And yet another huge injury – Week 6 NFL Recap/Rant

First J.J. Watt.  Now, Aaron Rodgers.  Both of them are considered among the best players in football right now.  Both are now out with serious injuries.  Now, Rodgers may not be out for the entire season.  He has surgery on his collarbone this week and I think the hope is that he could be back late in the regular season.  Without him, the Packers are just…well, average really.  He is the one guy that makes this team go.  And we all know what happens when you lose a star quarterback and have to replace him with backups without much experience.

So now the Packers have to go with Brett Hundley.  However, we all know they are shopping around for a guy that can hold the fort until at least the last couple weeks of the season.  Do they do the unthinkable and pull the trigger on Colin Kaepernick…ok that was REALLY bad phrasing.  But honestly, this is not a situation where you need to sign a backup because you are down to your starter and that’s it for QBs.  This is at least a 2 month thing we’re talking about here.  There could be worse things to do than sign him.  I don’t know how Packer fans would react to this to be honest.  Then again, if they started rolling off victories I don’t think the shareholders (meaning the community) would give two fucks about who is quarterbacking.

  • OK what was that garbage during the Pats-Jets game?  That overturning of the touchdown by Austin Sefarian-Jenkins was such a bullshit call it boggles the mind.  Did he lose control of the ball?  Yes.  Did he regain control?  It sure looks like it.  And in the end, it doesn’t matter because the call on the field was a touchdown.  You need (say it with me now) INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE to overturn a call.  We didn’t have that.  At all.  There is no definitive argument there.  It’s like if they had called it a touchback on the field, how do you overturn it?  You really can’t no matter your opinion.  In the end, the replay officials botched the call completely and it affected the outcome of the game.  The Jets probably would have tied it up.  Then who knows what happens.  If we can’t even get replay correct then what is the fucking point of having it?
  • Cleveland still sucks.  I feel I could just keep this in every recap post from here on in.
  • What is going on in Atlanta?  I mean I know these things happen but still.  They were looking like world-beaters in the first three weeks.  Like they had something to prove after last year’s Super Bowl debacle.  Then they went up against a really good Buffalo Bills defense.  So we give them some slack on that.  Then they lose to the Dolphins?  The Dolphins?  Ugh.  And now they have to go to New England in primetime.  This is not shaping up to be the start that the Falcons wanted or needed.
  • Don’t look now but the Eagles and Redskins lead the way in the NFC East.  It’s early but the Giants don’t look like they are doing anything this season and the Cowboys…well, who knows how they will react to the distraction that is Ezekiel Elliott.  Now that he is/isn’t suspended/not suspended the Cowboys will have to adjust/not worry going forward.  Easy right?  Jason Garrett’s red hair is going to turn grey at this rate.
  • Maybe the Cardinals aren’t as bad as they have looked.  A solid victory over the Buccaneers puts them back at .500 and in the thick of the Wild Card race (and perhaps even the NFC West race).  Could Adrian Peterson, of all people, be the catalyst to a move up the standings?  He sure looked more like the AP of old on Sunday that’s for sure.
  • And then there were none.  Undefeated teams that is.  The Chiefs lost a tough one to the Steelers so the 1972 Miami Dolphins can pop the corks a little earlier than usual.  Which is good because then it’s less of a spectacle than when a team farther into the season loses their first game and guys like Mercury Morris remind us (AGAIN!) that they are the only true undefeated team.  Thanks a bunch Merc.  Now fuck off.
  • Speaking of the NY Giants, that has to be considered an upset for what they did to the Broncos on Sunday night.  They thoroughly outplayed them in all aspects and looked like the contender everyone thought they would be.  What the hell took them so long?

Can we go one week without an off-the-field controversy?  Please?  I get that they are newsworthy but it does get tiresome.  It would be nice for something different for a change.  So let’s have all the players, coaches, GMs, other staff, media, and Trump agree to a seven-day moratorium on being idiots (at least when it comes to the NFL) so that we can refresh and recharge.  We, as fans, sorely need it.

Alright, more way-too-early playoff seedings.  Here we go!

1 Kansas City (AFC West) 1 Philadelphia (NFC East)
2 Pittsburgh (AFC North) 2 Minnesota (NFC North)
3 New England (AFC East) 3 Carolina (NFC South)
4 Tennessee (AFC South) 4 LA Rams (NFC West)
Wild Card Teams: Wild Card Teams:
1 Buffalo 1 Green Bay
2 Miami/Denver 2 New Orleans/Atlanta/Washington/Seattle

A little over a third of the way through the season and the AFC is starting to look closer to the way it has been lately (and what many experts expected it to be).  At some point over the next few weeks, the better teams (your Kansas Citys, Pittsburghs, and New Englands) will probably pull away from the pack.  I can see a bit of race for the AFC Wild Card brewing but honestly, 10 wins will probably nab you a playoff spot from this group guaranteed.

As for the NFC, Aaron Rodgers’ injury has a domino effect that could end up seeing Minnesota being the biggest benefactor.  A team that probably really has no right to be looking at a 10+ win season may do just that because they have the Bears (who have overachieved to get to 2-4) and the Lions (who looked awful on defense against the Saints) along with the aforementioned Packers in their division.  For once, they may end up being lucky being in the NFC North.  Carson Wentz and Jared Goff leading teams into the postseason is exactly what the NFL wants and still proves that selecting a quarterback in the draft is very much high risk/high reward.  The Eagles and Rams are proving that.

No college football tomorrow night.  Kind of makes me sad.  Except when it’s a shitty game and then I don’t care.


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