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BAH GAWD! – Week 6 College Football Recap

jim ross


I can honestly say I know that Jim Ross would never make that call.  His theme is the Oklahoma fight song for Christ’s sake.  Still, wouldn’t that be cool?  Yes the Sooners did not look good at all on Saturday, especially Baker Mayfield whose Heisman chances took a bit of a hit.  But you can’t look past what Iowa State did, especially Joel Lanning.  He was their former starting quarterback.  He became a linebacker.  But he also played QB for a few snaps on Saturday.  And caught passes.  And was on special teams.  The guy was everywhere.  And it could end up being the single biggest performance of the season.  And if Oklahoma doesn’t make it to the Big XII Championship, it could be the biggest season-changing performance as well as it would change the fortunes of a lot of teams.

And now for the rest of the recap

  • That wasn’t the only upset on the week. Michigan State went into Ann Arbor and in horrible weather, held off Michigan for a huge victory.  One, it makes the Spartans a player in the Big Ten East again after an off-year last season.  And it’s huge for the Wolverines who honestly looked like the worst Top 10 team by far this season and it showed.  Plus they lost starting quarterback Wilton Speight for the season before the game so their chances of challenging for the division title are basically nil.
  • Alabama beat Texas A&M. Not a surprise.  They didn’t blow them out.  That is a surprise.  And there were enough mistakes on both sides of the ball that I am sure the players are in for an awful week of practices courtesy of Evil Nick Saban.
  • It looks like it is finally true: The U is back. Miami pulled out a huge victory over Florida State, their first in years over the Noles.  They are now in the driver’s seat in the ACC Coastal.  If they can somehow win their division they will finally do what everyone thought they would do often when they joined the ACC: go to the conference championship game.  This may finally be the year.
  • And their probable opponent in the conference championship, Clemson, may have to go the next few weeks without their starting quarterback Kelly Bryant. So maybe they aren’t the probably opponent anymore.  Why?
  • Because of NC State’s win over Louisville on Thursday night. Now the only big game left in the division is the Wolfpack’s game with the Tigers of Clemson.  NC State is at home in that one so you never what could happen.  I am guessing the “Fire Dave Doeren” rhetoric will die down for the rest of the season (unless they completely collapse which I don’t foresee happening).
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the Kentucky Wildcats are 5-1, the Virginia Cavaliers are 4-1, and the Texas Tech Red Raiders are 4-1. We always have to have at least one of those teams that come out of the gate strong and out of nowhere.
  • How about Florida’s win over LSU………wait, what? They didn’t win?  Nope, the Tigers cooled off Ed Orgeron’s hot seat just a bit with a one-point victory over the Gators which all comes from a Florida missed extra point.  College kickers, am I right?
  • Speaking of hot seats, Bret Bielema’s one in super hot now. I mean we all know he will probably use the hot seat to cook a couple racks of ribs for himself but still, it’s a hot seat and he’s on it.  The Hogs’ loss to South Carolina is not helping his cause.
  • TCU is now, all of a sudden, the favourite in the Big XII. Wow, how things change.  The Horned Frogs cemented their place at the top of the standings with a win over West Virginia who should fall down the standings pretty quickly now.  The Big XII has to hope one team really stands out this season or they could very well miss the College Football Playoff again.
  • We are headed for a massive Group of Five showdown next week. Boise State travels to San Diego to face the Aztecs.  An Aztecs win and they not only pretty much clinch their spot in the Mountain West Championship, they also may inch ahead of USF in the G-5 rankings for that New Year’s Six spot.  A Broncos win means the Mountain West is probably eliminated from that opportunity.
  • I didn’t think this would ever happen but Notre Dame is a quiet 5-1. Almost no one is noticing how good they are playing.  This kind of happened a few years back when they ran the table and got to the national championship game.  They would have to blow everyone out the rest of the way to garner that consideration but maybe they only have to wait for other teams in front of them to implode and sneak up the middle.  I don’t think it will happen.  Then again, no one thought Iowa State would beat Oklahoma so who knows right?  It is college football after all.
  • This year’s Apple Cup could be massive. Both Washington and Washington State have the same two speed bumps the rest of the way, Stanford and Utah.  If they both beat both of those teams, then we would have 11-0 Washington against 11-0 Wazzu in the biggest Apple Cup ever by far.  And don’ count the Cougs out.  Mike Leach has the offense buzzing along where 33 points seems like a bad game to them.

It was one of those weekends, like I had said in my schedule post, that had the makings of being fun because, on paper, it didn’t have any true marquee matchups.  And boy was I right.  A fun Saturday.  This coming week has some big games so hopefully it delivers like this past Saturday did.

Alright, let’s now look at the Bossman Top 25:

#1 Alabama
#2 Clemson
#3 Washington
#4 Penn State
#5 Washington State
#6 Georgia
#7 TCU
#8 Wisconsin
#9 Auburn
#10 Ohio State
#11 Miami
#12 USC
#13 Oklahoma State
#14 Oklahoma
#15 Virginia Tech
#16 USF
#17 San Diego State
#18 Michigan
#19 Notre Dame
#20 UCF
#21 Texas Tech
#22 Navy
#23 NC State
#24 Michigan State
#25 Louisville

Yes there are some differences between my rankings and the AP Poll.  Alabama and Clemson are 1 and 2.  I put Bama on top after their win over the Aggies but again, they are pretty much interchangeable.  As for #3 through #9, I have the same teams as the AP Poll but in a different order.  Again, as a group they are interchangeable.  Newcomers to my rankings include NC State (probably a week too late), Michigan State, and Navy (who always seems to get into that lower part of the Top 25 every year at some point).  I have Kentucky just outside of the Top 25 and another win they would have to be in.

Tomorrow is the NFL recap and then maybe, just maybe, if you’re good, I will do a Wednesday post.  But if you aren’t good I’m turning this car around and we’re going home!


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