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So I see Bell screwed up – Week 2 NFL TV Schedule

Well, less screwed up and more tried to get around the rules and got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.  Let me explain to the somewhat uninformed…

Everyone knows that DAZN has exclusive rights in Canada for Sunday Ticket and RedZone.  So what does Bell do?  They decide to announce that they are basically doing a workaround for that by making sure all the games are either on a CTV network (which you can get with a time-shifting package) or on a TSN network.  I’m sure DAZN loved this and I am sure they went to the NFL and asked them to please make Bell stop being such insufferable cocks.  So last Sunday, lo and behold, all the NFL games aren’t on unless you have DAZN.  There were three games that weren’t going to be shown anywhere in Canada, at least on cable.  So one week in and Bell gets called out on their bullshit and they meekly retreat and do the equivalent of “Well that’s not what I REALLY meant by that.”  Yeah, right.  What a joke.

Anyway, on to the NFL TV sked for Canucks this week which will definitely not include all the games that are actually being played this Sunday:

Sunday Early

New England at New Orleans Seattle, Spokane, Detroit, Burlington, Boston Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario, Ottawa, Montreal, Atlantic
Buffalo at Carolina Buffalo, Rochester Toronto, Kitchener
Tennessee at Jacksonville
Cleveland at Baltimore Cleveland
Philadelphia at Kansas City Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane, Rochester, Burlington BC, Alberta
Minnesota at Pittsburgh Minneapolis, Detroit, Buffalo, Boston Manitoba TSN2
Arizona at Indianapolis
Chicago at Tampa Bay

Sunday Late

NY Jets at Oakland Minneapolis TSN2
Miami at LA Chargers
Dallas at Denver Minneapolis, Detroit, Buffalo, Rochester, Burlington, Boston Northern Ontario, Toronto, Kitchener, Ottawa, Montreal Atlantic
Washington at LA Rams
San Francisco at Seattle Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

Sunday/Monday Primetime

Green Bay at Atlanta Sunday, 8:30, NBC, TSN 1/3/4/5, CTV Two
Detroit at NY Giants Monday, 7:00, TSN 1/3/4/5

Notes on the Canuck-Specific Schedule

  • As per the opening salvo above, I see Bell tapped out pretty quick.  Five games not being shown anywhere here.  Six if you include the Cleveland-Baltimore game.  Supposedly some people still get their ‘Murican networks out of Cleveland (after checking I am correct…St. Thomas and Leamington supposedly get it and Pelee Island).
  • Dallas-Denver gets the most eyeballs in the late schedule.  I would have loved to have seen if the Chargers even sold out their 27,000 seat “home” stadium.  God what a mess that franchise is.
  • Also not showing up in Canada is a Los Angeles Rams home game.  Well at least they aren’t trying to subject Canadians to empty seats all the time.  They do that enough with Toronto Argos home games (HI-YO!).
  • In the early slate, no surprise that the Patriots-Saints game gets the most play.  Expect the Patriots to get the majority of early afternoon views all season.
  • We have to expect only TSN2 to show NFL football during the day until December once the CFL season ends.  This could be the other reason why Bell has absolutely no chance to cover all the NFL games not shown on CTV or the American networks available even if they could (which they can’t).

That’s all I got for this.  Until the NFL ratchets up the excitement factor (and a fairly good game here and there doesn’t cut it), I won’t put a ton of effort into hyping up the Sunday sked.  We all know later in the season will be much better so I am not too worried there.  Anyway, enjoy the games if you are able to watch them.  And hopefully you can cheer on your favourite team every weekend.  As long as you’re not a Jaguars fan you probably will be fine there.


2 thoughts on “So I see Bell screwed up – Week 2 NFL TV Schedule

  1. What’s the over under on when the Chokers move back to San Diego? I bet their first “home” game didn’t even sell out and most of the fans in that stadium were cheering for Miami!


    1. They won’t. I can’t see them ever moving back to San Diego. To be honest, the NFL needs to be a little outside-the-box when looking at another market to put a football team in. And no, I don’t mean London or China or Mexico or Toronto. I mean other centres in the States that would support it and already have most of the infrastructure in place and haven’t botched it before (see St. Louis…twice).


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