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Let’s Hope for a Repeat, OK? – Week 4 College Football TV Schedule

Last Saturday was a great display of college football.  Just awesome.  I mean on paper it didn’t look like it would be that great but the games delivered.  We need to all hope for a repeat.  Sound good?  OK.

It’s PVR time this weekend along with slopitch playoff tournament time meaning my viewing is going to be all fucked up.  Still trying to figure out my own personal PVR question.  Oh well I am sure once I figure it out, college football will be no longer available on cable.

Enough jabbering, let’s get to the sked!  Also I will be changing the Bell and Rogers logos for specialty pack broadcasts to the new SP logo.  This should cover all specialty packs.  And yes I know some broadcasts (the BTN alternate game being the main one) that are only shown on one telco, say Rogers.  If you know your specialty pack, then you should know the little nuances of them by now.  It also makes it so I am not forgetting Eastlink, Shaw and god knows what other companies that are out there.


US Canada
Temple at #21 USF 7:30 PM
South Carolina State at NC Central 7:30 PM

When I had looked at the schedules back in August, TSN had this game on their schedule.  A ton of things have changed since then which makes me realize I can’t trust TSN’s schedule more than a few days in advance.  Anyway, this is essentially for the AAC East crown and is one of very few speed bumps for this USF team towards the New Year’s Six spot.  To add to the earlier point, as of this morning, nothing was showing on the specialty pack for Temple-USF.  Good times.

UPDATE: A little late of an update but Temple-USF is finally showing up on the guide for the specialty packs.


US Canada
Virginia at Boise State 8:00 PM

Only one game on Friday evening.  Virginia has improved quite a bit so this won’t be the cakewalk that we’d be used to if these two teams met in the past.  Now watch it end up being like 41-0 at the half for the Broncos.


Saturday Early

US Canada
NC State at #12 Florida State Noon
UNLV at #10 Ohio State Noon
Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (in Arlington) Noon
Texas Tech at Houston Noon  
West Virginia at Kansas Noon
UMass at Tennessee Noon
Army at Tulane Noon
Pittsburgh at Georgia Tech 12:30 PM

We are now at the beginning of the annual TSN step-up when it comes to airing college football games.  Well step-up as in they show a ton of early afternoon games on Saturdays.  Still, it’s a nice bonus for people who don’t get the specialty pack and for people that do get it, it isn’t really an issue to be perfectly honest.  There could be some sneaky good ones in here but nothing pops out at me.  Then again it’s September and we have to expect this kind of thing.  In November (other than SEC Sleepwalk Saturday) we would expect more. But not now.


Saturday Afternoon

US Canada
#1 Alabama at Vanderbilt 3:30 PM
Georgia Southern at Indiana 3:30 PM  
Rutgers at Nebraska 3:30 PM  
#5 USC at California 3:30 PM
#16 TCU at #6 Oklahoma State 3:30 PM
Boston College at #2 Clemson 3:30 PM
Duke at North Carolina 3:30 PM
Cincinnati at Navy 3:30 PM
Louisiana Tech at South Carolina 3:30 PM
#8 Michigan at Purdue 4:00 PM

Purdue is in one of the national broadcasts of the day.  Purdue.  2017 is weird.

CBS is in an extreme position this Saturday.  If the Bama-Vandy game is close into the fourth quarter they will get a TON of people flipping over to watch it.  If the game is a blowout they will lose a lot of viewers late.  I certainly hope for the former (and so does CBS Sports I’m sure).

Saturday Primetime

US Canada
Georgia State at Charlotte 6:00 PM
UAB at North Texas 6:30 PM
#17 Mississippi State at #11 Georgia 7:00 PM
Syracuse at #25 LSU 7:00 PM
#22 San Diego State at Air Force 7:00 PM
#15 Auburn at Missouri 7:30 PM
#20 Florida at Kentucky 7:30 PM
#4 Penn State at Iowa 7:30 PM
Notre Dame at Michigan State 8:00 PM

This is probably a good week not to be able to watch games live.  Then again many would have said the same thing about last week and look what happened.  Fun, fun chaos!  At least one of these games should end up being a dandy.  I hope it’s not GSU-Charlotte.

Saturday Late Night

US Canada
Hawaii at Wyoming 10:15 PM
UCLA at Stanford 10:30 PM  

Only two games on the late night schedule but we have some premier Pac-12 After Dark action with UCLA visiting The Farm to face Stanford. UCLA has been up-and-down so far but could somewhat ruin Stanford’s chances at a Pac-12 title run with a win here.


