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Yeah I’d say the Big Ten is in trouble – Week 10 College Football Recap






Let’s start the recap with a recap shall we?  OK then.

  • Penn State lost a close game to a resurgent Michigan State team.
  • Ohio State got the shit kicked out of them by Iowa who is better than many thought they would be.

Uh oh.  The Big Ten is in a heap of trouble.  The only team left with a feasible chance of making the College Football Playoff is Wisconsin and their schedule has been pretty easy for a Power Five team.  So now Jim Delany and the rest of the conference has to hope for Wisconsin to run the table and beat either Ohio State or Michigan State (since I am pretty sure Penn State is eliminated now) in the Big Ten Championship.  All those things must happen or the Big Ten will, most likely, be out of the running.  That would be a huge blow to a conference that has been gaining on the SEC for top conference in the land over the past few years.

Other recap points!

  • Back to the PSU-MSU game, what a debacle that was. And FOX just went mental with it.  They just could not get their shit together with the long weather delay in East Lansing.  First they start showing FS1 on the main network to fill the time.  I think “OK, this is good.”  Then just before the Kansas State-Texas Tech game goes to overtime they pull away from that game since it was “Bonus Coverage.”  Look assholes, I get that the weather delay wasn’t your fault but going to a game like that that was exciting and pulling away at the last minute is a complete bullshit move.
  • At least we got part of Bedlam in this area and that was the most Big XII game I have seen in, oh, weeks. No defense whatsoever and both teams putting up at least 50 points.  I feel bad for the Stanford and Wazzu fans who had their game moved to FOX Business Network.  Good lord, what a complete shitshow.
  • Oh wait, the only reason we got the final quarter of Bedlam? PSU-MSU ended pretty quickly despite the fact it was a close game.  And Minnesota-Michigan was ALSO delayed.  Good lord.  If I had had to PVR this I would have been fucking LIVID.
  • Miami continued rolling along. A big win against Virginia Tech in primetime should finally give them the respect that most Hurricane fans thought they should have got in the first place.  This coming week is probably their final test of the regular season.  Beat Notre Dame and they should go to the ACC Championship undefeated.
  • Alabama finally got a good win for this season. Yes, it was over an LSU team that no one can quite figure out but still, this helps their strength of schedule immensely.  The only chance they have at overtaking Georgia for #1 at the end (other than UGA losing before then) is to run the table (and probably do it convincingly).
  • We finally had our first Snow Bowl of the year! Colorado State and Wyoming played in a wonderful winter wonderland in a very important Mountain West game.  The Cowboys won meaning Boise State controls their destiny to get back to the Mountain West Championship.  The bigger story here?  The groundskeepers saying it’s the first time in years that they have had to shovel any kind of snow during a Wyoming game.  Seriously?  You’d think they would get more snow games there than the norm but I guess they just get freezing temperatures instead all the time.
  • Clemson is really making it difficult to avoid the thought that we could get Clemson-Bama III in the national championship. They gutted out a win over NC State that clinched the ACC Coastal for them and set them up on a collision course with Miami in the ACC title game.  That could very well be a College Football Playoff quarter-final game if everything plays out the way it probably should.
  • USC has, for all intents and purposes, clinched the Pac-12 South. They didn’t make it look easy and Sam Darnold is now out of the Heisman race but they will be in the Pac-12 Championship unless all hell breaks loose in that conference.  The same can’t be said for…
  • The Pac-12 North which will definitely be interesting down the stretch. Stanford, Washington, and Washington State all have chances to win the division and, therefore, the last three weeks’ worth of games become very important.  First up will be Stanford facing Washington next week.  Winner gets a leg up on this whole thing.
  • Georgia clinched the SEC East. In early November.  Man that division is not good.
  • Notre Dame also continues to motor along. But now they have one of the nastiest stretches in college football coming up.  Miami, then Navy, then Stanford.    Win all three and they are a LOCK for the College Football Playoff no matter what else happens.  Lose to either Miami or Stanford (but not both) and beat Navy and this becomes a hell of a lot more interesting.
  • UCF beat SMU. I thought it would be the other way around.  However, the Mustangs gave the Knights a run for their money.  I see the War on I-4 being very close.  I now think UCF will win but it won’t be easy.
  • The wild card in the entire Group of Five race is Memphis. They are a very dangerous team going towards the end of the season.  Don’t be surprised to see them cause chaos in that race or outright win it and go to the New Year’s Six.
  • Toledo continues to lay in the weeds waiting for dominoes to fall. Until UCF loses, however, the Rockets have nowhere to go but maybe the Motor City Bowl in December.
  • Northwestern just won their third game in a row, all in overtime, a new record. Cardiac Cats indeed.

That was a fun weekend of college football.  Now for the Bossman Top 25!

#1 Georgia
#2 Alabama
#3 Oklahoma
#4 Miami
#5 Notre Dame
#6 Clemson
#7 Wisconsin
#8 Washington
#9 TCU
#10 Ohio State
#11 UCF
#12 USC
#13 Auburn
#14 Oklahoma State
#15 Virginia Tech
#16 Michigan State
#17 Washington State
#18 Penn State
#19 Mississippi State
#20 USF
#21 West Virginia
#22 Memphis
#23 Michigan
#24 LSU
#25 Iowa State

I still have Georgia #1 but it’s real close after Bama’s win over LSU.  If the Tide beats Mississippi State I almost have to put them back above the Bulldogs.  Oklahoma slides into the #3 spot after a big Bedlam victory and Miami rockets up the rankings.  I have them #4 with Notre Dame right behind them.  Their game next week should be massive!  Wisconsin only gets a bump to #7 in my rankings but will continue to climb as long as they keep winning.  They really can’t even afford a close game the rest of the way or their CFP chances go out the window.  Northwestern and Arizona are just outside the rankings, poised to move up with wins.  I called Northwestern at the start of the year to be in the Top 25 at the end of the season.  Arizona….well let’s not talk about that one.

OK it’s that time of year folks!  MACtion Tuesdays.  And MACtion Wednesdays!  Tomorrow night will see Akron face Miami-OH and Bowling Green head to Buffalo to battle the Bulls.  These two games will be on the specialty pack at 7:30.  Wednesday night’s games will be split up:

  • Toledo at Ohio (7:00) AND Eastern Michigan at Central Michigan (8:00) are on the specialty pack.
  • Kent State at Western Michigan is on CBS Sports Network at 7:00.

Tomorrow, I hope to get my not-so-early-anymore bowl projections up.  Not a guarantee though.  For sure by Wednesday though.  Would love to get another post in for Wednesday but we shall see.  Have a great week everyone!


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