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Back to Normalcy…or is it Normality? Week 3 College Football TV Schedule

We do have another postponement due to Hurricane Irma to deal with and it’s a doozy.  The expected ABC Primetime matchup between Miami and Florida State has been moved to October which also means that Miami’s game against Georgia Tech the following week has been moved from Thursday night to Saturday afternoon so that the Hurricanes don’t have to play two good ACC teams in a matter of five days.  Got all that?  Good, since it’s just the start of this.

Now ABC didn’t have a primetime game so Clemson-Louisville,originally on in the afternoon, was moved into that slot.  This meant a game had to move into the 3:30 ABC slot and that ended up being Wisconsin-BYU (which may be the first time in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time BYU has appeared on ABC).  The dominoes continued to fall behind that but I won’t bore you with the details.  Other than that there are no big changes so everything in the college football world at least is back to normal (it will be a long time before any semblance of normalcy (normality?) returns to the Houston area and to most of Florida).  All I have to say is that ABC/ESPN/Disney did very well with this when they could have easily screwed it up.  It also gives the Canadian telcos a chance to catch up and figure everything out.  It shouldn’t take much but we know how that sometimes goes.

I am back from playing with my PVR last weekend (or are they officially called DVRs now like in the States?).  I forgot how frustrating it can be.  If I am busy at all on weekends when I have my kids (and I am guaranteed to be for months now) it puts me in a bit of a quandary:

  • Go through the games on the PVR knowing I will be at least a couple hours behind and I will never catch up or,
  • Forget the PVR and watch the games live knowing I may have missed something earlier and will only see highlights (possibly) from it.

It’s a tough call.  I love college football and watch a shit-ton of it.  I am passionate about it.  But at the same time, when I am watching games into Sunday afternoon to catch up on all the action, it does start to get to be a bit too much.  I will have to do some more thinking on this topic as the season goes on as there are a lot of factors that go into my decision (how long I will be away from the TV on Saturday, whether I will put enough time on a recording to catch the entire game, etc.).  Anyway, you know way too much about my viewing habits so let’s move on to what you’re here for, the TV schedule.


US Canada
New Mexico at Boise State 8:00 PM

TSN slowly starting their step up towards American Thanksgiving time when they end up showing around ten games or so.  What is interesting here is the time: 8:00.  That means it starts at 6 local time in Boise.  Sometimes I wonder if ESPN really thinks about this or not.


US Canada
Illinois at #22 USF 7:00 PM
UMass at Temple 7:00 PM    
Arizona at UTEP 10:15 PM

Another TSN2 game and this is one that many thought would be postponed like the Miami-FSU game.  Instead, USF will be giving a lot of free tickets away for people affected by the hurricane in the Tampa area which is awesome.  Would be nice to see a full house for, arguably, the best Group of Five team this season.  The late affair is interesting with one of the worst Power Five teams against one of the worst G-5 teams.  Watch it be an amazing game.


Saturday Early

US Canada
#25 UCLA at Memphis Noon
Air Force at #7 Michigan Noon
#9 Oklahoma State at Pittsburgh Noon
UConn at Virginia Noon
Kansas at Ohio* Noon
UL-Lafayette at Texas A&M Noon
Iowa State at Akron Noon
Furman at NC State 12:30 PM

Part of the domino effect I mentioned earlier has us seeing UCLA travelling almost all the way across the country to play Memphis on ABC at Noon.  I am shocked OSU-Pitt didn’t end up in that slot but it feels like the ABC Noon slot really isn’t as important as even the ESPN timeslots are now.  I will definitely be missing the first half of all these games and I am fine with that considering the schedule.  As of right now, KU-OU isn’t showing up on the Bell or Rogers/Eastlink specialty packs.

UPDATE: Still no sign of Kansas-Ohio but Baylor-Duke is now appearing, at least on Bell schedules, on the specialty pack.  Start time for that game is 12:30.


Saturday Afternoon

US Canada
#23 Tennessee at #24 Florida 3:30 PM
Morgan State at Rutgers 3:30 PM  
Middle Tennessee at Minnesota 3:30 PM  
#10 Wisconsin at BYU 3:30 PM
Notre Dame at Boston College 3:30 PM
North Texas at Iowa 3:30 PM
SMU at #20 TCU 3:30 PM
#16 Virginia Tech at East Carolina 3:30 PM
Purdue at Missouri 4:00 PM
Mercer at #15 Auburn 4:00 PM
Army at #8 Ohio State 4:30 PM

OK there is a reason this is one of the lower rated weeks of the year.  Still not a whole lot of substance here although there is at least a good quantity of games in the afternoon timeslot.  I honestly pray that Army keeps the game with tOSU close.  Even if it’s just to scare Buckeyes fans.

