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Let’s continue the Footballgasm shall we? Week 11 College Football TV Schedule

Yeah let’s just keep going with this shall we?  Funny thing is with all this football going on there is very little college football controversy right now.  The biggest thing is some dick-swinging contest over a laptop between Dirty Dave Doeren and Dabo “The Howard’s Rock” Swinney (you smell what the Howard’s Rock is cookin?).  Big deal.

Other “controversial” things that are as controversial as whether to add bacon to your poutine and whether that’s “proper” (it is by the way):

  • The CFP Rankings came out on Tuesday.  Pretty much a bunch of status quo.  UCF fans though are a bit ticked that after a hard-fought victory over SMU they moved up exactly zero spots.  All this while Wisconsin moved up with arguably the easiest Power Five schedule in the land.  Again, this is basically a moot point since the chances of UCF making the playoff are roughly the same as my chances of scoring with Abigail Ratchford.
  • MACtion graces our screens on weekdays now.  MACtion is great…unless you are a fan of those schools playing that night.  Attendance at games during mid-week MACtion is abysmal.  Tuesday night’s game at Oxford was a prime example.  Miami-OH has to win out to go to a bowl game so they are still technically alive for some extra football fun in December.  But because it’s a Tuesday night, many people, not just students, don’t go.  Why?  Have you ever tried to go to a college or pro sports event on a weekday night?  It’s fun but the next morning SUCKS.  So the trade-off for national coverage is somewhat empty stands.  And some conferences (like the Mountain West) are trying to combat that issue and find out if getting away from national coverage a bit will be offset by better ticket sales.  Should be interesting if the MAC or Sun Belt decides to do this as well.

OK so it was only two.  Didn’t want to look into any others.  There are a lot: like paying the players or getting another NCAA Football game but I won’t get into those now.  Anyway, on to another good schedule!


US Canada
Ball State at Northern Illinois 7:00 PM
Georgia Southern at Appalachian State 7:30 PM
North Carolina at Pittsburgh 7:30 PM

So an OK MAC game and then two games with a TERRIBLE team in each one.  Georgia Southern is seriously terrible.  And North Carolina is trying to steal Kansas’s crown for worst Power Five team of the year!  I will watch but if it even becomes a two-possession game at any point I’m probably done.


US Canada
Temple at Cincinnati 7:00 PM
BYU at UNLV 10:30 PM

Another not-so-good night of college football.  It doesn’t happen often that a Thursday-Friday night college football combo brings us not a single game of importance.  BYU is trash this season.

Saturday Early

US Canada
Duke at Army Noon
#23 NC State at Boston College Noon
Indiana at Illinois Noon
Rutgers at #14 Penn State Noon
Arkansas at #24 LSU Noon
#15 Oklahoma State at #21 Iowa State Noon  
UConn at #18 UCF Noon
UL-Lafayette at Ole Miss Noon
#12 Michigan State at #13 Ohio State Noon
Florida at South Carolina Noon
#17 Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech 12:30 PM

Reverse-mirror fun!  So, let me explain this to you:

  • If you get ABC out of a city east of Erie you will get the NC State-Boston College game on ABC and the Oklahoma State-Iowa State game on the specialty pack.
  • If you get ABC out of Cleveland or anywhere west of there, OSU-ISU is on ABC and NCSU-BC moves to the specialty pack.

There is almost a 100% chance this gets screwed up and you get the same game on both.

UPDATE #1: I don’t know about the rest of you but they actually did it right this time!  WOOHOO!!!

On another note, two big noon games.  That’s a rarity as well.  OSU-ISU and MSU-tOSU early provide some important CFP/NY6 action.

Saturday Afternoon

US Canada
SMU at Navy 3:30 PM
#1 Georgia at #10 Auburn 3:30 PM
Michigan at Maryland 3:30 PM
#20 Iowa at #8 Wisconsin 3:30 PM
Florida State at #4 Clemson 3:30 PM
West Virginia at Kansas State 3:30 PM
Virginia at Louisville 3:30 PM
#11 USC at Colorado 4:00 PM
Kentucky at Vanderbilt 4:00 PM

Two more huge games in the afternoon timeslot.  Iowa visits Wisconsin hoping for upset #2 (and ending the Wisconsin/CFP merit debate) and also Georgia is on upset alert as they head to the Plains to face Auburn.  An Auburn win almost guarantees Alabama being the last chance for the SEC to get to the College Football Playoff.  It also opens the door to the 1990 portal (I think the 2007 portal is now closed for another year).

UPDATE #2: Wake Forest-Syracuse has been added to the specialty pack to start at 3:30.

Saturday Primetime

US Canada
Western Kentucky at Marshall 6:30 PM
Tulane at East Carolina 7:00 PM
New Mexico at Texas A&M 7:00 PM
#2 Alabama at #16 Mississippi State 7:00 PM
Purdue at #25 Northwestern 7:00 PM
Tennessee at Missouri 7:30 PM
#6 TCU at #5 Oklahoma 8:00 PM
#3 Notre Dame at #7 Miami 8:00 PM

And now for two game of the year candidates.  Two Top 10 matchups.  That is unheard of for the same timeslot, let alone the same day.  But here we are.  Going to be tough going back and forth between the two games although you can almost be certain that one will be over early and everyone can then focus on the other game.

