College Football

Man did we ever need that – the Week 1 College Football Recap

Getting that fix of college football.  It just felt so right.

What a first true week of college football we had.  Upsets, huge comebacks, big games.  Unfortunately we also had some significant injuries.  So without further adieu, it’s the first college football recap for the season.  Sorry if this sucks, I’m a little rusty.  Here we go!

  • Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Washington started off our week by looking quite bad early on in their games and then pulling away in the second half. For the optimist, it shows that these teams can still blow inferior squads out of the water.  For the pessimist, this means that these teams are O-VER-RA-TED (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap).  Indiana fans will rue the day they chanted that towards the Buckeyes.
  • As for arguably the biggest opening week game ever, Alabama ended up winning. Not surprising.  The thing is, the win was good for Bama but they didn’t look dominating.  If it wasn’t for special teams gaffes by Florida State that game ends up being a lot closer in the end.  Also, Deondre Francois’ season-ending knee injury probably destroys any Seminole chance of making the CFP.  Sad to see that happen early in the season but these things do happen.  An unfortunate by-product of football in general.
  • An awesome moment in the USC-Western Michigan game. Blind long snapper Jake Olson got a chance to finally appear in a football game after losing his sight eight years ago.  A very touching moment.  I didn’t realize there was that much dust on my desk as my eyes started to water.  The game was much closer than it probably should have been (see tOSU, Wisky, Washington above) with USC scoring late to pull away.
  • Michigan-Florida was as weird and wacky as everyone probably thought it would be. Two pick sixes by the losing team.  Joe Tess on the call.  Neither offense really getting anything going until the second half and that offense wore maize….a LOT of maize.  Like a yellow highlighter.  It was basically everything you want to see in college football and more.  The only thing missing is that it wasn’t as close as I would have liked.
  • I thought FOX got the short end of the stick with UTEP-Oklahoma followed by Louisville-Purdue. Well thankfully I was wrong about the later game.  The Boilermakers took the Cardinals to the limit in a fantastic game in Indianapolis.  I would have loved to have seen the Boilers pull off the upset but it wasn’t meant to be.  And the close game all overshadowed a very good performance by Lamar Jackson.  I smell a theme here…
  • Hey how about them Longhorns?   Not the start Tom Herman wanted.  I think, despite the prognostications of several experts, this year will be the speed bump year for them.  I still think they will make a bowl game and may even improve a couple of wins from the previous season but for them to return to glory (for lack of a better term) it will be next year at the earliest.
  • How bad was BYU’s offense against LSU? BYU didn’t even hit 100 yards of total offense for the entire game.  It didn’t even feel that they got into field goal range at any point during the affair.  It was total domination on the part of the Tigers’ defense.  I don’t know if it was BYU just isn’t as good as anyone thinks or LSU is better than anyone thinks.  Usually in these cases it’s the former and not the latter.
  • Uh folks, South Carolina could be a contender in the SEC East this season. Just sayin.  They played really well against a NC State team that is supposed to possibly break the Big Three stranglehold in the ACC Atlantic division and with no other SEC East teams looking really good Week One, I may have to reconsider my pick of them not even being bowl-eligible.
  • As for the SEC East, how about the Volunteers? They squeaked out a great 42-41 double overtime victory over Georgia Tech in a game where it looked like the Yellow Jackets were so close to pulling away only for Tennessee to get back within striking distance.  Butch Jones has given himself another few weeks with that win.  This year may be his best chance to at least get to the SEC Championship.
  • The Black Diamond Trophy was a great game. So great I watched most of it and didn’t switch off of it until late in the game (more on that in a bit).  West Virginia is much better than I figured they would be and the Hokies proved they can pull out the wins when they need to which they will need to win their division again.
  • That other game on Sunday night was Texas A&M-UCLA. It was 44-10 for A&M early on in the third quarter.    To 10.  Yes.  So I figured it was over.  And every so often I would see the ticker below saying, yes, UCLA did score again.  And again.  And again.  Once the Bruins got within six I figured I had to go over to that game.  And the Bruins pulled it out in the end.  The second biggest comeback in college football history.  And the start of perhaps Josh Rosen’s somewhat-unexpected Heisman run as he looked unreal in that second half.  Also, Kevin Sumlin is as good as gone as the Aggies head coach.  That much is certain.
  • Liberty went into Baylor and pulled the huge upset on the Bears. It would have been a tough one to watch if we could get FOX Sports TWO up here.  Not One.    Yeah.  Anyway, Baylor is Baylor so it’s tough to cheer for them anyway.  And their former AD, Ian McCaw, is now the AD at Liberty.  So yeah.  I like close football but it’s like picking between a rotten apple and a rotten banana.  Both are rotten.
  • Finally here is some breaking news: UNLV is really bad. Like REALLY bad.  Howard, pulled off the biggest upset (based on point spreads) in college football history with their win over the Rebels Saturday night.  That’s sad.  Full marks to Howard for the win but they are a middle-of-the-road HBCU school who should have had no business beating UNLV.  Maybe that’s the oddsmakers fault but who knows.  Either way, college football folks!

Alright, not a super long recap but decently long.  This isn’t my bread and butter and I think it shows so I try to avoid overkill here.

In future editions I will include my personal Top 25 and some other info as well.

Same as last year, next week’s college football schedule will be out Thursday (and hopefully everything is set in stone by then) and the NFL schedule will be Fridays which will be a real hoot to do with all this time-shifting fun.  Should be interesting.  Hope you all enjoyed the games the past five days.  College football is back BAYBEE!!!!!


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