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Making November Weekdays Great Again


Football every day for about a three-and-a-half week period is perfectly healthy, no?

Ah, MACtion.  I do like it.  Honestly.  Saying that, I can understand why some in the MAC saying that there is no way to grow the league if it is being broadcast the way it is now.  They are in a pickle.  They get more money from ESPN than they ever could if they put most of their games on Saturdays; but, because of these MACtion games on weekdays, attendance is much lower.  In some cases, there has been 10K+ drops from their Saturday games earlier in the season.  It’s a quandary for sure.  However…..weekday night football.

Anyway, I think I have discussed the above before so let’s get on to more pertinent information, meaning the MAC predictions followed by some Jibber Jabber (or perhaps Fiddle Faddle):

Conference Overall
East W L W L
Ohio 5 3 8 4
Miami-OH 5 3 7 5
Akron 4 4 5 7
Bowling Green 4 4 5 7
Kent State 1 7 2 10
Buffalo 0 8 1 11
Toledo 8 0 11 1
Western Michigan 7 1 9 3
Northern Illinois 4 4 5 7
Central Michigan 3 5 5 7
Ball State 3 5 5 7
Eastern Michigan 3 5 4 8

Jibber Jabber (with some Fiddle Faddle thrown in)

  • I remember having Fiddle Faddle when I was younger. There was like four peanuts in the entire box.  Are peanuts THAT expensive that they had to put so little in each box?
  • Toledo will finally (FINALLY!) get back to the MAC title game for the first time since 2004. That’s a long time for a team that is almost always in the upper echelon of the MAC and is always good for an upset every two or three seasons.
  • Lance Leipold may rue the day he decided that coaching at the FBS level would be a fun time and that that fun time would be in Buffalo. I can’t see the Bulls escaping the basement of the MAC and after the amazing success Leipold had at Wisconsin-Whitewater in D-III this has to feel really, REALLY shitty.
  • Look at those standings. LOOK AT THEM!  Only four bowl-eligible teams is what I predict for this conference.    Maybe I should rethink my Conference USA stance (or even my Sun Belt stance) on which conference might be at the bottom.
  • In the MAC East, it should be the same two teams as last season battling it out for the division title. I am sure this time around, Miami-OH won’t have the same horrific start to the season nor the amazing finish.
  • To be perfectly honest, I don’t see the MAC Championship being close at all. I would expect if everything goes according to my predictions (which it won’t), Toledo should blow Ohio out of the water.  They will be just on the outside looking in on a second consecutive MAC New Year’s Six spot with USF running the table over in the American Conference.

Short, sweet and to the point.  Somewhat.  OK not really at all.  Doesn’t matter, conference predictions are over.

What’s left in Prediction Town?  Bowl games, my Heisman ballot, the Hot Seat Report, and perhaps another post or two.  Also, the NFL predictions are coming up.  We are 11 days away from the first day.  11 days away!  Now the question is where the hell these games are going to show up since the channels that used to hold the HD portions of the U.S. College Sports Package are now used up by new timeshifting Canadian channels.  Yes because we all need those right?  This is Bell’s response to DAZN getting the only rights to Sunday Ticket.  So what do they do?  Add all these channels so essentially you can receive every NFL game (that’s available on Canadian television).  You will never get them all this way but you would get most of them.  I just worry that because of Bell’s history of being a constant screwup in this regard that something will happen to the college football channels and I (along with many others) will be left out in the cold.  I don’t even want to know what is going to happen over at Rogers.  All this would be VERY upsetting for sure.  Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.  I will keep you all updated on this.


5 thoughts on “Making November Weekdays Great Again

  1. Excited for another season and like always the best College football Info in Canada is here on your blog.

    I hope Bell’s attempt to get around DAZN’s purchase of NFL Sunday ticket rights doesn’t mess up your college sports package. That would suck.

    Myself I cut cable in March and am now using an “alternative way”, which I won’t go into further but I will now be able to get more college football than what was available through the super sports pack with Cogeco.

    I made a post over on D H Canada forum but since I dared speak out against the media cartel here my post was deleted. Shocking, LOL

    My hope is that DAZN can get rights to more sports like NCAA athletics and be able to sell it at a more reasonable price than what you’ll ever see the companies here charge.

    Keep up the great work like always.



  2. Well it’s interesting that all of a sudden I noticed a new channel at the very end of the listings last night called NFL Sunday Ticket. Don’t know what it’s about since Bell just can’t have Sunday Ticket. Who knows with them. And yes, still haven’t seen replacement channels for the USCSP channels lost. In a few days if I don’t see any changes I will probably contact Bell to see what’s going on.

    I think if DAZN doesn’t get college football rights soon (and I am almost certain they won’t for this season at the very least), there will be more people going a different route to get the games. The CRTC, Bell, and Rogers will have to shoulder most of the blame for that.


  3. That’s very fishy for sure. Yeah it’s unfortunate that mostly greed by the incumbents especially Bell and rogers has created a lot of piracy issues here.

    Sad that it’s easier to get programming that way then it is to go completely legit.

    Hopefully you won’t lose too many good games to FS1 this year.

    And yes hopefully DAZN is successful and can get other sports here except for obviously hockey which rogers has locked up for awhile.

    Nafta re-negotiations could also play a factor as the US wants to have the cultural exemptions for canadian broadcasting removed which could mean US competition for once.

    Be interesting to see, can’t wait for college and NFL football seasons to start. But still want a little more summer first.


  4. That’s the one thing Rogers does so much better than Bell (usually). They have that schedule that goes out two weeks that Bell has never had. I don’t understand why they have never had it since it should be pretty obvious what needs to be scheduled on a specialty pack. Bell should especially have this knowledge even before Rogers since TSN is under their umbrella. So if they can’t figure out what they’re airing then I don’t know what to say.


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