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Will the actual season be as fun as the off-season? Week 1 NFL TV Schedule

Probably not.  The NFL offseason is usually hilarious, interesting, pathetic, and completely dumb all at the same time.  It’s like the league as a whole can’t stop from tripping over itself to look like bigger asses every time a story comes out.  So even though the season started last night, we know that for the most part, the first few weeks will not even come close to being as entertaining as the offseason’s antics.

Let’s get right to why you are all here.  The schedule!  Afterwards, there are some burger toppings to add to the schedule hamburger:

Sunday Early

Oakland at Tennessee Seattle, Spokane BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan
Pittsburgh at Cleveland Minneapolis, Cleveland  TSN (all except TSN2)
NY Jets at Buffalo Buffalo, Rochester, Burlington, Boston Ontario, Atlantic
Baltimore at Cincinnati
Jacksonville at Houston
Atlanta at Chicago Minneapolis Manitoba
Philadelphia at Washington Burlington, Boston  Montreal
Arizona at Detroit Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane, Detroit
Tampa Bay at Miami  PO ST PO NE D

Sunday Late

Indianapolis at LA Rams Detroit  TSN (all except TSN2)
Seattle at Green Bay  All affiliates  All affiliates (except Atlantic)  Atlantic
Carolina at San Francisco

Sunday/Monday Primetime

NY Giants at Dallas Sunday, 8:30, NBC, TSN 1/3/4/5, CTV Two
New Orleans at Minnesota Monday, 7:00, TSN 1/3/4/5
LA Chargers at Denver Monday, 10:15, TSN 1/3/4/5

Burger Toppings

  • Buffalo is at home on Sunday and I am positive Rochester is considered a home market for the Bills meaning people wouldn’t get a FOX game at that time because the Bills are playing on CBS.  So that’s why I have people who get their FOX station out of Rochester having no early game.  This could change.
  • Quick talk about last night’s game: what is up with the Patriots defense?  They were skewered by Alex Smith and Kareem Hunt.  Not a good sign.  Their offense should be fine as usual though.
  • So I see the push to have all the games shown like you would have with Sunday Ticket went by the wayside on Day One.  Three games this week will not be shown anywhere here (unless you have DAZN).  Honestly though, unless it’s a really good game, you’re not missing much.  I mean how many Jacksonville Jaguars fans could there be in Canada?
  • I added this to the chart but TSN, for the most part, means TSNs 1, 3, 4 and 5.  I will make sure you know when a game will appear on TSN2 as this will happen from time to time throughout the season.
  • Back to the Bills-Jets game, I hope this is a good game.  It won’t be.  But I hope it will be.  Is it just me or has the sheer amount of good quarterbacks drastically decreased in recent years?
  • Two Monday Night Football games, as per usual, opening week.  It will be a late night for people who have to work the next morning if you want to catch the Chargers-Broncos game.  But as a bonus, it’s Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan on the call.  That alone could be worth watching as Ryan could be great or a complete shitshow as analyst.
  • Yes to Ezekiel Elliott playing Sunday night.  No to OBJ playing Sunday night.  It’s like the football gods don’t want us to have a nice opening weekend.
  • If you couldn’t figure it out, Tampa Bay-Miami is postponed until Week 11 when both teams have bye weeks.  This means that both teams will play sixteen straight weeks.  We shall see how it affects them on the injury front.

There you go.  The NFL is back.  And hopefully it turns out much better than the first half of last season which was pretty much awful football.  Enjoy the games everyone!


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