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First PVR Week…Hope it’s a Success – Week 2 College Football TV Schedule

First off, after Hurricane Harvey literally obliterated the Houston area, here comes Hurricane Irma to make life difficult for the people of Florida (and possibly other parts of the southeastern United States).  There are already some cancellations and games moved to different times or days so this schedule might need some serious updating over the next couple days.  Honestly, though, it’s secondary to the shit the people of the Houston area have gone through and what the people of Florida may end up going through.  So fingers crossed we don’t see more devastation and the hurricane dies over the Atlantic somewhere.

Alright, this will be the first true week I use my PVR.  I have stated this before in the past (many times) but I am just waiting for the day that my PVR craps out on me and I have no college football at all to watch.  That would be sad.  Reminds me way back during the first year of this blog on the day I moved.  It was a Saturday.  No cable obviously.  Was out at a bar and got to watch a few minutes of Ohio State-Northwestern.  That was it.  It felt wrong.  I don’t want to do that again.

Saying that, with my kids a bit older it becomes easier to watch the games even when they are around.  Why?  Because like many typical teens and pre-teens they tend to ignore their parents unless they want something (or want to do something or go somewhere or be driven some place).  My kids are no different.  No I won’t act like the complete ogre I am on gamedays when they aren’t around but I know they will ignore me for chunks of time to the point I will have to go around the house just to make sure they didn’t just up and leave without me knowing.  Alright, enough of the family talk, on to the schedule!


US Canada
Sam Houston State at Prairie View A&M 7:30 PM

One game.  It’s an FCS one.  This is easy.  So far so good.


US Canada
Memphis at UCF 6:30 PM
#11 Oklahoma State at South Alabama 8:00 PM    

Memphis-UCF was moved from Saturday to today.  It’s one of the four (I believe) Florida-based moves thanks to that bitch Hurricane Irma.  Why the early start time?  It’s probably to allow UCF to get back home to Orlando after the game since the storm, in my view as a non-meteorologist, will hit Florida starting Saturday.  We also have a Power Five road trip to a Group of Five team.  It’s only South Alabama but remember what the Jaguars did to Mississippi State last year.  Oh and remember what Central Michigan did to…OK I’ll stop right there.

UPDATE #2: OSU-USA now finally showing on Bell.  Memphis-UCF still not showing anywhere so I am hoping that changes considering the scheduling change.

UPDATE #5: Memphis-UCF is now cancelled.  So OSU-USA is the only game on tonight.

UPDATE #7: Oklahoma State-South Alabama not showing as of this moment on the specialty pack.  For fuck’s sakes.

UPDATE #8: Finally the game appears…so I can watch the Pokes go up by 17 in the first quarter.  Aw man.

Saturday Early

US Canada
Cincinnati at #8 Michigan Noon
Florida Atlantic at #9 Wisconsin Noon
Towson at Maryland* Noon  
ULM at #10 Florida State Noon
#17 Louisville at North Carolina Noon
Iowa at Iowa State* Noon
Northwestern at Duke Noon
Eastern Kentucky at Kentucky Noon
UT-Martin at Ole Miss Noon
Buffalo at Army Noon


A boatload of games early in the afternoon.  This is partly due to ULM-FSU moving back to Noon from their original 7:00 PM start (which would have been different for the ACC Network anyway).  Could be worse though: USF-UConn moved to 10:30 AM.  That’s right, AM!  Again, my guess is this is all for travel purposes due to the hurricane.  Louisville-North Carolina could be a good game here but as per usual, the early slate is more about quantity than quality.

UPDATE #1: Might as well start numbering them now.  This really doesn’t affect us in terms of viewing but two more games have been cancelled due to Hurricane Irma.  USF-UConn had been moved up to 10:30 AM and has now been completely cancelled due to travel concerns with USF.  Also, Northern Colorado-Florida, which was originally at 7:30 on the SEC Network, then moved to Noon (still on SECN) has now been cancelled outright.

UPDATE #4: Four updates and it’s Thursday night.  Oh well.  ULM-Florida State, which had been moved up from 7:00 to Noon has now been cancelled completely.  As of this moment, nothing has been put in its place on the ACC Network.  The only games that could probably be moved to that timeslot this late in the game are Jacksonville State-Georgia Tech (which is at 12:30 PM at this point) and Wake Forest-Boston College (which is at 1:00 PM at this point).  Whether these games would just appear on the ACC Network or if they would move to Noon is not known.

UPDATE #6: The ACC Network will not have a game this week so there will be nothing on WSBK or WNLO.

Saturday Afternoon

US Canada
#23 TCU at Arkansas 3:30 PM
Eastern Michigan at Rutgers* 3:30 PM  
Western Michigan at Michigan State 3:30 PM  
Pittsburgh at #4 Penn State 3:30 PM
Fresno State at #1 Alabama 3:30 PM
Indiana at Virginia*^ 3:30 PM
Tulane at Navy 3:30 PM
Indiana State at #25 Tennessee 4:00 PM
Alabama A&M at Vanderbilt* 4:00 PM
Nebraska at Oregon 4:30 PM

Getting better.  Nebraska-Oregon is a very interesting affair in the somewhat-late-for-afternoon timeslot of 4:30.  Probably smart on FOX’s part to offset some of these games from the games on CBS and ABC.  Indiana-Virginia moved to the ESPNU slot here once it was vacated by Miami-Arkansas State which will not be played at all.  Pittsburgh-Penn State, as we saw last season, has the potential to be a season-changing game.

