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First, a little paragraph about the USMNT…and then the Week 7 College Football TV Schedule

First of all, how hilarious is it that the United States, in a big upset, did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia?  I find it super funny.  I do feel for FOX though (as much as I can feel bad for a network worth billions of dollars).  This is the first World Cup and they were putting a lot of money into the production values and with the U.S. going they knew they would at least have three big games with big ratings.  Now, who knows?  There is almost no way this World Cup approaches the ratings of the last one.  Oh well.  It just means a lot less Americans wearing the stars and stripes despite the fact they know very little about the game of soccer except ‘MURICA IS PLAYIN’ AND I GOTS TA CHEER FOR ‘MURICA!  Good riddance.  Now they can cheer for Mexico or something like that.  It’ll be like Cinco de Mayo every day!

Enough of that crap.  Now soccer fans can go back to watching early-season Premier League games and perhaps an MLS playoff game or two.  Us?  We will watch college football GOD DAMMIT!


US Canada
Texas State at UL-Lafayette 7:30 PM

One game.  It’s a Sun Belt game.  In October.  I’ll watch but unless it’s close I probably won’t make it to the end.


US Canada
#2 Clemson at Syracuse 7:00 PM
#8 Washington State at California 10:30 PM

Two trap games?  Perhaps.  These should be blowouts but it’s interesting how these weekday night games can cause havoc for even the highest ranked of teams……………………………………I’m just kidding.  This will be two blowouts (watch me be wrong now and look like an idiot).

Saturday Early

US Canada
#17 Michigan at Indiana Noon
Rutgers at Illinois Noon
South Carolina at Tennessee Noon
Florida State at Duke Noon  
#24 Texas Tech at West Virginia Noon
BYU at Mississippi State Noon
Eastern Michigan at Army Noon
Boston College at Louisville 12:30 PM

Hey three TSN games early.  That’s good.  They are keeping that up.  There is a bit of an issue with the TTU-WVU and FSU-Duke games.  Texas Tech-West Virginia shows up on both specialty pack guides and on the TSN schedule whereas Florida State-Duke doesn’t appear anywhere.  I am under the assumption that shortly this will change and the games will show up on the guide properly…if ESPN lets them, am I right?

UPDATE #1: Might as well start numbering them now.  Florida State-Duke now appearing on the specialty pack schedule.

UPDATE #5: A little late but NC State-Pittsburgh is showing on the specialty pack as well in this timeslot.

Saturday Afternoon

US Canada
#10 Auburn at LSU 3:30 PM
Purdue at #7 Wisconsin 3:30 PM
Georgia Tech at #11 Miami 3:30 PM
#12 Oklahoma vs. Texas (in Dallas) 3:30 PM TSN2
Northwestern at Maryland 3:30 PM sp logo
Akron at Western Michigan 3:30 PM
Vanderbilt at Ole Miss 3:30 PM
#25 Navy at Memphis 3:45 PM

As of right now, the Red River Shootout isn’t showing up anywhere.  It will be on the specialty pack.  Whether ESPN lets Bell/Rogers/Shaw/Eastlink, etc. to show this on their guide is a mystery.  It may just appear.  Like magic.

Anyway, a few good games here.  Auburn-LSU and a big G-5 showdown with Navy going to Memphis.  A lot of choice.  And I see CBSSN is going double dipping with the MAC this week (kind of).  And people got on my case for talking about C-USA and the lack of television coverage.  Do you see them anywhere on TV almost ever?  That would be a big nope.

UPDATE #2: Looks like TSN2 is going with the all day college football.  Nice touch.  It’s the Red River Shootout that goes to TSN2 in this timeslot.

UPDATE #6: Virginia-North Carolina added to the specialty pack at 3:30.  Looks like a couple of RSN games from FOX Sports Net showing up today.

UPDATE #8: Akron-Western Michigan was postponed until Sunday because WMU’s stadium was basically flooded.

Saturday Primetime

US Canada
Middle Tennessee at UAB 6:30 PM
East Carolina at #22 UCF 7:00 PM
Texas A&M at Florida 7:00 PM
Arkansas at #1 Alabama 7:15 PM
Missouri at #4 Georgia 7:30 PM
Cincinnati at #18 USF 7:30 PM
Utah at #13 USC 8:00 PM
#21 Michigan State at Minnesota 8:00 PM

Again, we have a game not showing up on the guide as of now that will soon enough (I think).  TAMU-UF is nowhere to be found but I am sure will find a home.  And because Bell Fibe seems to have a hard-on for the SEC Network in HD, it wouldn’t surprise me if this one shows up in good old standard definition only.  No huge games this week (third week in a row really) but Utah-USC could be very intriguing.

UPDATE #3: TAMU-UF now showing up on the specialty pack.

Saturday Late Night

US Canada
Nevada at Colorado State 10:15 PM
Boise State at #19 San Diego State 10:30 PM
#5 Washington at Arizona State 10:45 PM TSN2

Hey look at that.  Washington ended up in late night again.  Chris Petersen needs to learn when to shut his mouth.  Not saying he is fully wrong with his assertion that the Pac-12 gets way too many late night games.  They really should only get one on any of the ESPNs or FS1.  But, him stating that he’s upset with it drew the ire of Kirk Herbstreit and a few others saying Washington should be thankful they are even shown on ESPN.  Ouch.  Anyway, Washington is being shown on ESPN at about the latest starting time they can do.  So maybe make those comments during the off-season Chris.

UPDATE #4: To finish the first TSN quadrupleheader of the season, Washington-Arizona State moves to TSN2.  Good stuff for people that don’t have the specialty pack.

