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Hey it could be worse right? – Week 5 College Football TV Schedule

Look we all know this kind of shit happens.  College football is rife with it.  You think people aren’t getting paid off in some fashion when it comes to recruiting wars?  To be honest, I think a lot of this could be solved if they, oh I don’t know, PAID THE PLAYERS SOMETHING!  It doesn’t have to be much or their new “salary” will be given with the proviso that tuition, their room on campus, all the food they get while on the team, books, everything to do with school and playing football at that school will come directly out of their pay before they even step foot on the practice field.  Anyway, that’s a debate for another time.

Back to what is happening in college basketball with this corruption scandal.  I don’t know a whole lot about it but this is what I do know:  Four assistant coaches (along with agents and reps from Adidas) are being charged with fraud and corruption.  Both Rick Pitino and Tom Jurich are out at Louisville (I guess it’s just administrative leave at this point but soon enough they will be gone for good).  It’s a massive shitshow.  And not surprising in the least.  When it comes right down to it, college basketball is a business.  So certain people will try to get ahead by shortcuts or nefarious means.  And this is what happens.  Again, not many are surprised.  What is somewhat surprising is the fact the FBI is involved and how much info they have dredged up on this.  An NCAA investigation NEVER goes this well.  It will be interesting to see how all this unfolds and how it eventually will affect college football (which it will in some form and we know it).

So see, things could be 100x worse for our favourite sport.  But it isn’t.  As of now.  So I will get back to the task at hand and not think about this and that is my ongoing disappointment at piecing together a college football TV schedule that should be easy to put together.


US Canada
NC Central at Florida A&M 7:30 PM
Texas at Iowa State 8:00 PM

Interesting Thursday nighter.  If you had asked most at the start of the season about the UT-ISU game, they would say Horns in a walk.  Now, maybe not so much.  The Longhorns don’t look quite as good as previously advertised (although their game against USC is probably a step in the right direction).  And the Cyclones are starting to make a bit of hay in the Big XII.  Kansas is going to be so far back of the pack soon enough it won’t be funny.  They might as well be a D-II team at this point.


US Canada
#14 Miami at Duke 7:00 PM
BYU at Utah State 8:00 PM
#5 USC at #16 Washington State 10:30 PM

I wouldn’t say it’s a stacked schedule but it is a Friday night, not known for its massive games. USC-Wazzu should be huge and potentially be a lot of fun as we get some early Pac-12 After Dark action.  The U and Dook meet as two undefeated teams.  Crazy.

Saturday Early

US Canada
Northwestern at #10 Wisconsin Noon
Vanderbilt at #21 Florida Noon
North Carolina at Georgia Tech Noon  
Houston at Temple Noon
New Mexico State at Arkansas Noon
#18 USF at East Carolina Noon
Syracuse at NC State 12:30 PM

As per usual, the early games are interesting even if they are lacking some star power.  Houston/Temple is a particularly tasty affair as is Northwestern/Wisconsin.  And we probably shouldn’t sleep on NMSU (and nor should the Hogs for that matter).

Saturday Afternoon

US Canada
#7 Georgia at Tennessee 3:30 PM
Indiana at #4 Penn State 3:30 PM
Florida State at Wake Forest 3:30 PM
Baylor at Kansas State 3:30 PM sp logo
Navy at Tulsa 3:30 PM
UTEP at Army 3:30 PM
North Greenville at Kennesaw State 3:30 PM
Eastern Michigan at Kentucky 4:00 PM
Iowa at Michigan State 4:00 PM

I see ESPN is going with the offset times again.  Great for live viewing, not so much if you’re not.  I know, first world problems.  Anyway…

Right now, TSN2 is supposedly showing a football game in this timeslot.  And since Baylor-KSU is not appearing on any specialty pack I have to assume that’s the game.  I hate assuming with this stuff because sometimes it can be so wildly incorrect but I am going to do it anyway.  Again, nothing really of substance although the CBS and ABC games have some intrigue there.

UPDATE: Reader Steve has pointed out that TSN2 is now showing another fun sport, Aussie Rules Football, on at 3:30.  So first off, serves me right for just checking the TSN website and not actually going through the guide searches I perform.  And two, last time I checked BU-KSU wasn’t appearing on the specialty pack.  I will have to check that out before I make the change officially although it should head there almost certainly now.

UPDATE #2: Nothing is showing up on the guide for Bell Fibe customers as of this point (11:10 am).  I have been told that the games will be on there but if ESPN doesn’t give them the information they can’t put the info in the guide.  Which makes no sense since games will appear on these channels so they must have SOME knowledge about this.  Again, completely ridiculous and shouldn’t be the case but those are the perils of being a college football fan in Canada.

UPDATE #3: Murray State-Louisville is showing up on the Bell specialty pack and I wouldn’t be surprised if it showed up with the other telcos.  Also BU-KSU is on the specialty pack but for Bell subscribers, only in SD.  Because, reasons.