Saturday Primetime

US Canada
#13 Auburn at #3 Clemson 7:00 PM
South Carolina at Missouri 7:00 PM
Nicholls at Texas A&M* 7:00 PM
Tennessee Tech at Kennesaw State 7:00 PM
#15 Georgia at #24 Notre Dame 7:30 PM
Chattanooga at #12 LSU 7:30 PM
#5 Oklahoma at #2 Ohio State 7:30 PM
Western Kentucky at Illinois 7:30 PM
Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech 7:30 PM
#14 Stanford at #6 USC 8:30 PM

Ho.  Lee.  Shit.  Talk about a stacked lineup.  Four huge games.  When UGA-ND is maybe the fourth-best game of a timeslot, you know it’s an important set of games.  I will have to make some interesting decisions with the ol’ PVR with this one.  One thing is for sure: I will not choose to record Nicholls-TAMU.

Saturday Late Night

US Canada
Utah at BYU* 10:15 PM
Boise State at #20 Washington State* 10:30 PM  
Houston at Arizona* 10:30 PM

A nice late-night spread to end the evening some time into the morning.  All three games have the potential for something exciting, especially the Holy War.

Games to set your eyeballs on

Oklahoma at Ohio State (7:30, ABC) – This is the first instance of the Big Ten getting a tiny bit of preferential treatment by getting their ABC primetime games moved up to 7:30.  I could say that considering tOSU beat the Sooners pretty bad last year in Norman that this year’s game, in Columbus, will be a cakewalk for the Buckeyes.  But it won’t be the case.  I think Oklahoma’s offense can keep this one close, at the very least.  This is the second “Game of the Year” after the Bama-FSU game which really didn’t feel that close or exciting as it was going on.

Auburn at Clemson (7:00, specialty pack) – Clemson’s first Deshaun Watson-less test of this season.  Survive this and they get a leg up on getting deeper into the season unscathed.  It won’t be easy for the Tigers with being on the road at Death Valley at night (either Death Valley at night is normally horrifically bad for opponents).  At this point, it looks like either them or LSU will be the only teams that can challenge mighty Bama in the SEC West.  A loss here wouldn’t be the end of the world but it would leave a bad taste in their mouths.

Stanford at USC (8:30, FOX) – Man, the three biggest games on at pretty much the same time.  At least someone had the foresight to put them at slightly different times.  It’s horrible for the PVR people (which I am one of at times) but it makes the most sense in the college football world to do this.  Otherwise you split the audience like they most assuredly did last Sunday with those two amazing games going on (and finishing) at pretty much the exact same time.

Georgia at Notre Dame (7:30, NBC) – This one would have been the top game in the afternoon timeslot.  Oh well.  Anyway, this is most definitely a “Prove It” game for both teams.  Georgia has to prove they still belong as one of the SEC East’s elite (whatever that means these days) and Notre Dame has to prove that they are Notre Dame again.  A loss here might also seal Brian Kelly’s fate as he will need all the wins he can muster this season.

Pittsburgh at Penn State (3:30, ABC) – The only non-primetime game that is must-see is this one.  We all remember what happened last season in this game and how it was the biggest part of the College Football Playoff debate almost three months later.  I can honestly see this one being the same if Pitt can pull it out again.  Won’t be as easy being in front of a packed house in State College.

Honourable mention: Louisville at North Carolina (Noon, TSN2); TCU at Arkansas (3:30, CBS); Boise State at Washington State (10:15, specialty pack)

Some gambling fun and games

Everything was going good last week until my last two picks as North Carolina and Texas both shit the bed.  Anyway, I soldier on with some more somewhat-mediocre picks.

Ohio State over Oklahoma

Clemson over Auburn

USC over Stanford

Notre Dame over Georgia (is this a mild upset?  I don’t really know)

Penn State over Pittsburgh

North Carolina over Louisville (now this would be more of an upset)

Arkansas over TCU

Washington State over Boise State (I think this could be the closest game of the week)

Western Kentucky over Illinois (not an upset)

Oklahoma State over South Alabama

Houston over Arizona (also not an upset)

As of right now, NOTHING after tonight is on the specialty pack (at least for Bell Fibe).  Rogers (and other telcos that use the Super Sports Pack moniker) seem to not want to televise FCS games.  This isn’t a big deal, really, but it is a game on an ESPN network that isn’t being shown so it feels like a little nickel and diming on their end.  I can’t even seem to find a whole lot of information on Saturday for either Rogers or Bell.  It’s absurd.  It boggles my mind that this occurs in 2017.  I wish I didn’t get as worked up as I did but the way they run things (and the poor customer service that goes along with it) bothers me.  It’s anti-business really.  I mean “the customer is always right” is an old bullshit phrase used by baby boomers.  Fair play to them, back in the day (let’s say the last century) that was the case.  But in reality, the customer isn’t always right.  But the customer pays you so you better give them the service/product they want and do it properly.  That’s the bottom line.  Ugh.  Anyway, enough of that.  Just keep tuned here for any updates as I am sure there will be many.  I mean we hit 10 of them in Week One alone.

UPDATE #3: I finally see games on Bell and Rogers although some are missing.  The ones missing from the Rogers/Eastlink schedule are denoted by an asterisk (*).  The games missing from the Bell schedule are denoted by a (^).  Again, keep watching for updates.  Also, the Rogers SSP seems to show San Jose State-Texas on its schedule which is a Longhorn Network game.  Weird.  Finally, this is part of the reason I feel no one at Bell (and probably every other Canadian telco) cares about college football.  The games on ESPN and ESPN2 are only in SD this Saturday.  For some reason, the SEC Network and SEC Network Alternate channels get two of the three HD slots.  What a fucking joke.

Also, the NFL is back!  Tonight is Opening Night as the Chiefs travel to Foxboro to face the Patriots.  So now all football is back.  This is a good thing.  I will have the full Sunday/Monday schedule up tomorrow.  It should be interesting piecing it together with the way it’s being done this season.  Enjoy the games everyone!


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