NFL TV Schedule

So Cam Newton’s a bit of a dick (and the Week 5 NFL TV Schedule)

So it seems like happy-go-lucky fashion icon (and quarterback for the Carolina football Panthers organization) Cam Newton had something to say about a female reporter.  Basically, it was about a Carolina Panthers beat reporter (Jourdan Rodrigue) asking about Devin Funchess and the routes he was running.  He responded by saying he thought it was funny to hear a female talking about routes and then laughed.  When Rodrigue talked to him after the presser, he didn’t seem to back down from his comments and wouldn’t apologize in any way.

Look, we can go on and on about the fact this is 2017 and things are different.  Let’s be honest, not all things are good.  In some cases we are going backwards as a society.  Don’t even get me started on the state of society’s views on mental illness.  But in some areas most are trying to make some semblance of progress.  This reporter has paid her dues and is a respected reporter for the Charlotte Observer.  This isn’t some small-time job and she has to know her stuff to be able to do it.  So for Newton to say something like this doesn’t just degrade her a bit as a female, it degrades her a bit as a professional.  A double whammy if you will.  I get it.  It was a joke.  Just not a very good one.

Anyway, Cam is usually outspoken and it’s good to hear him talk.  This was not one of his better moments.  He should apologize.  And maybe avoid a sack every so often since he seems to have the skills to do so.  So yeah, Cam Newton is the Dick of the Week.  Congrats, I guess.

Small update: he has lost a sponsorship with Dannon.  So people are noticing.  Another update: It seems like Ms. Rodrigue had a racist Twitter post years ago.  My god.  And the racist post actually had to do with Dale Earnhardt Jr.?  This world is fucked.  So maybe my little rant above was harsh.  OK maybe only a bit.  Newton has an attitude issue and I think most people know that.  But Rodrigue doesn’t come off innocent now either.  Hypocrites everywhere.  I give up.

Ah, the off-the-field stuff still overshadowing the on-the-field stuff.  Maybe the NFL should be up for an Emmy for Best Drama.  Anyway, here’s the sked:

Sunday Early

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh Minneapolis Winnipeg TSN3, TSN5
LA Chargers at NY Giants Burlington Montreal
Tennessee at Miami
Buffalo at Cincinnati Buffalo, Rochester, Boston Northern Ontario, Kitchener, Toronto
Carolina at Detroit Minneapolis, Detroit, Boston
Arizona at Philadelphia Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan
NY Jets at Cleveland Buffalo, Rochester, Burlington Ottawa, Atlantic
San Francisco at Indianapolis

Sunday Late

Baltimore at Oakland Detroit, Cleveland
Seattle at LA Rams Seattle, Spokane TSN3, TSN5
Green Bay at Dallas All affiliates All affiliates (except Atlantic) Atlantic

Sunday/Monday Primetime

Kansas City at Houston Sunday, 8:30, NBC, TSN 1/3/4/5, CTV Two
Minnesota at Chicago Monday, 8:30, TSN 1/3/4/5

Notes on the Sked

  • OK so the Chargers are also on MyTV again in the Los Angeles area.  What a joke.
  • Hey look at what has happened this week.  An NFC game is on CBS (Seahawks-Rams) and an AFC game is on FOX (Jets-Browns).  First of all, that’s a horrible swap.  The front-runner for the worst game of the year gets traded for Game 1 of the NFC West Championship?  Anyway, this has happened and I have heard nothing about it really.  Nothing.  So what is this issue with FOX having to have the NFC and CBS having to have the AFC?  Just seems so archaic.
  • Only two games all week not showing anywhere in Canada (unless you have DAZN).  That’s pretty good.  And one is the Gore’s Revenge game between the 49ers and Colts which absolutely no one would care about anyway.
  • Everyone gets the Packers-Cowboys late game.  Which makes sense.  For once, the Game of the Week is truly a big Game of the Week.

Yeah I got nothing for the post-script.  After the beginning of my blog I have nothing left to say.  Again, hoping the games are good on Sunday.  Remember, there is some college football games on tonight as well.  Enjoy!


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