UPDATE #7: UW-ASU has somehow shown up on both TSN2 and the specialty packs.  Bizarre.  That was supposed to never happen.  I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Games to set your eyeballs on

Utah at USC (8:00, ABC) – A few of these games could be considered the biggest game of the week.  I am picking this one as the biggest, mostly because a Utah win here does a lot of things.  It moves Utah into the driver’s seat in the Pac-12 South.  It moves Washington into the undisputed top spot in the Pac-12 as a whole.  It makes it so the Pac-12 would need either Washington or Wazzu (whoever wins the Apple Cup) to run the table to get to the College Football Playoff.  And it would probably do the final bit of damage to Sam Darnold’s Heisman hopes unless he does amazing in a losing cause (not bloody likely since how he goes so goes the Trojans).

TCU at Kansas State (Noon, FOX Sports One) – OK this is getting crazy.  I get that FOX isn’t airing football this Saturday due to the MLB playoffs.  So games that may have ended up on the main network move to FS1.  Hell, there’s games on FS2 this weekend.  And thanks to the CRTC we don’t get FOX Sports One.  Thanks to the telcos, we can’t get the games added to the specialty pack.  It’s absurd.  Man, I’m pissed today.

Auburn at LSU (3:30, CBS) – Auburn better win.  That’s all I need to say.  They lose, Bama clinches the division (basically) almost three weeks BEFORE Halloween.  To be honest, the SEC is a mess right now.  I honestly wonder what would happen if the SEC didn’t have a single undefeated or one-loss team at the end of the year.  Would they be left out of the College Football Playoff?  They’d almost have to be, right?  The SEC homers would commit seppuku if that happened and probably want to boycott ESPN for some reason.

Georgia Tech at Miami (3:30, ABC) – This was supposed to be a Thursday night game.  It was postponed to Saturday because the Canes’ game against Florida State ended up moving to last weekend.  So I will blame them for any scheduling snafus that may have come up this weekend.  Anyway, this is the kind of game The U has to win.  I mean I think Georgia Tech is a good team but they would get slaughtered by Clemson in the ACC Championship so we really don’t want them to get there right?  Actually, now that I think about it, it would be chaos.  And chaos is good.  So I welcome any potential upsets like this.

Boise State at San Diego State (10:30, CBS Sports Network) – This is where the Group of Five New Year’s Six spot could change on a dime.  San Diego State and USF are neck-and-neck right now with UCF and Navy in their rear-view mirror.  A Boise win in this game would come very close to eliminating the Mountain West completely and basically create a scenario where the AAC champ would be the automatic entry.  A SDSU victory at least keeps things interesting for multiple conferences.

Honourable mention: Oklahoma vs. Texas (in Dallas) (3:30, specialty pack); Michigan at Indiana (Noon, ABC/TSN5); Navy at Memphis (3:45, specialty pack)

Some gambling fun and games

Well at least I can say that I was with everyone when I picked the Sooners to mop the floor with Iowa State.  So I don’t feel so bad about that pick.  Some of my other picks didn’t turn out so well.  But let’s look to the future with these picks and not revisit the past!  OK let’s go.

Miami over Georgia Tech

USC over Utah

Oklahoma over Texas (although we all know how the RRS never goes to plan)

Florida over Texas A&M

Michigan over Indiana

Boise State over San Diego State (calling for the upset)

Memphis over Navy (to end Navy’s NY6 chances)

TCU over Kansas State

LSU over Auburn (yes, another upset)

Mississippi State over BYU (the Cougars miserable season continues)

West Virginia over Texas Tech

A few omissions but everything should be good to go soon.  Again, not as smooth as it should be but I guess that’s what we have to expect.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I want the FS1 games and am willing to pay more for them.  Saying that, I worry about the telcos incorporating them in properly since they struggle with pretty much an ESPN-only schedule at this point.

Thursday Night Football and another huge matchup.  Is it just me or are they getting better games than even Sunday Night Football?  Anyway, it’s Philadelphia and Carolina facing off in Charlotte with what amounts to first place in the NFC on the line.  Crazy as I am sure nobody picked either of these two teams to do this well at any point of the season.

I’ll be kind of watching throughout the day so not doing the PVR thing but not doing the live-tweeting thing either.  Kind of a weird hybrid that won’t turn out horribly wrong right?  Don’t worry though; I will still be up at 2 in the morning watching Washington mow down another Pac-12 opponent during Pac-12 After Dark.  Gotta keep some consistency right?  Enjoy the games everyone!


2 thoughts on “First, a little paragraph about the USMNT…and then the Week 7 College Football TV Schedule

  1. Hi
    Can you elaborate on what prevents TSN from showing more games? I have all the TSN’s and am quite annoyed when they’re showing old top 10’s or poker while I’m looking for a prime time/Pac 12 After Dark stream online.

    In the past, it seems like they’re hesitant to put NCAA games against CFL, but they are this weekend. Any idea behind the change? Can we expect that more often moving forward?

    Sorry, I’m sure you’ve explained this in the past but am new to your blog. I really appreciate you laying out the TV sched!


    1. Hi,
      Well welcome to the blog. Glad you enjoy it.

      As for the question about TSN, I don’t honestly know. TSN is VERY hesitant to put CFL games on against the NFL and try to avoid it as much as possible. It happens a few times a season but other than that, nothing. As for going up against college football, TSN is usually fine with it. Again, it’s not ideal but compared to facing the NFL in the same timeslot, it’s much better on the CFL’s end.

      I also don’t know why TSN doesn’t show more games. There may be a deal with ESPN that they can only show a maximum of so many games a season and it’s up to TSN to figure out when to air them. Also, with the existence of the specialty packs (especially Bell’s…which owns TSN) makes it difficult. They don’t want to make the specialty packs have very few games, otherwise people won’t buy them for the season. It’s a bit of a balancing act on their part and they struggle anyway with the easy stuff so doing this seems to be way above their core knowledge.


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