US Canada
East Carolina at UConn Noon

Some special Sunday college football during the season!  I say this with a little hesitation though as I remember how this worked out last year with Georgia and South Carolina moved to a Sunday.  It was an awful game.  Almost completely unwatchable.  So hopefully this is not that kind of game.

UPDATE #3: This game is not appearing yet on the specialty pack.  Not surprising since it was a rescheduled game but I assume it will appear by gametime.  Whether it appears on the guide is a totally different story.

Games to set your eyeballs on

TCU at Oklahoma State (3:30, TSN2) – Compared to the biggest game of the week the first three weeks of the season, this may be considered a bit of a letdown.  But, it is a Big XII game which means the score will be 50-something to 40-something and the game will take four-and-a-half hours.  So at least you will get, technically, more football than other games of the week have provided.  I know, I am REALLY stretching here but I do honestly believe this should be a good game to watch.

Mississippi State at Georgia (7:00, specialty pack) – Unless Bama-Vandy ends up being a dandy (see what I did there), CBS might regret not picking this game instead.  The Bulldogs of the MSU variety have been a pleasant surprise while the Bulldogs of the Georgia variety are starting to finally look like the team they always used to be under Mark Richt.

Alabama at Vanderbilt (3:30, CBS) – OK so it’s not like CBS’s mistake back when they picked the Egg Bowl over the Iron Bowl and the two Mississippi schools ended up shitting the bed in the two weeks coming up to that game.  The Commodores have a great defense and you never know what could happen.  If they can keep the Tide close for three quarters then it may end up being panic time (maybe not for Bama but definitely for its fans).

USC at California (3:30, ABC) – For once it’s the afternoon timeslot that is stacked.  Another game pitting a really good team (USC) against a surprising team (Cal).  Most of us (me included) believe the Trojans should mop the floor with the Golden Bears in the Golden Bears’ shit-tastic stadium but this is college football and that means there is always the potential for chaos.

Michigan at Purdue (4:00, FOX) – Purdue is one of the games of the week. Let that sink in.  Purdue.  Not since Drew Brees was around those parts has this team been competitive in the Big Ten.  They get their shot to prove that they truly are a team to be reckoned with and not a flash-in-the-pan over the first quarter of the season.  Helping them will be the fact that Michigan has not looked good at all in their first three wins.

Honourable mention: Penn State at Iowa (7:30, ABC); Washington at Colorado (10:00, FOX Sports One…cue my disgust); NC State at Florida State (Noon, ABC/TSN5)

Some gambling fun and games

Wow were my picks ever bad last week.  Like worse than usual.  LSU over MSU?  Stanford over SDSU?  KSU over Vandy?  Pitt over OSU  in my upset special?  Yeesh.  It’s why I never ended up being one of those old-school books that you used to see on the TV at like 12:30 in the morning starring a guy with slicked back hair who always had a GREAT PARLAY OPPORTUNITY and AN AMAZING LOCK OF THE WEEK and CAN’T MISS BETS.  That and the fact I am bald.

Georgia over Mississippi State

Penn State over Iowa

UCLA over Stanford

Oklahoma State over TCU (predicted final score 58-49)

Florida State over NC State

Notre Dame over Michigan State

USF over Temple

Boise State over Virginia

South Carolina over Louisiana Tech (although I think it will be close)

Alabama over Vanderbilt

Florida over Kentucky (poor Wildcats)

Last I checked, none of the specialty packs were up for Saturday and even tonight’s Temple-USF game wasn’t showing for Bell Fibe.  Ridiculous.  It’s the same old shit every week.  The schedules are done at least six days in advance of the games if not more.  How can this be this much of an issue?  Maybe I should just phone Bell and Rogers and ask the intern that I am sure they put on specialty pack scheduling to ask some questions.

UPDATE #2: Everything is now appearing on the specialty packs.  Took enough time.

Also, there’s a Thursday Night Football game tonight.  I know you’re not excited.  Want me to make you even less excited?  It’s the Rams against the 49ers.  Yeah I’ll pass.  Enjoy the college games everyone and keep tuned here for updates over the next 36-48 hours.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Hope for a Repeat, OK? – Week 4 College Football TV Schedule

  1. First world problem – I know. Still. FFS Rogers has the Indians-Mariners game on the channel that is supposed to be showing Miss St- UGA (438). The Mariners game is also being shown (with the same broadcast crew as on Channel 438). I have phoned Rogers and have navigated the various menu choices to finally get to the choice to speak to someone have been told it will be 19-21 minutes. It is already 7-0 UGA.


  2. Correction to above – the second reference to 438 should have been 444. Baseball game has ended and we now have Miss St – UGA just in time to see the last play of the first quarter. 14-0 UGA. WOuld have been nice to see those TDs.


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