NFL TV Schedule

More like Ben McADon’t, am I right? – Week 10 NFL TV Schedule

So it looks like Ben McAdoo has lost his team.  The players don’t listen anymore.  Is this a shock to anyone?  It’s the pros.  If you can get more than 75% of the team to always listen to you then you are one of the best, period.  It’s not like college where players that are basically still kids will look up to their coach and run through a brick wall for them.  In the NFL, you won’t have that.  If you are a winning coach then you have a much better chance of having the locker room be behind you.  Let’s be honest; Bill Belichick will have the Patriots players listening to him more than Jeff Fisher will have had at any point during his career.  It’s just the way it is.  Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah…if McAdoo won’t bench the Manning that looks a bit developmentally delayed in favour of Davis Webb in the next then they should shitcan the guy.  On the field.  During halftime.  Think of the ratings!

Enough head coach crap, on to the schedule followed by random-ass shit and stuff:

Sunday Early

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis Rochester, Boston All affiliates
LA Chargers at Jacksonville
NY Jets at Tampa Bay Burlington Montreal
Cleveland at Detroit Detroit, Cleveland
Green Bay at Chicago
Minnesota at Washington Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane, Minneapolis BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Lloydminster (CITL)
New Orleans at Buffalo Buffalo, Rochester, Burlington, Boston Ontario, Atlantic
Cincinnati at Tennessee

Sunday Late

Houston at LA Rams Seattle, Spokane, Minneapolis, Buffalo
Dallas at Atlanta All affiliates (except Burlington) BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Northern Ontario, Kitchener, Toronto Atlantic
NY Giants at San Francisco Burlington Ottawa, Montreal

Sunday/Monday Primetime

New England at Denver Sunday, 8:30, NBC, TSN 1/3/4/5, CTV Two
Miami at Carolina Monday, 8:30, TSN 1/3/4/5

Random-Ass Shit and Stuff

  • So down in the Los Angeles area, they will get both Los Angeles-area teams on CBS on Sunday.  I can just see this not working at all.  At least one affiliate will screw it up and go to the Texans-Rams game when the Chargers-Jags game is inevitably close.  And people will be pissed.  And the NFL will be embarrassed.
  • Man the poor NFL fans in Burlington, Vermont (and the Canadians that get their American stations out of Burlington, Vermont).  Every FOX affiliate for Canadians is showing the Cowboys and Falcons except Burlington-area viewers.  What’s worse?  They were ALSO supposed to get the Cowboys-Falcons game and it was changed yesterday to the Giants-Niners.  Someone must hate those people there to give them such a shitty game.  Unless they love the NFL Draft.  Then by all means it’s the Game of the Week.
  • For some reason, CITL out of Lloydminster is showing up in the listings for the NFL games on CTV.  I have no idea why.  I figured it’s like a quasi-CTV Two station but who knows.  Either way, people can watch the same game on CTV all around there so in the end it might not really matter.
  • Three games not appearing on Canadian TV this Sunday.  I didn’t think I would see the day where a Green Bay-Chicago game wasn’t shown anywhere in Canada but there it is.
  • You will not see any games on TSN in the afternoon this Sunday or the following Sunday due to the CFL Playoffs.  I am guessing Grey Cup Sunday (November 26th) will also have no NFL games on in the afternoon since the pre-game show will start mid-afternoon for the game that starts just after 6:00.
  • Before I end here, what in the blue fuck was up with the Seahawks’ uniforms last night?  That was absolutely awful.  Neon green shouldn’t be used for a uniform anywhere…even if the XFL came back.

Hey let’s look at the updated playoffs (if they started today):

#1 – Pittsburgh (AFC North champ) #1 – Philadelphia (NFC East champ)
#2 – New England (AFC East champ) #2 – New Orleans (NFC South champ)
#3 – Kansas City (AFC West champ) #3 – Minnesota (NFC North champ)
#4 – Tennessee (AFC South champ) #4 – LA Rams (NFC West champ)
Wild Cards: Wild Cards:
#5 – Jacksonville #5 – Seattle
#6 – Buffalo #6 – Carolina

We are now past the midway mark of the season.  These playoff looks tend to become more and more important.  Philadelphia has become a Super Bowl favourite right now.  Other than the Titans, most of the division leaders are looking like they might pull away from the pack.  No one is mathematically eliminated but let’s be honest: the Browns, Giants, and 49ers are out and hoping for that number one pick in the draft.  The very disappointing Buccaneers are not far ahead of that trio of trash.  I still smile a tiny bit seeing the Bills in the final Wild-Card spot.  This week’s game will go a long way to determining whether it looks like they will stay in the playoff hunt or do what most Bills teams have done in the last decade-and-a-half: fall by the wayside.

The weather isn’t so fun anymore.  Looks like we had about three weeks of Autumn.  Good times.  Anyway, enjoy sitting inside in the warmth (as long as your furnace is working) and watching some NFL games.


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