College Football

YAWN! – Week 2 College Football Recap

Yes, yawn.  I would almost never say that about college football but I kind of do for this past weekend and for two very different reasons.

The first reason is the normal reason I have for saying this: I am up late watching college football.  Eventually that kind of lack of sleep catches up with you.  Say, about 10 hours later.  This will happen to me every Saturday through Conference Championship Week.  I know it.  I accept it.  I have to do something other than drink copious amounts of caffeine to stay awake for it.

The other reason is the fact that, looking back on what happened this past weekend in college football, it was a bit of a yawner.  Well, a yawner compared to most college football weekends.  Usually we get a bunch of fantastic plays or a few upsets or a monumental victory or something.  Other than a couple of things, nothing really moved the needle all that much.  There could be many reasons for this, chief among them being Hurricane Irma and the impact on anything related to the state of Florida.  Either way, I don’t expect this to happen again the rest of the season.

Saying all that, let’s get on with the recap!

  • One of the bigger highlights of the day was Oklahoma’s victory over Ohio State in what seemed like relatively easy fashion. The icing on the cake (for Sooners fans) was Baker Mayfield trying to plant the Oklahoma flag in the middle of the Ohio Stadium O at midfield.  I guess Baker isn’t a turf management major since trying to plant that flag pole into artificial turf was never going to happen.  Alas, the symbolism was still stunning and may push Oklahoma to bigger heights.
  • Easily the best game of the day was the last game of the night. Pac-12 After Dark lived up to its sometimes-crazy reputation as Washington State came back from down 31-10 with 8 minutes left to beat Boise State in triple overtime in an absolute classic.  Topping that was the fact that most of this was done on the strengths of both BACKUP quarterbacks.  Maybe, just maybe, Wazzu is a team to watch in the Pac-12.  Man, the Pac-12 North is shaping up to be a brutally tough division…you know, save Oregon State and Cal.
  • Clemson had 11 sacks (ELEVEN!) against Auburn and still only won by 8. The Tigers (of the Death Valley persuasion…in South Carolina) and their defense will have to probably carry the load this season.  Not saying the offense isn’t good but without Deshaun Watson it is not nearly as dynamic.  Also, I can see the hype for Jarrett Stidham falling off a cliff now.
  • For some hilarity, check out the fumble in the Mississippi State-Louisiana Tech Bulldog Bowl. LaTech had 2nd and Goal from the MSU 6-yard line.  After the most ridiculous series of events (which must have involved everyone smothering their fingers with melted butter), the ball ended up on the LaTech 7.  So now LaTech had 3rd & Goal from their own 7.  You will probably never see something like that in your life again.
  • Another good game on the night was Georgia-Notre Dame. You just kind of knew that the Irish would blow it in the end though, right?
  • Sam Darnold is REALLY making his case for the Heisman early on after that performance against Stanford. So is Josh Rosen for that matter.  Is the Pac-12 back in terms of star power?
  • The annual battle for the Cy-Hawk Trophy ended up being a pretty good game as well…as it normally is for some bizarre reason. Iowa had to really tough it out against a much-improved Iowa State team to win in overtime.  Watching some of these lower-level Big XII teams (other than Kansas) has me VERY worried for Texas this season.
  • Hurricane Irma has now affected one of next week’s games as well: Miami-Florida State, which was supposed to be the ABC primetime game, has been moved to October. Now Clemson-Louisville will take its place and there will be a domino effect that will follow that I will discuss in more depth on Thursday.
  • For anyone who left Lamar Jackson off their pre-season Heisman ballot: Shame on you!
  • So many cancelled games. Why do I have this funny feeling that this may affect things in late November when it comes to conference championships and bowl-eligibility?
  • Central Michigan beat Kansas and Eastern Michigan defeated Rutgers. Some things never change.

That’s about it for the recap.  Don’t need to explain much more.  What I do need to do though is the patented (not patented actually) Bossman Top 25 which will be slightly different than the AP Top 25 and I don’t care.  So here we go:

#1 Alabama
#2 Clemson
#3 USC
#4 Oklahoma
#5 Penn State
#6 Michigan
#7 Washington
#8 Ohio State
#9 Wisconsin
#10 Oklahoma State
#11 Florida State
#12 LSU
#13 Louisville
#14 Georgia
#15 Virginia Tech
#16 Auburn
#17 Kansas State
#18 Miami
#19 USF
#20 Stanford
#21 Washington State
#22 Tennessee
#23 TCU
#24 UCLA
#25 Florida

As you can see, quite close to the AP but some are a little off.  I didn’t move Oklahoma to #2 like the AP poll did because I believe Clemson and USC also had significant victories that were completely overshadowed by what the Sooners did in Columbus.  Honestly though, the top four are a fair amount of ahead of everyone below them so they could almost be interchangeable.  That should change in the next couple of weeks.  I think many should watch out for TCU and UCLA who inhabit the bottom part of my Top 25.  I could see them making up some serious ground over the next month.

Alright there you go.  The first NFL recap of the season (however crappy it may be) will appear tomorrow and then back to the college schedule on Thursday.  Remember there are two (TWO!) Monday Night Football games tonight.  Saints-Vikings at 7 and Chargers-Broncos at 10:15.  I can’t see me watching all of the late game but who knows these days.


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