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And now begins the coaching carousel – Week 9 College Football Recap

Hey, remember what I posted on Thursday?  Well forget all that.  Well, some of it.  Do fans go overboard?  Sure.  But in this instance, with Jim Bob McElwain, it appears that it did not.  Or did it?  Who knows?  The only thing we know is that the university doesn’t believe him at all.  And him “parting ways” with the team (read: he got shitcanned and they negotiated a lot less than what the buyout would have been normally) means we are starting the coaching carousel a tiny bit early.  And not just the college football coaching carousel but the SEC Coaching Carousel!  Let’s look at the coaches that could be in peril:

  • Butch Jones (why he hasn’t been fired yet boggles my mind)
  • Kevin Sumlin (the goodwill I think has finally worn out at College Station)
  • Gus Malzahn (he seems to get in his own way a lot and has coached his way out of a few Auburn wins)
  • Bret Bielema (it has not been rosy at all since leaving Madison)
  • Matt Luke (I think we all figured he was truly an interim and would never get that tag removed)
  • Barry Odom (Mizzou is not back to the way they were during back-to-back SEC East titles)

And with that we have some very hot coaching prospects out there including Matt Campbell, Scott Frost, Jason Candle, Blake Anderson, Chad Morris, Dave Clawson and of course, oh yes, Butch Davis and Lane Fucking Kiffin.  Having Kiffin back in the SEC would be worth the weekly gongshow we would most likely see.

So yeah, at least two of the six coaches above will be gone if not more.  And that affects a lot of other schools, especially good Group of Five schools.  It’s a domino effect that can have crazy repercussions.  And in the end, if these rumours start too early, it is awful for the players.  And by rumours I mean actual documented probability and not just people throwing out names (like I just did).  It’s going to be an interesting last four weeks of the regular season (before the conference championships).

And now the rest of the fun-time recap!

No, I didn’t really write off Ohio State.  But I did figure their road would be tough to get there.  I did, however, think they would beat Penn State.  They did, in ridiculous comeback fashion.  I still think tOSU stumbles at some point down the stretch but for now they are looking pretty damn good.  And Penn State isn’t looking too bad either if this ends up being their only loss.  Especially after last year when The Committee made it perfectly clear that the entire season’s worth of schedule strength means more than winning a conference championship.  So you’re saying there’s still a chance!

Um, these aren’t the Iowa State Cyclones we know and well…  Most people love upsets.  Except the fans of the team who just got upset.  So who has not thoroughly enjoyed Iowa State upsetting two Top 5 teams in a span of a month.  That’s absurd for some of the elite programs to do it but for a program like Iowa State to pull it off?  Crazy!  It does throw the Big XII for a loop and makes it a lot more difficult to make the College Football Playoff but since this season is trending towards 2007 or 1990 it isn’t out of the realm for more chaos to happen.

So Bedlam is important again?  Yes, yes it seems to be.  We are now back to thinking that there will be a Bedlam II in December at JerryWorld.  A lot still has to happen for that to occur but it’s not as crazy as some might think.  And I honestly don’t think the Sooners should be prohibitive favourites next week when these two teams meet in Stillwater next Saturday (on FOX Sports One for fuck’s sake).

Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame!  Notre Dame made quick work of NC State.  They are starting to look like a serious CFP contender.  Now they still have to win out.  A single loss pretty much ends their chances (although it would still give them a great New Year’s Six resume).  The ACC is also in a bit of chaos.  Miami wins out it’s easy.  They don’t and they have to hope for at least a bit of help elsewhere.

There will be a new #1.  Yep.  Seriously.  Georgia should be #1 in the first CFP Poll come Tuesday night.  Their resume is light years better than Alabama’s.  Who has Bama faced that was really any good so far?  Every team they’ve played has turned out to be mediocre at best.  They will have a tough November with LSU, Mississippi State and Auburn to bolster their strength of schedule so get through those unscathed and they probably move back to #1.  But until then…Kirby Smart, a Nick Saban disciple, has his team on top of the mountain.  My god.

