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Faux Outrage over the first CFP Rankings and your STACKED Week 10 College Football TV Schedule

It’s here!  We know it’s the start of the best time of the year if you are a football fan.  From late October through the end of November there are only a few non-football days.  We are in the midst of 27 in a row right now.  Then there’s a one-day reprieve.  Then American Thanksgiving’s five-day FOOTBALLGASM!  Yeah it’s awesome.

But this also means it’s time for overreaction season.  The first College Football Playoff Rankings came out Tuesday evening and boy were there reactions to it.  How could Ohio State be so low?  How could Clemson be so high?  Bama should be first gul darn it!  Wisconsin and Miami ain’t gettin no love!  You know what?  Who gives a shit.  These rankings, like the preseason AP Poll mean almost nothing.  Not completely nothing but pretty close to it.  I still think October is too early for these rankings.  Maybe the first Tuesday in November works.  Then at least 75% of the season is in the books and we can make pretty good assumptions.  A week can make all the difference.  Look at all the teams that have fallen from the Top 5 this season so far.  So everyone should calm down.  Next week when the rankings come out and somehow Alabama is back to #1 then you can start getting pissed off.  Until then, have a beer and cool down.

Now it’s on to an absolutely STACKED Saturday in college football.  Good lord this gun be fun!  I had this as the third best college football week of the season and it looks to be a spot on prediction (behind November 11th and American Thanksgiving’s Football-kakke).  Enough slapping my back, it’s Sked Time!


US Canada
Ball State at Eastern Michigan 6:00 PM
Northern Illinois at Toledo 6:00 PM
Navy at Temple 8:00 PM
Idaho at Troy 9:15 PM

OK so we start low and slow with the schedule this week.  Nothing huge of note although some interesting early MACtion start times.  And the final two games could be very interesting ones as well with all four teams not quite being up to the preseason snuff that people expected of them.  This could also likely be Idaho’s last national FBS broadcast ever since they move to FCS next season.  So a tiny bit of college football history there.


US Canada
Marshall at Florida Atlantic 6:00 PM
#23 Memphis at Tulsa 8:00 PM

Is the Memphis-Tulsa game important?  Only if UCF ends up blowing a gasket between now and the conference championship.  Then these are the types of games that could be very important.  Look for the Tigers to shoot for a 70-burger in this one.

Saturday Early

US Canada
East Carolina at Houston Noon
#9 Wisconsin at Indiana Noon
Illinois at Purdue Noon
#14 Auburn at Texas A&M Noon
Florida at Missouri Noon  
Western Kentucky at Vanderbilt Noon
UMass at #16 Mississippi State Noon
#7 Penn State at #24 Michigan State Noon
Syracuse at Florida State 12:30 PM

And it starts out fast and furious.  PSU-MSU in the noon slot is a pretty big deal since very rarely do you see ranked-on-ranked violence this early on.  FOX is really hitting out of the park with their main network games this season.  A few other good games in this timeslot as well.  These good games do not include Syracuse-FSU.  Oh and did you hear that the Noles are wanting to play that lost game against ULM during conference championship week?  Talk about pathetic.  They aren’t making a bowl game so why bother?

Saturday Afternoon

US Canada
Kennesaw State at Montana State 2:00 PM
Army at Air Force 3:30 PM
South Carolina at #1 Georgia 3:30 PM
Northwestern at Nebraska 3:30 PM
Maryland at Rutgers 3:30 PM
#4 Clemson at #20 NC State 3:30 PM
#6 Ohio State at Iowa 3:30 PM
#15 Iowa State at West Virginia 3:30 PM
#21 Stanford at #25 Washington State 3:30 PM
Wake Forest at #3 Notre Dame 3:30 PM
USF at UConn 3:30 PM
Coastal Carolina at Arkansas 4:00 PM
Ole Miss at Kentucky 4:00 PM

OK let’s not talk about quality for a second.  When is the last time there has been this many games in one timeslot?  Thirteen!  This is something else!  So much choice.

Alright back to the quality of the games.  They are good.  Damn good.  Two huge ranked team games.  Worst part is?  The best game (Bedlam) won’t be seen in this neck of the woods.  Sucks really but considering what we are getting up here I will let it slide (as long as we get FS1 next year…if not then this is bullshit).

UPDATE #2: Thanks to the ridiculously long weather delay in East Lansing (looks like it will be a new college football record), Stanford-Wazzu has been moved to FOX Business Network meaning we lose that game now.  However, we do get the start of Bedlam on FOX.  Once PSU-MSU resumes, we will get that game.

UPDATE #3: Stupid me.  How could I think it would be even remotely smooth.  Stanford-Wazzu will continue on FOX until PSU-MSU resumes.  Then we won’t get Stanford-Wazzu at all after that (except for the West Coast which might continue to get that game).  We also still don’t get to see Bedlam.  What a gongshow.

Saturday Primetime

US Canada
Colorado State at Wyoming 7:00 PM
Nevada at Boise State 7:00 PM
Texas at #8 TCU 7:15 PM
#18 UCF at SMU 7:15 PM
Southern Miss at Tennessee 7:30 PM
UTEP at Middle Tennessee 7:30 PM
Minnesota at Michigan 7:30 PM
#13 Virginia Tech at #20 Miami 8:00 PM
#19 LSU at #2 Alabama 8:00 PM

Interesting.  Yet again you can make the argument that the afternoon window is better than the primetime window.  It’s a little less obvious this week though.  Two huge matchups for sure though including the Tide’s first true test.  They have two more (Mississippi State and Auburn) left and this is the way they move back to #1 in the CFP rankings: by winning these games.  VT-Miami is for all the (ACC Coastal) marbles.  UCF also has a tricky one in Dallas against the Mustangs.  Lose and the Group of Five goes into chaos!

