College Football

The Land of the Undefeated 3.0


Hey remember I did this list of undefeated teams last season?  No.  OK fine well here it is again.

Let’s take a look at the undefeated teams left in college football (FBS only of course) and see how I predict they will fare the rest of the way and then laugh when it doesn’t happen that way at all (although honestly I do think I did pretty well with this last season but am too lazy to check).  Here we go!

#1 Alabama (4-0) – The Tide have looked dominant this season.  What they did to Vanderbilt was something else.  I can’t see them continuing in this exact fashion but other than a loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl (there I said it), they will waltz into the SEC Championship and probably beat up on the SEC East representative, whichever poor team that is.  Predicted record: 11-1.

#2 Clemson (4-0) – Let’s not let the sleepwalk win over Boston College fool us.  Clemson is still good.  I think they will still lose a game later on in the season and I think it might cost them a trip to the ACC Championship which would THEN cost them a trip to the College Football Playoff.  The Committee should love that.  Predicted record: 11-1.

#3 Oklahoma (4-0) – Up until Friday I would have said this is the most dominant team in the country.  After that performance against Baylor, that might not be the case.  I still think they make it to the CFP and OSU’s loss to TCU makes that a bit easier on their end.  Predicted record: 11-1.

#4 Penn State (4-0) – I think I am going to be a bit unpopular with this prediction but I don’t think the Nittany Lions will get to the CFP.  Nor will they win their conference.  Nor will they win their……division (dodges various objects thrown my way).  Predicted record: 10-2.

#5 USC (4-0) – I still believe USC will run the table this year.  Seriously.  I mean they have only shown flashes of how good they really are.  Part of this is honestly just me not wanting them to make my predictions be terrible for yet another year.  Predicted record: 12-0.

#6 Washington (4-0) – That Pac-12 Championship, if it is the Huskies and Trojans, will be epic.  And on a Friday night.  Ugh.  I think Washington has a hiccup along the way but still wins the Pac-12 North.  Predicted record: 11-1.

#7 Georgia (4-0) – OK here is where I start saying everything goes off the rails.  Georgia has impressed so far.  So far.  I can’t see it continuing for the Dawgs.  So SEC homers, sorry, someone has to lose these conference games (since they outlawed ties back in the 90s).  Predicted record: 8-4.

#8 Michigan (4-0) – They really have not looked very good despite starting their first third of the season unscathed.  They had to pull away late against Purdue and looked just average against both Cincinnati and Air Force.  So yeah, expect a bit of fall from grace from the Fighting Harbaughs.  Predicted record: 9-3.

#9 TCU (4-0) – Here is a bit of a surprise in the Top 25.  I had them doing well anyway but they are really exceeding expectations.  It should be a dogfight for the Big XII crown between them and the Sooners.  Predicted record: 11-1.

#10 Wisconsin (3-0) – You want to see an easy Power Five schedule?  Check out Wisky’s.  Nothing is easier than theirs which means they should (SHOULD!) get to the Big Ten Championship undefeated.  After that, who knows what will happen.  Predicted record: 12-0.

#12 Virginia Tech (4-0) – I honestly thought the Hokies would struggle a bit to compete with Miami and Pitt and Georgia Tech in their division.  Maybe I was wrong.  But I still think they will stumble a bit in a very tough conference.  Predicted record: 9-3.

#14 Miami (2-0) – Hurricanes, literally, have done a number on Miami’s schedule early on.  So they are a game or so behind everyone else.  With a bunch of games in a row there is almost no way they will get through without a loss.  Man, what this team could have been with Brad Kaaya at quarterback.  Predicted record: 9-2.

#16 Washington State (4-0) – They are sneaky good, a lot of fun to watch, and have Mike Leach as their head coach.  How can’t you cheer for this team?  Too bad they are in the same division as Stanford and Washington.  Predicted record: 8-4.

#18 USF (4-0) – I have noticed once one team is a favourite to win something, all sorts of experts come out trying to cut them down.  Until I see otherwise, the Bulls are the Group of Five favourite for the New Year’s Six spot.  Predicted record: 11-0.

#19 San Diego State (4-0) – Yes they beat Stanford.  I get that is a big win.  But they better start beating all their opponents quite handily to move past USF in convincing fashion.  I still see a loss somewhere down the line that would probably end this debate anyway.  Predicted record: 11-1.

#20 Utah (4-0) – Almost every year Utah comes out of the gate strong and is completely underrated.  One year they will keep it going through conference play and make a true run at the CFP.  Not this year though.  Predicted record: 8-4.

Minnesota (3-0) – There’s a reason Minnesota isn’t ranked despite being perfect and in the Big Ten.  Not like they have faced any amazing teams yet.  They will…soon enough.  Predicted record: 8-4.

Texas Tech (3-0) – Hey Kute Kliff Kingsbury is back in the limelight, sort of.  They are playing good ball to start their season but I predict they will fall off a cliff once conference play starts.  Sorry Red Raider fans (and Kliff fans).  Predicted record: 5-7.

Wake Forest (4-0) – I don’t even want to go back and figure out how long it has been since Wake Forest started 4-0.  Here is another team that has started well against an inferior schedule and will hit a wall soon enough…maybe as early as this Saturday.  Predicted record: 5-7.

Duke (4-0) – I pegged the Blue Devils to be awful this season.  Like really bad.  They have surprised me.  I will admit that.  Enough that I know think they will go to a bowl game although still not enough to contend in the ACC Coastal.  Predicted record: 6-6.

UCF (2-0) – Another team really affected by hurricane season.  The only worry I would have here as a Knights fan is where Scott Frost goes (*COUGH*nebraska*COUGH*) after the season is over.  Predicted record: 6-5.

Memphis (3-0) – Hey wasn’t that a fun win over UCLA?  They may struggle a bit with what is becoming a Group of Five gauntlet in the AAC West.  They will be close but I see them coming up a bit short in their bid to go the AAC Championship.  Predicted record: 9-2.

Navy (3-0) – Ho hum.  Navy headed for another above-.500 record and another bowl game.  Predicted record: 7-5.

UTSA (3-0) – Ah, a newcomer to this neck of the woods.  UTSA has been impressive enough and will have a relatively easy Conference USA schedule that nothing is impossible for this team.  I still see them losing once down the road but they could be ranked at some point this season and none of us should be surprised when it happens.  Predicted record: 10-1.

24 undefeated teams left and we still have one weekend of September football remaining.  This means we could be heading into October with less than 20 undefeated teams.  I hope this means we are heading into a bit of CHAOS later in the season.  We need a 2007 (or something close to it) every decade or so.

Tomorrow is the college football schedule and Friday is the NFL schedule as usual.  I haven’t looked but I can safely assume that the specialty packs are not set yet.  A tradition unlike any other!


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