NFL TV Schedule

Well at least they’re back to not trying and admitting it – Week 3 NFL TV Schedule

Bell has finally (FINALLY!) given up on trying to do a poor man’s version of Sunday Ticket and get every game on at least a CTV or TSN station. It wasn’t going to work anyway but the fact that they had the gall to say they would do it seemed ridiculous even at the time.  So at least they have stopped and in, their own way, admitted it was stupid.  They won’t outright do that but not promoting it might as well be an act of apology to fans who, collectively, seem to have more brain cells than the people responsible at Bell for this fiasco.

I have heard that DAZN isn’t exactly killing it with Sunday Ticket in Canada either so I have a feeling before the 2018 season we will have even more upheaval.  It just feels like we are being trolled at this point for having the AUDACITY to watch sports of all things.

Alright, well for you fellow sports watchers, here is a sporting television broadcasting schedule, specifically geared to the sport of American football (this is how I believe a non-sports fan would introduce this):

Sunday Early

Baltimore vs. Jacksonville (in London)
Houston at New England Seattle, Burlington, Boston BC, Saskatchewan, Montreal, Atlantic
Pittsburgh at Chicago
Denver at Buffalo Spokane, Buffalo, Rochester Alberta, Kitchener, Toronto
Miami at NY Jets
Cleveland at Indianapolis Cleveland
NY Giants at Philadelphia Rochester, Burlington Northern Ontario, Ottawa
Atlanta at Detroit Detroit  TSN2
Tampa Bay at Minnesota Minneapolis Winnipeg
New Orleans at Carolina

Sunday Late

Cincinnati at Green Bay All affiliates  All affiliates (except Atlantic)  Atlantic
Kansas City at LA Chargers
Seattle at Tennessee Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane, Buffalo, Boston TSN2

Sunday/Monday Primetime

Oakland at Washington Sunday, 8:30, NBC, TSN 1/3/4/5, CTV Two
Dallas at Arizona Monday, 7:00, TSN 1/3/4/5

American Football Schedule for Canadians Notes and Stuff

  • The first game on Sunday is a morning game.  One of the London games.  And it’s only on Yahoo!  So yeah if you are a Ravens or Jags fan then have at it.  Otherwise, at the very least, wait until about 11:00 to start watching as it starts 9:00 EST.
  • Look at the sheer amount of early games.  LOOK AT THEM!  I’ve always wondered what the NFL thinks when they put that many early games on the schedule.  I get that the main game of the week (at least during the day on Sunday) is in the late afternoon slot on either FOX or CBS (and most of the CTVs and TSNs) but it still seems lopsided.
  • Four games not being shown up here at all unless you have DAZN.  Five if you don’t understand the Internet.
  • If you had told me a few years ago that Oakland would be facing Washington on Sunday Night Football I would have thought you were smoking crack.  But here it is.  Now this has more to do with Oakland than anything but still.  The Skins in primetime.  Embrace it.  But not too much.  Don’t want to give more of an ego boost to that fucktard Dan Snyder.
  • Aw it’s too bad we don’t get another chance to see the Chargers not fill their small soccer stadium again this weekend.
  • So of course once I say the Thursday nighter is going to stink, the Rams and Niners have a great game.  Perfect.

That’s all I got for this.  Until the NFL ratchets up the excitement factor (and a fairly good game here and there doesn’t cut it), I won’t put a ton of effort into hyping up the Sunday sked.  We all know later in the season will be much better so I am not too worried there.  Anyway, enjoy the games if you are able to watch them.  And hopefully you can cheer on your favourite team every weekend.  As long as you’re not a Jaguars fan you probably will be fine there.


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