Saturday Late Night

US Canada
San Diego State at San Jose State 10:30 PM
#22 Arizona at #17 USC 10:45 PM
BYU at Fresno State 10:45 PM

And some more huge games.  Ok, game.  Singular.  But still.  This is the de facto Pac-12 South Championship that no one figured at the start of the season.  Khalil Tate could signal his true Heisman arrival if he goes off on the Trojans in this one.

Games to set your eyeballs on

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State (4:00, FOX Sports One) – OK remember what I said above?  OK I am a bit more pissed than that.  It’s the game of the week, man.  We should all be able to see it on a channel that we can all get if we want to.  When a huge game ends up on the specialty pack I don’t gripe about it because 1) I get the specialty pack already and 2) you have the ability to see the game legally in Canada if you want to.  In this case we can’t.  Which is bullshit.  OK I better stop now before I get too heated.  Anyway, this could be a preview of the Big XII Championship.  Could be.  Loser is almost certainly eliminated from the CFP and will struggle to even get a New Year’s Six spot.

Virginia Tech at Miami (8:00, ABC) – So many games to choose from.  I will choose this one here.  Two reasons: one, it’s in primetime on ABC so it has to be considered at least somewhat big.  And two, the winner of this game basically clinches the ACC Coastal and has a decent shot at either getting to the College Football Playoff or ruining Clemson’s chances of getting into the final four.  I know Mark Richt is, deep down, champing at the bit to get a chance at Georgia in the semis.  You just know it.

Clemson at NC State (3:30, ABC) – The other half of the ACC puzzle will also probably be figured out after this one is complete.  It’s in Raleigh and the Wolfpack took the Tigers to the limit last year (and should have won it really).  Dave Doeren gets at least until October with no calls for his job if he wins this one.  Winner, in all likelihood, gets the VT-Miami winner in early December in Charlotte.

Arizona at USC (10:45, specialty pack) – Another division championship and one of the few times Pac-12 After Dark is one of the top games of the week.  No one thought the Fighting RichRods would be in this position at the start of the year.  No one.  Not even the majority of Wildcat fans.  Khalil Tate is a revelation and this could be his signal to the rest of the Heisman contenders that he is for real.  There is a very real possibility that USC could fall out of the Top 25 if they lose here.  Would serve me right for jumping on the Clay Helton/Sam Darnold bandwagon.  Shame on you, Bossman.  Shame.

LSU at Alabama (8:00, CBS) – Usually this game is at or near the top of this list.  This year it BARELY makes it into the top 5.  Everyone is expecting Bama to go off on the Tigers here.  Luckily for Coach O, he won’t get a plethora of calls calling for his job after this one.  Now, if he keeps it close (or if somehow LSU pulls off the stunner) it buys him quite a bit of time in Baton Rouge.  The Fighting Evil Sabans may be a bit perturbed after being only #2 in the inaugural 2017 CFP Rankings.  Expect them to play a bit pissed off.

Honourable mention: Stanford at Washington State (3:30, FOX); South Carolina at Georgia (3:30, CBS); Wake Forest at Notre Dame (3:30, NBC); Ohio State at Iowa (3:30, TSN4…yes couldn’t leave this one out so had to throw in FOUR honourable mentions!); Penn State at Michigan State (Noon, FOX…ok make that five!)

Some gambling fun and games

My Ohio State pick from last week looks damn good now!  Same with my Northwestern one.  Last week was pretty good to be honest.  Let’s see if I can keep going with the pretty good picks (not great…just pretty good).

Ohio State over Iowa

Alabama over LSU

Miami over Virginia Tech

USC over Arizona

Oklahoma State over Oklahoma

Clemson over NC State

Washington State over Stanford

Penn State over Michigan State

Georgia over South Carolina

Notre Dame over Wake Forest

SMU over UCF (massive upset but I could seriously see it happening)

So as of right now, no information on the specialty packs on Saturday.  Rogers/Eastlink/Shaw/Whomever else at least has information for tonight and tomorrow on their guides.  Can’t say the same thing for Bell who, for two nights in a row, aired MACtion games with no guide info whatsoever.  Re-goddamn-diculous.

UPDATE: The info appeared just before the MAC Thursday night game.  It’s about time.  All games in for Bell (and it looks like for SSP subscribers as well).

Thursday Night Football yet again.  Can we please stop this?  At least until American Thanksgiving.  Then have all the Thursday Night Football you want.  Until then?  Can it already.  Anyway, where was I…oh yes, tonight’s Thursday Night Football matchup!  The Bills travel to somewhere in New Jersey to face the New York Jets.  I don’t think they are doing Color Rush this year which is good because most of those uniforms were god awful.  This is the kind of game the Bills fucking LOVE to lose.  A game they should win that would keep them in the thick of a playoff race and they inexplicably play horrible and it puts them back outside looking in.  Same old Bills.

I have Saturday to myself.  You know what this means…live-tweeting the entire day of college football (@LikeABauce1978).  I understand Twitter is now the scourge of social media thanks to Donald J. Asshole.  But like most social media you just have to try and steer clear of the garbage.  I enjoy Twitter to be honest.  I don’t know if I could do a full day of college football anymore without it.  Actually I know I couldn’t.  I’d either have to take multiple decent-sized breaks throughout the day or PVR certain timeslots.  Both of these things are wimp moves in my estimation.  Go big or go home, right?  I know I will regret this Sunday morning but again, I don’t care.  No wonder I look and feel like shit all the time.  Anyway, enjoy the games everyone!


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