Saturday Primetime

US Canada
#24 Mississippi State at #13 Auburn 6:00 PM
Charlotte at FIU 7:00 PM
Memphis at UCF 7:00 PM
Air Force at New Mexico 7:00 PM
Troy at #25 LSU 7:00 PM
South Carolina at Texas A&M 7:30 PM
#11 Ohio State at Rutgers 7:30 PM
#2 Clemson at #12 Virginia Tech 8:00 PM
#15 Oklahoma State at Texas Tech 8:00 PM

Again, the primetime slate rules the day (as it usually does).  I feel for poor Rutgers though.  This is one of those times I don’t miss not having the Big Ten Network.  I am wondering how many times the camera will pan to the two coaches in the OSU-TTU game.  The Over/Under right now is 93.

Saturday Late Night

US Canada
Ole Miss at #1 Alabama 9:00 PM
Colorado at UCLA 10:30 PM
Northern Illinois at #19 San Diego State 10:30 PM
San Jose State at UNLV 10:30 PM

Some Pac-12 After Dark, two Late Night with Mountain West games, and some SEC action that will go past midnight.  Ole Miss has had some fun with Bama the last few years.  Yeah I don’t see that happening this time.

Games to set your eyeballs on

Clemson at Virginia Tech (8:00, ABC) – This is an easy choice for the game of the week and don’t be surprised if the Hokies are up for this one.  They still aren’t really getting any respect in the ACC as all the focus is on Clemson, Louisville, FSU, NC State, and a resurgent Miami team.  If the Hokies win this one, they have to become the clear-cut favourite in the entire conference and a bit of a dark horse College Football Playoff contender.

USC at Washington State (Friday, 10:30, specialty pack) – The rare Friday late night big matchup.  USC hasn’t looked like world beaters yet this season and it’s like we’re all waiting for it to happen.  Wazzu will be another big test for the Trojans.  The USC defensive backs better expect at least 60 passes chucked their way.  Don’t be surprised if the Cougs keep it close.

Mississippi State at Auburn (6:00, specialty pack) – Auburn has turned it around for the most part since their opening weekend loss to Clemson.  Mississippi State is trying to rebound from the drubbing they took at the hands of Georgia.  Something has gotta give and the loser has no chance at the SEC West crown (not that either of them had a good chance to begin with but this would essentially be lights out for the loser).

Georgia at Tennessee (3:30, CBS) – The Champions of Life get a chance to not blow another SEC game as they face arguably the hottest team in the nation not called the Crimson Tide.  Georgia is looking a lot better than most thought they would but this is the kind of game they could trip up with.  A loss by the Vols makes Butch Jones’ hot seat just that much hotter.

Indiana at Penn State (3:30, BTN) – One of the very few times that the Big Ten Network will appear on the games of the week list.  This is a lot like what happened last year with Wisconsin.  ESPN decided they would prefer games later in the season with Wisconsin and banked on them continuing to do well so they gave an early season Big Ten game to BTN knowing it might reap rewards later on.  It did and they are trying to do the same this season, passing over IU-PSU to get the Nittany Lions (and maybe even the Hoosiers) later on in the season on ABC or an ESPN network.

Honourable mention: Miami at Duke (Thursday, 7:00, specialty pack); Northwestern at Wisconsin (Noon, ABC/TSN1); Oklahoma State at Texas Tech (8:00, FOX)

Some gambling fun and games

My picks were only so-so last weekend which is better than most weekends.  Thank god I don’t put real money down on these games.  I hope you take these picks with a grain of salt…more like a chunk of salt.  Like a salt lick for a zoo animal.

Clemson over Virginia Tech (should be another great ABC primetime game)

Oklahoma State over Texas Tech (the Over/Under better be at about 100)

USC over Washington State

Tennessee over Georgia (upset special!)

Wisconsin over Northwestern

Houston over Temple

Auburn over Mississippi State

Penn State over Indiana

Miami over Duke (this could be quite a close one…and remember what happened last time this game was at Duke)

Texas over Iowa State (another game that should be close)

UCLA over Colorado

As far as I know everything is actually showing up on the specialty pack.  Ho.  Lee.  Shit.  Only took them until Week 5.  I think going forward I need to just realize that this is the way it will be through the first quarter of the season.  I will totally forget I just mentioned this and then shit all over the telcos when it happens again in 2018.

Thursday Night Football NFL-Style appears as well tonight!  After last week’s inexplicable LA Rams-San Fran barnburner, should we expect another doozy of a game?  Nope.  It’s the Bears.  I mean they are playing the Packers and we could see some crazy stuff happen (remember the Bears just beat the Steelers).  I will keep an eye on this game on the off chance it does get to be an exciting one but I am not holding my breath.

Remember, I am on the Twitter machine this Saturday (@LikeABauce1978).  I actually had people wondering where the hell I was last Saturday.  Shows how much I tweet on those days I can watch all the college football I want and how little I tweet otherwise.  Anyway, enjoy the games everyone!


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