RichRod is again coaching a good team.  Yes, that RichRod.  No one (and I mean no one!) thought Arizona would be this good this year.  But after another upset, this one over Washington State, they have to be considered at least somewhat of a contender in the Pac-12 South.  They are really one big win over USC away from going back to the Pac-12 Championship for the first time since 2014.

And then there was one.  USF’s late loss to Houston was heartbreaking for the Bulls.  It also made it so there is only one undefeated Group of Five team left.  And that’s UCF.  The same UCF that put up a 70-burger on Austin Peay Saturday.  Impressive, somewhat.  But they also allowed the Governors to score 33 points.  An FCS team.  That has to be somewhat concerning.  I have a feeling they will have a tough go of it next week against SMU.  A Knights loss would cause huge G-5 chaos.

Lying in the weeds…  This is all very interesting with the Toledo Rockets lying in the weeds.  There is almost nothing (save a game against Western Michigan and the MAC Championship) keeping them from finishing with one loss and they could be a major factor if other teams drop by the wayside.

Back to those unlucky Vols…  The end of the game between Tennessee and Kentucky was quintessential 2017 Tennessee football.  The Vols tossed a Hail Mary that was actually caught by a Tennessee receiver who was promptly brought down at the 4-yard line.  Ugh.  So close yet so far away.

Alright, now time for my Bossman Top 25!

#1 Georgia
#2 Alabama
#3 Ohio State
#4 Notre Dame
#5 Wisconsin
#6 Miami
#7 Penn State
#8 Oklahoma State
#9 Clemson
#10 Oklahoma
#11 Virginia Tech
#12 Washington
#13 TCU
#14 Iowa State
#15 UCF
#16 USC
#17 Auburn
#18 Stanford
#19 LSU
#20 NC State
#21 Mississippi State
#22 Washington State
#23 USF
#24 Memphis
#25 Arizona

Yes I do believe Georgia is #1.  This would change in a few weeks if Bama continues to win.  The Buckeyes and Irish move into the all-important Top Four.  Well, somewhat all-important.  It means nothing since the CFP rankings might be different making the AP Poll (and my rankings…and everyone’s rankings) moot.  Wisconsin still has the easiest route into the Top Four at least going into conference championship week.  But I don’t trust them to get to the CFP unbeaten.  Neither do I think it will happen with Miami.  They have struggled to beat a lot of teams this year.  I just can’t see the whole Cardiac Kids act working out all season for the Canes.  Yes I have TCU one spot ahead of Iowa State.  Remember, TCU is 7-1 and ISU is 6-2.  I am sure some people would scoff at the fact that this is the case but remember, one game does not make a season (but can sure break a season).

Alright no NFL recaps until later on in the season.  I should be doing a bowl projection post either tomorrow or Wednesday.  We shall see.

Remember we are now in the midst of football every day until the day before American Thanksgiving (which feels more like a calm before the storm really).  Meaning Monday Night Football tonight and then some MACtion tomorrow night!  From what I can tell, both games (Miami-OH at Ohio and Bowling Green at Kent State) should appear on the specialty pack.  Aren’t there yet but that’s not surprising.  Enjoy the games everyone!


2 thoughts on “And now begins the coaching carousel – Week 9 College Football Recap

  1. I will never think it is a good idea for the Committee to be posting rankings on a weekly basis. Frankly I think it necessarily results in too much weight (good or bad) being placed on subsequent singular events. Furthermore, human nature being what it is, if you put a stake in the ground for the public to see that will almost certainly have a subconscious effect on your subsequent rankings.

    Off to Bryant-Denny this weekend to cross another iconic venue off my bucket list. Probably gonna’ be another easy Tide victory but LSU’s recent performances at least give me some hope for a reasonable game.


    1. I do think the rankings are a bit too early. I hate the preseason AP Poll. It means nothing and gives certain teams way too much leeway early on in the season.
      I am jealous that you are off to Bryant-Denny. Have fun! And yes, hope beyond hope that LSU can keep it close for at least 2.5 quarters.


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