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We were so close to maximum chaos – Week 11 College Football Recap

And then this guy’s team had to destroy that.  But man it was close.

Mississippi State couldn’t close out Bama.  If they had though, it would have been, arguably, the biggest shakeup at the top in college football history.  It had been not since 1966 that the top three teams lost in the same weekend and that was during bowl season.  So this would have been unprecedented.

It started with Auburn beating Georgia senseless.  It continued with Miami laying the smackdown on Notre Dame.  And then we came within less than a minute of a potential upset.  But it shows that there really aren’t any truly dominant teams this season for the first time since (dare I say it?) 2007.  On top of that, Oklahoma beat TCU and Stanford upset Washington.  All-in-all, it was a chaotic weekend.  Not maximum chaos.  But a good amount of chaos for sure.

Before I get into the CFB recap, let me talk about a couple of Canadian items.

  • I see the AUS Hardy Cup final between Acadia and Saint Mary’s was cancelled when Saint Mary’s was found to have an ineligible player.   Why did it take this long into the season?  I’m sorry but CIS…sorry, USports, has become a joke.  No one watches it.  No one even knows what’s going on with it.  It’s pathetic.  Especially when you compare it to what it was even five years ago.  People would actually talk about CIS, sorry…USports and not in a negative way.  Since it is almost never on TV (and I am sure almost no one watches it online) then it’s like it doesn’t exist almost.  Maybe it’s time the football teams looked at the NCAA.  Not that the NCAA is great or anything but it has to be better than this.
  • Can someone explain to me why the 4th place team in the West gets to play the 2nd place team in the East in the CFL Playoffs when the 3rd place team in the West has to have a tougher game against the 2nd place team in the West? That makes no sense.  You are punishing a team for being better?  Give me a break.  The only teams that should get automatic berths are the division winners and that’s it.  The next four teams should be based on record alone.  This way the right teams would get home field for the first round and a team wouldn’t be punished for having a better record.

OK got that off my chest.  NOW on to the recap.


  • With all the insanity happening in the top ten this past Saturday, who benefitted most? You could argue it was Wisconsin who needed some dominoes to fall at some point to move into true contention despite their undefeated record.  They beat Iowa and now face Michigan in their last true test before the Big Ten Championship which will probably be against Ohio State.  Win out and they are in, they shouldn’t worry about that.  But one loss and who knows how far they will fall.
  • Clemson will also move up as well although everything comes down to their ACC Championship matchup with Miami that is set now. The Tigers actually struggled for more than three quarters against Florida State but pulled away for the easy victory.  As for the Noles, they have to win out now to become bowl-eligible.  With their toughest game against Florida, it may happen.
  • So now will Auburn become the College Football Playoff’s first two-loss team? It could happen.  Especially if they upset Alabama in the Iron Bowl.  There are a few two-loss teams who will get consideration if Bama and Miami both falter before the end of the season.
  • It looks like instead of Mark Richt facing his old team in the CFP, he might just be chosen over his old team for the last spot, depending on what happens from here on in. The Canes can afford to lose if it’s against Clemson in the ACC Championship and it’s really close.  The Committee might still put them in if the 5th best team is a long way down from #4 going into Conference Championship Week.
  • Oklahoma and TCU will probably end up facing each other again in the Big XII Championship unless the Horned Frogs blow a gasket before then. TCU getting revenge on the Sooners would be devastating to the Big XII when it comes to the CFP because Oklahoma is really their only true chance (at this point).  And here I was almost writing them off weeks ago.  Silly Bossman.
  • Oh and during that big Big XII matchup, Baker Mayfield probably wrapped up the Heisman unless he plays terrible the rest of the way. This is what happens when all the contenders fall off completely around Halloween time.
  • The Pac-12 is pretty much eliminated now from the College Football Playoff. Not good for a conference that complains about when their games are on TV.
  • Could the Ohio State freakin’ Buckeyes somehow get back into the CFP race?   Two big games to finish their year (after next week’s snoozer against Illinois).  If Michigan can pull off the upset over Wisky next week and tOSU runs the table, this is a distinct possibility.
  • Georgia Tech upset Virginia Tech, assuring the Yellow Jackets a bowl game again this season. It’s too bad that a 9-3 season could be considered a disappointment for Justin Fuente’s club but that’s the way it’s looking.
  • Oh wait, why didn’t I start with this…BUTCH JONES HAS BEEN SHITCANNED! It took Tennessee long enough to do this.  Well, he will always have last season’s Champions of Life…and probably a boatload of cash from a buyout.
  • UCF won Civil ConFLiCT over UConn. I mean no one cares except possibly still Bob Diaco.  UCF has USF and then probably Memphis and I honestly wonder if they can pull off that Daily Double.  If they can, the New Year’s Six spot is theirs, no questions asked.  If they lose one of those two games, things get real interesting.
  • Or not. Basically, unless insanity happens, the AAC winner gets to go to the Peach Bowl.  With Toledo laying an egg about a week ago, no other conference really has a team that can even come close to what UCF, USF or Memphis has done this season.
  • Even with Boise State’s incredible 25-point comeback to beat Colorado State, I can’t foresee a scenario where the Broncos would get the NY6 spot. Unless they go off of reputation which is totally possible.
  • USC clinched the Pac-12 South with their win over Colorado. Considering how many have talked about how disappointing the Trojans have been this season, this is still a good feat.  Not as good as the hype (especially with Sam Darnold) but still good.  Colorado now has to beat Utah to go bowling.