We are back to TSN2 for the primetime ESPN game.  Why not show the 3:30 game as well?  Seems weird to me.  They must have something important on in that timeslot.  Let’s see what it is…ah, of course.  The World Under-17 Challenge.  Hockey.  Hockey will usurp almost anything.  I am certain that other than the Super Bowl, World Cup and World Series, TSN and Sportsnet would want to put any hockey on over any other live sporting event.  I mean I get there are a ton of hockey fans here in Canada but good lord.

Saturday Late Night

US Canada
Oregon State at Arizona 10:00 PM
Wyoming at Air Force 10:15 PM
Boise State at Colorado State 10:30 PM

BSU-CSU is easily the game of the night.  Boise can basically clinch the Mountain West Mountain Division here.  A Rams win throws the division in a bit of chaos.

Games to set your eyeballs on

Notre Dame at Miami (8:00, ABC) – At least this is the game with the most hype attached to it.  Catholics vs. Convicts II: Electric Boogaloo is on tap as part of a crowded Saturday schedule that is very top heavy with big games.  Not that I’m complaining.  Anyway, loser here is pretty much eliminated from the College Football Playoff.  I don’t foresee a non-insane scenario that allows either of these teams to get back into the hunt after a loss here.  The winner on the other hand…oh the winner.  If Brian Kelly’s Irish win this, Kelly’s getting like a 20-year extension.  Bank on it (pun VERY intended). If Mark Richt’s Canes win he is one step closer to (potentially) facing Georgia in the CFP.  Can you even imagine?

TCU at Oklahoma (8:00, FOX) – Alright let’s call this Game of the Week 1B.  Huge Big XII matchup that will end up with a lot of points and GUS JOHNSON’s vocal cords getting closer to complete implosion.  Again it’s almost a winner-take-all matchup.  Or more like loser-gets-nothing.  No way the loser here gets to the CFP.  So let’s call it a quarter-final game…WAIT, I didn’t mean expand the playoff so soon aw shit.

Georgia at Auburn (3:30, CBS) – OK fine Game of the Week 1C.  Auburn has a chance to cause major problems for the SEC with a win here.  Saying that, they could somehow sneak into the CFP.  How?  I don’t even know anymore.  This is pretty much Georgia’s last big test before the SEC Championship.  And they will need everyone on board and ready to go to try and slay the Bama dragon.

Iowa at Wisconsin (3:30, ABC) – Speaking of last big tests, this is Wisconsin’s.  I don’t get this whole hate for Wisky.  They are undefeated.  Not their fault their schedule turned out to be shit.  And most of the blame is the conference schedule for once.  So yeah, if they finish undefeated they go to the big dance no questions asked.  Plus, this game isn’t in Iowa City because of it was, man it would be tough to pick the Badgers in this one.

Michigan State at Ohio State (Noon, FOX) – If there is a weather delay during this game I don’t know what I’ll fucking do.

Honourable mention: Oklahoma State at Iowa State (3:30, ABC/specialty pack); Washington at Stanford (Friday, 10:30, FOX Sports One goddammit); Florida State at Clemson (3:30, specialty pack)

Some gambling fun and games

Let’s not look at my last week’s picks.  I don’t want to speak of it again.  Let’s move on.  OK?  Good.

Oklahoma over TCU

Miami over Notre Dame

Auburn over Georgia

Ohio State over Michigan State

USC over Colorado

Colorado State over Boise State

Oklahoma State over Iowa State

Wisconsin over Iowa

Clemson over Florida State

Tennessee over Missouri

LSU over Arkansas

I have not checked the guides yet.  Thursday and Fridays were up for both the U.S. College Sports Package and the Super Sports Pack.  So I am under the assumption Saturday’s schedule is up as well which would be awesome to be honest.

Ah more Thursday Night Football.  What a joke.  No one likes it.  Except the owners who get money.  Soon enough that will slow down as well.  Thursday Night Football is hot garbage and should be abolished.  Anyway where was I?  Oh that’s right…Thursday Night Football is tonight!  Seattle heads to Arizona to face the Cardinals.  And it’s on………..OK I just checked and it’s NBC.  Yeah I’m not typing anymore on this.

This weekend (and the next) will be very interesting.  Fairly busy but going to try to go it live again.  We shall see how I do it this weekend sans PVR.  If it works out then I will probably go the same route the following Saturday.  If not…ho boy I won’t know what to do.  Either way I will still be watching football past midnight so does it really matter in the end?

NFL schedule tomorrow as per usual.  Enjoy the games everyone!


2 thoughts on “Let’s continue the Footballgasm shall we? Week 11 College Football TV Schedule

  1. What a huge Saturday, Bossman. I am legitimately thinking of PVR’ing ND-Mia and TCU-OU and watching them one quarter at a time to (sort of) avoid spoilers. You really think the Canes can contain Wimbush?


  2. If you can stay offline during that time then that works. I find when I have to PVR the entire day I have to avoid my laptop (and to a lesser extent, my phone) for the entire day (and probably part of Sunday morning). Not the easiest thing to do.
    As for Miami I think it’s Josh Adams they need to contain and I think they will do just enough to pull off the victory.


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