College Football

Let’s take a look back at my predictions for Week 4

The recap this week will have a different tone to it.  I will start with comparing all that I discussed during the schedule post this past Thursday and see how well all of those comments held up.  This will go well, right?

Recap Time!

Temple-USF: Anyway, this is essentially for the AAC East crown and is one of very few speed bumps for this USF team towards the New Year’s Six spot.

Speed bump?  Nope.  USF won going away meaning any scares will happen in the final two months of the season and believe me, there will be at least one scare (if not an outright shitting of the bed).

Virginia-Boise State: Virginia has improved quite a bit so this won’t be the cakewalk that we’d be used to if these two teams met in the past.  Now watch it end up being like 41-0 at the half for the Broncos.

OK at least I pre-empted this one with the comment about the Wahoos improving.  That is an understatement as they ran away with this one.  Broncos aren’t looking like the Mountain West power we are used to seeing them as.

The Saturday Early Schedule: There could be some sneaky good ones in here but nothing pops out at me.

Yeah I was pretty wrong with that.  A lot of close games early on.  On paper it looked pretty bad and in typical college football fashion it ended up being quite good.

Alabama-Vanderbilt: If the Bama-Vandy game is close into the fourth quarter they will get a TON of people flipping over to watch it.  If the game is a blowout they will lose a lot of viewers late.  I certainly hope for the former (and so does CBS Sports I’m sure).

Hey I got one right!  No way anyone was watching that game past halftime other than some SEC homers.  That was a dominating performance by the Tide.

UCLA-Stanford: UCLA has been up-and-down so far but could somewhat ruin Stanford’s chances at a Pac-12 title run with a win here.

Yeah Stanford easily pulled away from the Bruins in this one and continue to at least look like a possible factor in the Pac-12 North.

Mississippi State-Georgia: The Bulldogs of the MSU variety have been a pleasant surprise while the Bulldogs of the Georgia variety are starting to finally look like the team they always used to be under Mark Richt.

This one…this one was not even close.  It did sound like Rogers customers had issues with watching this game early on.  I don’t get this.  It should be easy to figure out these scheduling questions yet they end up being botched a lot.

USC-California: Most of us (me included) believe the Trojans should mop the floor with the Golden Bears in the Golden Bears’ shit-tastic stadium but this is college football and that means there is always the potential for chaos.

I was wrong twice in the same sentence.  USC did not mop the floor with Cal nor did the Golden Bears pull off the upset.  Cal played well for a little over three quarters so they still have to be considered a decent enough team that could make a bowl this season.  My choice of USC winning the national championship is still going strong but man they don’t make it easy.

Penn State-Iowa: I didn’t even include this in the games of the week.  I am an idiot.  It ended up being a classic won by PSU on the final play of the game.  It was a great way to end my day of dismal predictions.  I’m fine with being wrong if the result is some exciting college football.

Alright other than what happened above, we saw two quasi-upsets (TCU over Oklahoma State and NC State over Florida State) where it wouldn’t surprise me a month from now if these aren’t considered upsets at all.  Not much movement at the top as you will see with this fresh Bossman Top 25:

#1 Alabama
#2 Clemson
#3 USC
#4 Oklahoma
#5 Washington
#6 Penn State
#7 Michigan
#8 Georgia
#9 Wisconsin
#10 Ohio State
#11 TCU
#12 Virginia Tech
#13 Auburn
#14 Miami
#15 Louisville
#16 Washington State
#17 USF
#18 Oklahoma State
#19 Florida
#20 San Diego State
#21 Utah
#22 LSU
#23 Mississippi State
#24 Duke
#25 Texas Tech

Yes I moved Bama back up to #1.  They throttled the Commodores whereas Clemson didn’t wake up until the fourth quarter against Boston College.  Had to move FSU right out of the rankings of course.  Oklahoma State moves down a bunch as well.  Duke and Texas Tech move into the Top 25 and no, I don’t have Notre Dame in although they’re close.  I am taking a wait-and-see approach with the Irish.

As of right now I have these four teams as my predicted four College Football Playoff teams at the end of the season:

  1. USC
  2. Alabama
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Wisconsin

Yes I know the Sooners also looked less than stellar in their win over Baylor but they have to be the favourite in the Big XII (unless TCU says something about it).  Wisconsin has the easiest schedule of these four teams by far and should be favourites the rest of the way.  USC and Bama, at this point, are obvious choices.

Alright enough college football recappin’.  I will have the NFL recap tomorrow for you all professional football fans.


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