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It’s BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! Week 0 College Football TV Schedule

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Yes Week 0.  Zero.  Nada.  Zilch.  Nothing.  We all know what this is.  It’s the appetizer for the myriad of main courses the following weekend.  OK more like the following Thursday through Monday.  But I digress…

You are not going to find marquee games this Saturday.  You just won’t.  Not gonna happen.  But who cares?  What this Saturday says is that college football is back!  And that’s all that matters right.  And it provides me with my first PVR test of the season.  See this is the week I hope that, if for some reason my PVR fails, I’m fine with it since the games are mediocre at best.  Knowing my luck it will happen during American Thanksgiving Saturday.

Let’s just get to the schedule alright!  Just so you know, for this season, if you see the Bell and Rogers logos, it means it goes to the specialty pack.  I am sure I will come up with a better logo for it one day but for now we will go with this.

Saturday Early

US Canada
Florida A&M vs. Texas Southern (in Tallahassee) Noon

One FCS game starts it off.  They are REALLY easing into things this season.

Saturday Afternoon

US Canada
Oregon State at Colorado State 2:30 PM
Portland State at BYU 3:00 PM  

Oregon State-Colorado State is touted as the first FBS game of the season.  Wouldn’t be a big deal except we see CSU’s brand-new stadium.  Basically, the hype is that it will be the jewel of the Group of Five.  We shall see.  PSU-BYU should be hilariously bad.  Considering ESPN picked this one up, you know it’s slim pickins.  But still…FOOTBAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Saturday Primetime

US Canada
Chattanooga vs. Jacksonville State (in Montgomery) 6:30 PM
Colgate at Cal Poly 7:00 PM
#19 USF at San Jose State 7:30 PM

Back to some FCS action and then one FBS game involving the team I believe will be the Group of Five representative in the New Year’s Six bowl games in USF.  If they struggle with SJSU this weekend it could be a sign that my pick was garbage (although I feel OK knowing that many other experts have pegged the Bulls as the G5 pick as well).

Saturday Late Night

US Canada
#14 Stanford vs. Rice (in Sydney) 10:00 PM

This is going up against the Mayweather-McGregor fight.  That starts at 9:00 but I assume the main event would be around 10:30.  So it will be over around the time Stanford should be taking a massive lead on Rice.  I guess it’s cool this is in Sydney but remembering last year’s atrocious commentary during the game doesn’t give me a great feeling about this.  But still…it’s football.


US Canada
Richmond at Sam Houston State 7:00 PM

Hurricane Harvey could put a damper on this one.  At this point it is still being played but who knows what will happen between now and gametime.  I remember last year two SWAC games on opening Sunday had severe weather issues so it can happen.  Luckily for them (and ESPN) they are the only game on the schedule so it can’t screw up anything else if there are delays or it’s postponed.

UPDATE: No more Sunday football.  This game has been postponed due to the impending hurricane.

Games to set your eyeballs on

This will be a regular feature this year.  And by regular I mean every week.  Last year I missed a few weeks.  Why?  Who knows.  Can’t even say I was drunk really.

As for this week, no huge games.  It’s football.  Hopefully there is at least one close game to whet our appetites for what will begin on Thursday.

Some gambling fun and games

Something else I will do every week this season.  For this week however, no…no I won’t.

We finally made it.  College football is upon us.  Let us rejoice upon this shitty schedule like it was last year’s opening weekend or every time around American Thanksgiving.  As of this morning, the new specialty pack channels STILL hadn’t appeared for Bell Fibe.  I assume it’s the same with Bell Satellite.  The new HD channels will be 1466-1468 now that there are regional CTV channels in the old specialty pack channel spots (and I have gone over the reason why before).  Hopefully they don’t wait until late tomorrow morning to do this.  Mostly because I will be out-of-town so I would like to set my PVR tonight if I can.  And I know I am not asking too much for Bell to do get things done tonight.  Or maybe I am.  Who knows.  As for Rogers they are not showing any of the FCS games in their schedule (which I do enjoy but it becomes a bitch if they get something wrong since I don’t have Rogers).  I am under the assumption these games will be added soon but again, it’s like playing roulette.  Yes, the odds are that bad.

UPDATE #2: Still don’t see the two FCS games on the Rogers schedule.  Compared to Bell customers though, that’s a walk in the park.  Right now, the channels that house the U.S. College Sports Package aren’t even appearing on the guide.  Makes it kind of tough to PVR the games, no?  Not a good sign.  Considering I am out of town until early evening this sucks.  Great start to the season Bell.  Every season they seem to fuck something up.  How is this so difficult to them?

UPDATE #3: Finally back in town and still no specialty pack.  Seriously upset now.  I am assuming Rogers never got the FCS games since I never saw them listed on the schedule.  Not impressed at all at the start of the season.  If this is a sign of things to come then I may have to figure out another way to get these games.

UPDATE #4: Just got off the phone with Bell, again.  Looks like no college football for Bell subscribers today or tonight.  Nice.  Maybe Rogers can make me a deal.

FINAL UPDATE: Oh, this is a doozy.  I get a call back from Bell telling me that the U.S. College Sports Package doesn’t start until Thursday.  Why the fuck couldn’t that have been mentioned to me the other times I called?  And why is this the case?  What a complete fucking joke Bell is.

Anyway, enjoy the games everyone and welcome back!


12 thoughts on “It’s BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! Week 0 College Football TV Schedule

    1. Nope they weren’t. Only one channel appeared in SD on the guide and nothing was on it. Then I get a call back from Bell Support to tell me that the package isn’t to start until Thursday. To say I was upset was an understatement.


  1. I was so upset . It’s my season to subscribe to those channels. I had a couple of friends over. Called Bell those assholes couldn’t help me. A supervisor was suppose to call me back. Guess what, didn’t call 😡 I send an email to the complaint department asking for a rebate. I let you know how it turned out!!!


    1. Yes I am also waiting for a call or email back from Bell to discuss a rebate (however small it is). My issue isn’t the money: I pay for something, I should get it. It seems fundamental but Rogers and Bell seem to be experts at messing that up.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Like you said it’s not for the money, it’s for the principle. On the advertisement they said season’s start on the 26 not the 31st. Let me know how things worked out for you.


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