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OK this has got way out of hand – Week 9 College Football TV Schedule

I get that there are rabid fanbases for schools in FBS college football.  It gets worse when you include alumni in the equation.  And current students.  Remember, for the most part, college/university students are not nearly as bright as they will be five years after they finish school.  Lack of life lessons and dealing with reality is not there yet.  It’s kind of why teachers tend to have a lot of trouble understanding the world outside of education if they haven’t had jobs outside of education before starting to teach.

Anyway, that was a long-winded introduction to me saying that people sending Jim McElwain and Gators players death threats are complete fucking wastes of oxygen.  If you are sending a death threat over a fucking game (albeit an awesome game to watch and maybe bet on) then you clearly are not a productive member of society.  Fuck off and let other less-rabid fans fight in the stands, be complete racists, get completely hammered, and yammer on message boards overreacting to the slightest issue with their team.  Like it should be, right?  God, our society is awful (America worse than Canada but still).

An update already on this: so maybe there wasn’t death threats?  The university might not believe McElwain and his claims?  What in the blue fuck?  I give up.

On to the sked!


US Canada
Eastern Michigan at Northern Illinois 7:00 PM
South Alabama at Georgia State 7:30 PM
#20 Stanford at Oregon State 9:00 PM

We are starting to get into some serious MACtion and Fun Belt games now.  Soon enough we will have football every day and we have the MAC and Sun Belt to thank for it.  I mean, sure, it impacts how many fans are in the stands at these games but do we really care as the fan watching on TV?  Obviously not.  Because we’re assholes that just want what we want.  I will admit that MACtion and Fun Belt are great for home viewers but sometimes it does feel like too much.  Like we don’t need three MAC games on at the same time on a weekday night.  That’s too much.  There is a limit you know.  Even for me.


US Canada
Florida State at Boston College 8:00 PM
Tulane at #24 Memphis 8:00 PM
Tulsa at SMU 9:00 PM

Normally this would look like a much bigger night than it will actually be.  But with Florida State and Tulsa shitting the bed this year, this night has become kind of meh.  I will still watch but I plan to PVR and skip parts and only watch if it’s relatively close.  At least Memphis and their razor-thin New Year’s Six chances are on display against the Fighting Fritzs.  So one game that could end up being relatively important.

Saturday Early

US Canada
Buffalo at Akron 11:30 AM
#11 Oklahoma State at #22 West Virginia Noon
Rutgers at Michigan Noon
#5 Wisconsin at Illinois Noon
#8 Miami at North Carolina Noon  
Texas at Baylor Noon
Arkansas at Ole Miss Noon
Virginia at Pittsburgh Noon
Louisville at Wake Forest 12:30 PM

Looks like we are into that time of year when we get the ACC Network Extra/FSN-Regional/ESPN3/Whatever games popping up for little to no reason. I am not complaining.  It’s just odd that’s all.

CBS Sports Network starting half-an-hour early is interesting.  Don’t know the reasoning for it since it’s not a huge adjustment but an adjustment nonetheless, especially for the PVR folk out there.

Saturday Afternoon

US Canada
Kennesaw State at Presbyterian 2:30 PM
Air Force at Colorado State 3:00 PM
Florida vs. #3 Georgia (in Jacksonville) 3:30 PM
Indiana at Maryland 3:30 PM
#4 TCU at #25 Iowa State 3:30 PM
#16 Michigan State at Northwestern 3:30 PM
UCLA at #12 Washington 3:30 PM
#2 Penn State at #6 Ohio State 3:30 PM
#14 NC State at #9 Notre Dame 3:30 PM
Houston at #17 USF 3:45 PM
Vanderbilt at South Carolina 4:00 PM

A massive Big Ten game almost overshadows a few other very good games in an afternoon timeslot that is much better than it normally is.  PSU-tOSU of course is the big game here and it’s on FOX.  College Gameday…ESPN’s College Gameday is in Columbus for a game that won’t even be a primetime affair because FOX also has the World Series.  Basically, unless something major happens somewhere else, FOX has won the day in sports on Saturday.

Don’t sleep on the other sneaky good games including NCSU-ND, TCU-ISU and the Cocktail Party where Georgia tries to do something they haven’t done since 2013: beat Florida.  A loss here by the Dawgs means Bama may be the SEC’s only College Football Playoff hope.

UPDATE: Shocking news here.  They have fucked up thanks to the reverse-mirror.  OK not shocking at all.  So as far as I can tell, whatever game you are not getting on ABC in this window you will not get.  Thanks a bunch, telcos.

Saturday Primetime

US Canada
Missouri at UConn 6:30 PM
Mississippi State at Texas A&M 7:15 PM
Tennessee at Kentucky 7:30 PM
New Mexico at Wyoming 7:30 PM
Nebraska at Purdue 7:30 PM
Texas Tech at #10 Oklahoma 8:00 PM
Georgia Tech at #7 Clemson 8:00 PM

This almost never happens but the primetime window is INFERIOR to the afternoon window.  Crazy.  What’s also crazy?  Double reverse-mirror!  And the coverage maps are out.  Here is what you are looking at:

  • For the 3:30 window, viewers who get ABC out of Seattle or Spokane will get the UCLA-Washington game on ABC.  The rest of us get TCU-ISU on ABC.  Whether you get the proper game on your specialty pack is a complete unknown since I don’t trust the telcos to get it right (as has been seen in the past).
  • As for the primetime game, if you get ABC out of Minneapolis or west of there you will get the TTU-OU game on ABC.  East of Minneapolis, you get GT-Clemson on ABC.  Again, the specialty packs will be a crapshoot despite the fact they shouldn’t be.