We are now getting into the real important part of the season.  OK wait I was talking about two weekends from now.  This next weekend, in terms of college football, sucks.  It really does.  Not nearly as good as most other weeks of the season.  SEC Sleepwalk Saturday I have coined it and I implore ESPN to do the same.  Anyway, here’s my Top 25 so I don’t have to think about this coming Saturday too much:

#1 Alabama
#2 Miami
#3 Oklahoma
#4 Clemson
#5 Auburn
#6 Wisconsin
#7 Ohio State
#8 Georgia
#9 Oklahoma State
#10 USC
#11 Notre Dame
#12 UCF
#13 TCU
#14 Washington State
#15 Penn State
#16 Washington
#17 Michigan
#18 Stanford
#19 Memphis
#20 Mississippi State
#21 LSU
#22 USF
#23 West Virginia
#24 Michigan State
#25 NC State

My Top 4 seems to match most people’s Top 4.  Wisconsin sitting in the weeds at #6, waiting to move up.  Auburn with a huge move up the rankings but without a win over Bama, this means nothing.  Oh, and Ohio State is at #7.  The next three weeks are gonna be fun.

Alright, Monday Night Football tonight in a game that more people may watch than last night’s game.  I could have predicted the Pats winning when I saw the schedule for Week 10.  It’s sad that the Dolphins are getting another primetime game and it’s more watchable than most of the games this week.  The last quarter of the season cannot come soon enough.

Also, we got some more MACtion tomorrow night!  Ohio-Akron and Central Michigan-Kent State are on the specialty pack Tuesday night.  Actually all the games (except one) up until Friday are appearing in the guide.  A good sign…I hope.

Tomorrow we got some bowl projections (which aren’t early anymore).  Thursday the shittiest week in college football this season and its TV schedule.  Finally, the NFL gets the sked treatment on Friday.  Enjoy your week (and the games) everyone!



5 thoughts on “We were so close to maximum chaos – Week 11 College Football Recap

  1. Catching up here after my trip to Bryant-Denny followed by a week in Florida.

    How is that you ended up seeing Bedlam – was it a byproduct of the weather delay at Michigan State?

    SECSleepwalk Saturday would have been much better than usual had Arkansas, Ole Miss and Tennessee not all simultaneously face-planted.

    Here’s what I want to see as an ACC and SEC fan: Wisconsin and OU lose in their championship games; Clemson squeaks by Miami in the ACC title game; Georgia squeaks by Alabama in the SEC title game, and voila: your final 4 are Bama, UGA, Clemson and Miami. Would the committee do this or would the Big Ten Champ push aside Miami? Problem for the committee in that scenario is how can you put 2-loss Ohio State in ahead of 2-loss OU based on Buckeyes winning the conference? I know they yap about conference championships but that would be a stretch for me. And I think it is tough to put two-loss non-conference champ OU in ahead of one-loss Miami – although maybe not as OU has more good wins than Miami.

    Oh well, as we know it is a fool’s game to invest too much time in particular scenarios as they never come to pass since something we never expect always happens.


    1. Was it awesome at Bryant-Denny? I bet it was awesome.

      That whole day for FOX was a shitshow. The weather delay made them lose their damn minds. They honestly couldn’t figure out what to do.

      If the scenario occurs as you stated, the B1G champ would most likely be out since it would be (at best) 10-2 Ohio State. 12-0 Wisconsin, with a loss at any point the rest of the way, is out. So chances are yes, if this scenario played out, you would have those four teams in.


      1. Bryant-Denny was absolutely awesome but of the places I have been to I put it behind FSU, LSU and Notre Dame for one reason (two for FSU): way too much canned music for my liking at Bama.

        I get that this might not matter to everybody but I love the bands – that is one of the great distinctions between college and pro sports. Close your eyes watching pro sports and you have no idea where the game is. Close your eyes in college and you know where the game is being played. The other advantage FSU has (over everybody) is Chief Osceola planting the flaming spear at midfield. That is f’ng awesome! Mike at LSU is damn cool too, although he doesn’t come into the stadium any more – still, seeing him in his palatial lair is something to behold.

        Oh, Bear Bryant museum was cool, too. Interestingly, they have a display for each of the coaches that followed him, which was surprising to me given the wreckage that ensued between The Bear and Saban (except for Gene Stallings). All their statutes are all really good too – especially The Bear’s.

        All in all, worth the trip. I highly recommend it or any of the other venues I mentioned above. Just Georgia and Auburn left on my bucket list – plan to see those two play each other in each of their stadiums.


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