Saturday Primetime

US Canada
Bethune-Cookman at Florida Atlantic 6:30 PM
#12 LSU at Mississippi State 7:00 PM
Colorado State at #1 Alabama 7:00 PM
Oregon at Wyoming 7:00 PM
#18 Kansas State at Vanderbilt 7:30 PM
Samford at #13 Georgia 7:30 PM
Kentucky at South Carolina 7:30 PM
Georgia State at #5 Penn State 7:30 PM
Bowling Green at Northwestern 7:30 PM
#3 Clemson at #14 Louisville 8:00 PM
Texas at #4 USC 8:30 PM

OK this is better.  Not amazing but still better.  Some sneaky-good games in here with KSU-Vandy, Oregon-Wyoming, UK-SC, and LSU-MSU dotting the primetime landscape along with the later main two games of the week.

Saturday Late Night

US Canada
San Jose State at Utah 10:00 PM
Ole Miss at California 10:30 PM  
#19 Stanford at San Diego State 10:30 PM

An odd one as we see an SEC team go to uncharted territory: west of the Central Time Zone.  I bet I could count on one hand how many times an SEC team has gone out west in the last decade.  I’m not going to do it but I have a feeling I am right.  Stanford-SDSU has the chance to be a high-scoring affair on CBSSN.

Games to set your eyeballs on

Clemson at Louisville (8:00, ABC) – I honestly think this may be a better game than the Miami-FSU game would have been.  Let’s see if Clemson still has what it takes to stay in the Top 4.  Let’s see if Lamar Jackson can really push his Heisman campaign into high gear.  This is make-or-break I believe for both teams.  The loser, arguably, has no chance at the College Football Playoff unless chaos happens.  And I do hope for chaos.

Tennessee at Florida (3:30, CBS) – College football traditions.  Howard’s Rock.  The 12th Man.  Play Like a Champion Today.  Boomer Sooner.  Dotting the i.  And the SEC on CBS getting an absolutely STACKED lineup all season.  Unless Georgia really makes a run (which they may just do after last week’s big win over Notre Dame), this could be the de facto SEC East championship game.  If Florida wins this, oh boy, the takes on Butch Jones’ job will be fast, furious, and HOT.

Oklahoma State at Pittsburgh (Noon, TSN2) – The Pokes are still considered the dark horse contender not just for the Big XII title (although the way Oklahoma is playing I think they may have already clinched it) but for a spot in the College Football Playoff.  This is the kind of game they cannot lose.  Just ask Penn State.

Texas at USC (8:30, FOX) – As long as the game is good, this FOX offsetting the start times by half an hour from any other broadcast is very much a good thing.  And yes I am putting this game here knowing full well that the Trojans could possibly mop the floor with the Longhorns.  Combine that with the earlier Army-tOSU game and it could be the most lopsided FOX doubleheader ever.  I am hoping that is not the case and that Tom Herman has figured out something since Week One’s debacle.

LSU at Mississippi State (7:00, specialty pack) – The only non-specialty pack game of the week this week.  That’s a good sign for Canadian college football fans right?  OK let’s not go too far here.  Anyway, this should be a good one as the Tigers better not take the Bulldogs lightly after what MSU did to LaTech last week.  I mean it was LaTech but holy shit…3rd and 93?

Honourable mention: Kansas State at Vanderbilt (7:30, specialty pack); Illinois at USF (Friday, 7:00, TSN2); UCLA at Memphis (Noon, ABC/TSN3)

Some gambling fun and games

Well I did shitty last week.  Let’s see if I can be less shitty.

USF over Illinois

UCLA over Memphis (although I can see this being close)

Pittsburgh over Oklahoma State (call it my upset special)

Florida over Tennessee

Wisconsin over BYU

LSU over Mississippi State

Kansas State over Vanderbilt

Stanford over San Diego State

Minnesota over Middle Tennessee

Penn State over Georgia State (the question is does PSU get a 60-burger in this one?)

Ohio over Kansas (this doesn’t feel like an upset)

OK Bell’s schedule is up (other than the KU-OU game I mentioned I above and I believe that will change over the next 24 hours).  I can’t seem to get much Rogers info past Friday.  Again, something that should change soon.

Have to always remember to mention the NFL Thursday Nighter now every week.  Houston travels to Cincinnati.  One team has to look better than last week in theory, no?  Watch it be a 3-3 tie.  Enjoy the games everyone.


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