of the games are hurricane make ups (UMass-FIU for example) and my primary point was that there are a ton of games that weekend that are “sub-standard” so adding one more is hardly tainting anything.


  4. Well, the Gators did not win by 40 but FSU almost scored 40. 🙂

    More seriously, this game set the sport back 50 years. What a pair of awful teams. If Fisher stays he MUST can Trickett and Kelly. And he could use an offensive co-ordinator.


  5. Good lord that was tough to watch. Even Vandy-Tennessee was better to watch than that. I don’t get how both teams are so bad. Jimbo really should overhaul the entire staff. And Chip Kelly was probably smart to go to UCLA instead of Florida.


    1. Yes. I am cautiously optimistic that 2018 FSU can be 2017 ND with an overhaul of the staff. The 2017 FSU and 2016 ND seasons are broadly similar.

      Was very happy to see Kelly go to UCLA. Bruins are the one west coast team I sorta’ support and I sure didn’t want him in Gainesville!

      I am really interested in what happens if TCU beats OU next week. I think that has to leap them over the SEC loser, the ACC loser, OU, Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin (if the Badgers also lose). And I’d put them ahead of Bama too. In short, I think they should be in with a win over OU. Whether they will be is an interesting question, particularly if Wisconsin wins leaving just one spot up for grabs.


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