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So Double E is suspended now? – Week 9 NFL TV Schedule

I am getting pretty confused over this.  Just suspend the guy or don’t.  Nope, has to be appealed fifteen thousand times.  Guy’s gonna be five years post-CTE diagnosis by the time they finally figure out his suspension.  What a joke the NFL has become with this.  No wonder people are not watching.  Well, less people than before.  It’s not like a boatload have left but if this trend continues, in a few years it could become a bit more of a panic from the league and the networks that broadcast their games.  Maybe ESPN is correct with putting out feelers about not broadcasting NFL games when their contract is up.

Alright here is the NFL schedule in all its glory.  It’s pretty simplistic this week.  I think I could have figured out 90% of this without looking anywhere.

Sunday Early

Denver at Philadelphia All affiliates except Cleveland BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Ontario
Baltimore at Tennessee
Indianapolis at Houston
Cincinnati at Jacksonville Cleveland
Atlanta at Carolina Minneapolis, Detroit TSN2
LA Rams at NY Giants Buffalo, Rochester, Burlington, Boston Atlantic, Montreal
Tampa Bay at New Orleans

Sunday Late

Kansas City at Dallas All affiliates except Seattle All affiliates except Atlantic Atlantic
Washington at Seattle Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane Vancouver Island, Alberta, Ontario
Arizona at San Francisco

Sunday/Monday Primetime

Oakland at Miami Sunday, 8:30, NBC, TSN 3/4/5, CTV Two
Detroit at Green Bay Monday, 8:30, TSN 1/4/5

Random Analysis

  • So we have 10 games during the day on Sunday and four of them aren’t being shown here.  Almost half.  Good god.  No wonder big NFL fans are actually opting for DAZN despite it sounding like it’s a shitty platform.  Otherwise they are missing half the action.  To be honest, if telcos were able to just sell RedZone it would be massive.  Hell, maybe even I would get it.  Would still love a college version of RedZone but I know that’s too much to ask.
  • Well I was lazy last week.  I didn’t notice that the SNF and MNF games weren’t on all the normal TSN stations.  This week I have looked more closely and yes, both games aren’t being shown on all the TSNs.  Sunday night it’s because of the MLS Playoffs and Monday night it’s because of a Winnipeg Jets game.  Fair enough.
  • This is how this looks this week….*ahem*  YOU WILL GET DENVER AT PHILADELPHIA EARLY!  AND IT’S OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE THE EAGLES ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE BECAUSE DENVER IS KIND OF HOT GARBAGE WITH A MEDIOCRE (at best) QUARTERBACK.  AND YOU WILL GET KANSAS CITY IN DALLAS LATE!  THAT’S IT.  NO OTHER CHOICES.  ONLY FOUR TEAMS TO WATCH THIS SUNDAY.  Did I pretty much get that correct?  I haven’t seen something like this in a while.  This is what happens when Detroit and Buffalo don’t play on Sunday, folks.
  • Speaking of Buffalo, remember what I said about the Bills and games like the one that was on last night?  That was vintage 21st century Buffalo Bills football.

Since I am not doing the rants/recaps/whatever until later on in the season (and the jury is still out on that one), I figured I would put the updated playoff standings here.  Might as well right?  Here we go:

#1 – Pittsburgh (AFC North champ) #1 – Philadelphia (NFC East champ)
#2 – Kansas City (AFC West champ) #2 – Minnesota (NFC North champ)
#3 – New England (AFC East champ) #3 – Seattle (NFC West champ)
#4 – Tennessee (AFC South champ) #4 – New Orleans (NFC South champ)
Wild Cards: Wild Cards:
#5 – Buffalo #5 – LA Rams
#6 – Jacksonville #6 – Carolina

The AFC looks more like what the NFL wants to see.  The blue bloods (at least the blue bloods this century) are almost all accounted for in the AFC.  Pittsburgh and New England well in the mix.  Denver probably won’t make it but you can’t win em all right?  As for the NFC, yeesh.  At least the NFL (and FOX) could look forward to the Rams making the playoffs in Los Angeles.  That has to be good for ratings, no?

Alright, hope the weekend turns out well for all of you.  Enjoy the games everyone.


2 thoughts on “So Double E is suspended now? – Week 9 NFL TV Schedule

  1. Hey Bossman,

    How bout dem Houston Texans and Deshaun Watson’s season ending injury. Of course he’s just one of the “inmates” according to the owner.


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