Saturday Late Night

US Canada
Boise State at Utah State 10:00 PM
#21 USC at Arizona State 10:45 PM
San Diego State at Hawaii 11:15 PM

A couple of oddities here.  First, a late night TSN game.  That’s nice to see.  And amazingly enough, it is a super important Pac-12 South game.  The other oddity is some REALLY late night football.  SDSU-UH starts at 11:15 EST.  That’s crazy late.  Well, I guess I will be super tired Sunday morning.

Games to set your eyeballs on

Penn State at Ohio State (3:30, FOX) – Was there any doubt this was the game of the week?  The thing is this is a bit of a stacked week so it makes it look that much bigger.  The Big Ten East rides on this game (pretty much) and the shape of the College Football Playoff will change regardless of the winner.  Should be a good one and the networks know this since every pre-game show is there.  I am sure the SEC Network’s pre-game show even considered heading to Columbus.

NC State at Notre Dame (3:30, NBC) – No one should sleep on the Wolfpack.  This team is dangerous and really an upset of Clemson later on in the season away from flipping the ACC upside down.  The Irish know what they have to do.  One more loss the rest of the way and it’s no CFP.  Two losses and the New Year’s Six is probably gone as well.  Very little room for error.  Part of me wonders what will happen if they run the table but end up with many other one-loss teams at the end of the season with at least two of them being conference champions.  What then?  Last year we found out that the whole season is more important than the conference championships themselves.  Will Independence be a hindrance or a plus for Notre Dame, if it comes to that?

TCU at Iowa State (3:30, ABC/specialty pack) – Iowa State is in the games of the week section.  Iowa State.  Let that sink in.  OK now that you have come to from fainting let’s look at another possibility (however remote): what if the Cyclones pull off another massive upset?  They already beat Oklahoma and a win over TCU throws the Big XII in chaos.  What it definitely does is help Notre Dame, the ACC, and Pac-12 who all may need help from elsewhere to secure CFP spots.

Oklahoma State at West Virginia (Noon, ABC/TSN1) – Here is your Big XII pew-pew-pew shootout game of the week.  Somehow the over-under is 73.5.  I don’t get it either.  Watch it end up being a defensive battle.  Both teams are right in the thick of things in the conference race and an ISU upset of TCU makes it so five teams would have a legitimate shot to get to the Big XII Championship.  OSU’s very slim CFP hopes would be dashed with a loss here.

Georgia Tech at Clemson(8:00, ABC/specialty pack) – Gotta have one primetime game in this section, no?  I guess technically I don’t but I feel safe putting this game here.  Clemson is not a shoo-in to win here as the option offense tends to give a lot of teams fits on the defensive side of the ball.  Huge ACC ramifications here and not just for the Tigers.  A Ramblin’ Wreck win keeps them within earshot of Miami in the ACC Coastal.

Honourable mention: UCLA at Washington (3:30, ABC/specialty pack); Houston at USF (3:45, specialty pack); Washington State at Arizona (9:30, Pac-12 Network…damn)

Some gambling fun and games

Last week…well, it wasn’t that great.  Plus I think I listed Oklahoma beating Kansas State twice.  I guess I REALLY thought they were going to win.  On to this week’s picks!

Notre Dame over NC State

Washington over UCLA

Georgia over Florida

Clemson over Georgia Tech

Ohio State over Penn State

TCU over Iowa State

Oklahoma State over West Virginia

USF over Houston

Washington State over Arizona

USC over Arizona State

Northwestern over Michigan State (had to throw one quasi-upset in here)

An update on my above mention that soon we will have football every day.  Well, that starts TODAY!  And it goes until the day before American Thanksgiving.  It’s the most…wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime of the year!

More Thursday Night Football.  Yay?  Tonight it’s Miami going to Baltimore to face the Ravens.  Unless it’s close I probably won’t much of it.  The issue with Thursday Night Football is part of the whole NFL over-saturation issue.  You could put the best games on Thursday nights and people won’t watch.  Older fans (older than, say, 30) have been conditioned that Sunday is NFL day along with Monday Night Football.  That’s it.  Things can get wacky starting at American Thanksgiving and that is fine for fans.  But before that?  It seems the fans are saying no.  As for the younger fans they are tuning in at a far lower rate than the older fans.  They want instant gratification (somewhat).  They are also smart enough to say “If I am not interesting in this game I might tune in for the fourth quarter if it ends up being good.”  Otherwise, they will check out the highlights on the TSN app (or ESPN app down in Murica).  But the NFL is all about money so expect Wednesday night games in the future because “that’s what the fans want.”  Sure, Roger.

This will be an interesting Saturday.  Have to determine the best approach to this.  Go all-in with the PVR and be smarter about how much of the games I watch?  Or go no PVR like I did a couple weeks ago and hope that the times I am at home I get to watch the most important parts of the games.  Decisions, decisions.  Either way, enjoy the games everyone!


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