Before we begin with the Week 2 NFL Recap

Bills AFC East

Look, we know this won’t stand for the year.  So let’s savour this now.  Especially Bills fans.  Douse yourself with mustard and ketchup.  Powerbomb another fan through a table.  Drink beer that’s been run through a woman’s ass crack.  Celebrate this the way only you know how Bills Mafia.  But at some point we have to get back to reality.  Just sayin’.


Let’s put that graphic up one more time.

Bills AFC East

Ah.  Yeah this won’t last.

  • In all fairness, the Pats should be at least a bit worried about their defense. It’s a long season so I am sure it will work itself out but still…not taking anything away from the Chiefs but that looked pretty bad.
  • I, along with many others, have a new favourite sideline analyst: Sergio Dipp. If you didn’t hear his awkward commentary on Vance Joseph last night, give it a listen.  It’s bizarre and has no point.  Saying that, Dipp is Mexican so English is his second language.  But who cares.  We need more of that since most sideline analysts are either a) boring or b) terrible.  So I say more awkward Sergio Dipp commentary!  More Holly Rowe giving another reporter a Gordie special to get an interview!  More Joe Namath just wanting to kiss Suzy Kolber!  Make Sideline Reporting Great Again!
  • Also, with that game, we had Beth Mowins becoming the first woman in three decades to call an NFL game. Good for her.  On top of that, the Chargers and Broncos played a fun game which is rare for the late Monday Night Football opener.  Usually it’s a stinker.  So we had a good game, Mowins, Dipp…oh and Rex Ryan.  Man, so much in one game.
  • I can see Adrian Peterson and Sean Peyton truly getting into it later on in the season. AP will not stand for only carrying the rock a few times and Peyton seems like a guy you don’t want to fuck with ever.  So yeah, should be fun for Saints fans.
  • You know what? Mike Glennon didn’t look half-bad in the Bears’ loss to Atlanta on Sunday.  Not great mind you but he showed glimpses of why Chicago seemed to inexplicably throw a shit-ton of money his way knowing the route they were eventually going to take.  What this means is that Mitchapolooza won’t start until October at the earliest.
  • Well Arizona and Cincinnati are fucking me again. What the hell guys?  At least I didn’t pick them to go to the Super Bowl again.
  • My actual pick from the AFC looked good though. The Raiders are showing why they have to be considered favourites in their, what, third-last season in Oakland?  The Titans will also be a team to watch this season.  I can’t imagine the ratings dip that would occur if these two teams met in the AFC Championship.  As much as CBS and FOX say they don’t care which teams are in the conference championships, they DEFINITELY care who is in the conference championships.
  • Are the Rams good or are the Colts bad? I think it’s more of the latter but man did Jared Goff finally arrive on the pro scene with that performance.  If this somehow continues, some of the MVP chatter has to go his way.
  • Finally, the Giants looked terrible. This can’t just be about Odell Beckham Jr. not playing.  It was more than that.  Nothing seemed to work.  And it’s not like the Cowboys were killing it out there because they weren’t.  It will be very interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks as there are some out there that had the Giants as Super Bowl contenders (I was not one of those people).

Alright, recap over.  A day off tomorrow…well, from blogging at least.  Life never stops ya know.  Or something like that.  Man I need some more sleep.  Same old rotation later in the week.  Thursday’s college football schedule followed by Friday’s NFL schedule.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Have a great week everyone.


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