NFL TV Schedule

Well wasn’t that a fun weekend of NFL football! – Week 4 NFL TV Schedule

Well wasn’t that a boatload of fun right?  The NFL hasn’t been that exciting in a long time and only part of that was due to the off-the-field issues.  Or more like non-football-related because they were on the field at the time.  Or more like having more to do with politics and Trump than football.  Yeah that’s it!  Anyway, let’s get on to the schedule for this week before I get into a long rant/tirade over something that ends with me typing the word ‘fuck’ four times in a paragraph.

Sunday Early

New Orleans vs. Miami (in London) All affiliates All affiliates
Pittsburgh at Baltimore Seattle, Spokane, Detroit Winnipeg, Northern Ontario, Ottawa
Buffalo at Atlanta Buffalo, Rochester Kitchener, Toronto
Tennessee at Houston
Cincinnati at Cleveland Cleveland
Jacksonville at NY Jets Burlington
Carolina at New England Burlington, Boston Montreal, Atlantic
LA Rams at Dallas Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan
Detroit at Minnesota Minneapolis, Detroit TSN2

Sunday Late

Oakland at Denver All affiliates All affiliates (except Atlantic) Atlantic
NY Giants at Tampa Bay Buffalo, Rochester TSN2
Philadelphia at LA Chargers
San Francisco at Arizona

Sunday/Monday Primetime

Indianapolis at Seattle Sunday, 8:30, NBC, TSN 1/3/4/5, CTV Two
Washington at Kansas City Monday, 8:30, TSN 1/3/4/5

Notes on the Sked

  • When was the last time where the Monday Night Football matchup looked pretty clearly better than the Sunday Night Football matchup?  I can’t remember a time but this week is it.  Indy in the primetime game of the week?  Fucking serious?
  • You want to know a good indication that the NFL probably hit its peak years ago?  The Philly-Chargers game is being shown in the Los Angeles area on MyTV.  My.  Fucking.  TV.  Is this for real?  This is part of the reason the whole AFC/NFC CBS/FOX divide really has to end.  Just have them draft the games at the start of the season and they can swap them during the year to get better matchups and take advantage of doubleheaders and stuff like that.  Like people will fucking care if an all-AFC game ends up on FOX.  Does it really matter?  Oh, you don’t like Joe Buck calling your game?  Who gives a shit.
  • The entire country gets Oakland-Denver whether you like it or not.  Should be a good game as long as both teams don’t look like they did last week.  Yeesh.
  • There is only one early game not showing in Canada.  Honestly, that is pretty impressive.
  • Another early London affair.  This one between the Saints and Dolphins and this one is actually on TV.  FOX and CTV both showing it.  Still wondering why they won’t do a game in Germany where they love football but hey who cares right?  It’s all about that short-term money.

I sincerely hope the games are as exciting this week.  Despite all that happened, it was an exciting time for the actual games.  As I said above, better than in a long time.  I am not holding my breath that it will continue but I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Enjoy the games, everyone!


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