NFL TV Schedule

Seriously? Week 6 NFL TV Schedule

OK so let me get this straight.  First, Ezekiel Elliott was suspended.  Now he’s not.  But now he is again.  But maybe he’s not.  This is just beyond absurd.

The latest news in this (dumb) saga is that a federal appeals court has overturned the previous decision that would allow Elliott to sue the NFL instead.  This also means his six-game suspension is back on the table.  But he is thinking of appealing this decision as well.  So he may still be playing this season.  Who knows.  But it has got so out of hand.  Part of this is the NFL’s refusal to set clear guidelines and create a sort of suspension grid if you will.  Kind of like you do this then this is the range of punishments you can get (in terms of games suspended).  Then if multiple offenses occur, the mandate can be the player cannot get a shorter suspension than the previous one.  This will weed out repeat offenders.  Or at least help in that regard.

Let’s be honest, we can rail all we want about the judicial system.  It sucks.  But can you imagine it working like this?  You’d have a serial killer being given money because he kept appealing and suing the judge.  And then a guy who stole a pack of gum from a store would have life in prison in solitary confinement.  OK maybe too extreme an example but you get the idea, right?  Anyone?

Alright, as per usual with the Normally Fucked-up League, the off-the-field shenanigans totally overshadow anything that happens on the field.  Here’s the sked.  Random analysis to follow:

Sunday Early

New England at NY Jets All affiliates (except Minneapolis and Cleveland) Sudbury, Timmins, North Bay, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Sydney, Saint John
Miami at Atlanta Moncton
Cleveland at Houston Cleveland
Green Bay at Minnesota Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane, Minneapolis, Buffalo, Rochester BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg
Chicago at Baltimore Sault Ste. Marie
Detroit at New Orleans Detroit Kitchener TSN1, TSN4, TSN5
San Francisco at Washington

Sunday Late

Pittsburgh at Kansas City All affiliates All affiliates (except Atlantic) Atlantic
LA Chargers at Oakland
LA Rams at Jacksonville Burlington, Boston TSN2
Tampa Bay at Arizona

Sunday/Monday Primetime

NY Giants at Denver Sunday, 8:30, NBC, TSN 1/3/4/5, CTV Two
Indianapolis at Tennessee Monday, 8:30, TSN 1/3/4/5

Random Analysis

  • At first when I went to look for where games were being broadcast I was a bit perplexed at the sheer amount of CTV affiliates being shown.  Then I realized that the Northern Ontario and Atlantic regions were being split out between two games.  Northern Ontario is split between the Patriots-Jets and Bears-Ravens game and the Atlantic region is split between Patriots-Jets and Dolphins-Falcons for some reason.  I don’t know why this was split out like this and I realize it kind of doesn’t make sense.  But I don’t make the rules.
  • How the fuck do the New York Giants get to be on Sunday Night Football?  If it wasn’t for the existence of the Cleveland Browns, they would be the worst team in the league.  And they get the plum primetime slot?  This is ridiculous.  And I think it all has to do with moving better games to Thursday night.  Like the London experiment, the NFL is determined to make it work even if it causes issues elsewhere.  There are at least three other games that could have slotted in there (Pittsburgh-KC, GB-Minnesota, Pats-Jets) so I don’t get why the NFL does not want NBC to get ratings.
  • For the nice doubleheader of crap, a Marcus Mariota-less Tennessee team faces a pretty bad Indianapolis team on Monday night.  I look forward to the absurd bidding war over Thursday Night fucking Football soon.  Should be fun when Amazon swoops in, pays a billion or so, and forces people to pay per game to watch it.
  • Thanks to the split-outs I mentioned above, only three games won’t be seen in Canada with two of them being late games.  One of them may be moved or postponed due to the wildfires in Northern California (that would be the LAC-OAK game) so stay tuned for any news on that front.

Should be another fun day of football that will eventually be overshadowed by what happens off the field.  Thanks Roger.  Enjoy the games everyone!


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