Of course it isn’t working in Los Angeles – Week 2 NFL Recap

stubhub stadiumla coliseum

There are a lot of reasons.  The biggest one in my opinion?  Many Los Angelenos have spent their lifetime cheering for one team: and that team resides in Northern California and will be moving to Las Vegas in a couple seasons.  LA is full of Raider fans.  Everyone who watches the NFL knows that.  But then again, the NFL does not give a single, solitary fuck about that since they are all about money these days.  And mostly short-term money since a lot of their moves lately (I will lump franchise issues in here) show that the NFL is struggling to look long-term.  They constantly trip over themselves.  I mean, yes they still make a boatload of money.  But they could set themselves up to reap massive rewards in the future but they aren’t.  Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, look at that pic above again and tell me there isn’t a problem.  The StubHub Center only holds 27,000 seats and they COULDN’T FILL THEM FOR THE FIRST CHARGERS HOME GAME IN LOS ANGELES IN ALMOST SIX DECADES!!!!!!  Alright got that out of my system.

Recap Time!

  • It feels like a lot was made of New England scoring a bunch of points against New Orleans. Remember: the Patriots’ offense is really good and the Saints’ defense is really bad.  What did they expect would happen?  That Tom Brady would be shut down?    Patriots fans had to be happy that the defense stepped up though.  So at least there was that.
  • Speaking of that game, I find Tony Romo to be a very refreshing change of pace in the broadcast booth. More insightful than Phil Simms could ever be.  He sounds excited at times like us fans sometimes do.  And he can play the quasi-heel former star quarterback persona every so often when talking about his past.  He plays off Jim Nantz and Tracy Wolfson very well.  I think CBS hit a home run with hiring him and making the ballsy move of replacing Simms with him.
  • The Bills defense is quite good. The Bills offense, not so much.  But at least it does look like they have a receiver who is going to step up in Zay Jones.  I mean he only set the FBS record for most career receptions so he should be at least somewhat good.  I also think the Panthers are the worst 2-0 team out there.  There, I said it.
  • Even though the Cards beat the Colts in overtime thanks to a Jacoby Brissett ill-timed interception, they still don’t look that good. I may have been wrong putting the Cards in the playoffs in my predictions…again.  But it could be worse…
  • Those fucking Bengals. God they suck.  Just go scorched Earth and start over.  Them and the Browns could fight over the number one pick in the draft.  It would be great.  I can’t believe I got suckered in again by them.  Ugh, makes me sick.
  • See that’s the Bears we expect this season. Yeah I know the Bucs will be good and blah blah blah but the Bears should be horrifically bad this season.  How long until Mitchapalooza begins?
  • By the way, both the Rams and Chargers lost their games. And with all the hype surrounding the Chargers’ new kicker, he sure as hell looks terrible when the game is on the line.  I’m sure he will settle down and get better since he is a rookie but it’s not a good look right now, especially in the wake of the Roberto Aguayo horseshit we had been seeing for the past year or so.
  • The Broncos have looked quite good to start the season. Trevor Siemian, in particular, has been lights out, as has the Bronco defense.  I will be honest, I am quite surprised.  The AFC West is going to be a minefield this year.  A fun, exciting, minefield.
  • Did anyone else find the Sunday Night game between the Packers and Falcons boring once Atlanta went up by a few scores? I actually started switching back and forth between that and the Emmys.  That is how bored I got.  Either that or I was just really tired and to keep myself awake I would do that.  Either way the game wasn’t the greatest BUT OH MY GOD THAT STADIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Atlanta citizens must have to get second jobs just to pay their taxes for that thing.

Alright that’s enough recapping for now.  Thursday you will have your college football schedule whether you want it or not.  Also a reminder that Thursday Night Football still exists and will be on every week between now and Christmas.


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