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And now to the other cause of my college football-induced insomnia, the Mountain West


Honestly I am fine with it but boy can it make Sunday a rough day.  Thankfully I don’t also drink alcohol while I’ve got a full day of college football.  A few Red Bull and Vodkas would make for a porcelain-riffic Sunday and help in destroying my liver.

Saying all that about the late night games, there is a bit of a change in the air (potentially).  Craig Thompson, the Mountain West Conference commissioner, is weighing the pros and cons of their current ESPN deal (along with other TV deals) with something else once that deal ends after the 2019 football season (technically it ends after the 2019-2020 basketball season but WE TALKIN’ FOOTBAW IN HERES!).  There have been complaints about the sheer amount of late night MWC games during a season, especially in November when everyone has gone to conference play and there’s only so many timeslots on each network.  Also, with some of these teams, attendance is down and it’s obvious that part of it is due to these late night start times.

So what is the alternative?  They have a deal with CBS Sports Network but again, they get one late night game and sometimes they get the afternoon or primetime slot.  That won’t change.  They may have to partner with another network to be able to get games earlier in the day or discuss digital broadcasting over the Internet and see if streaming is the way to go here.  They also have to understand that the increased attendance has to offset the loss in contract money from ESPN.  It’s a tough call but if they are wanting to at least stay in the FBS swimming pool (albeit in the shallow end), they have to figure out the right course of action and hope that it works.  They don’t want to become Conference USA with horrifically bad TV deals or the MAC with MACtion which is great for exposure but terrible for attendance.

Alright on to the predictions followed by potentially insane ramblings:

Conference Overall
Mountain W L W L
Colorado State 8 0 10 2
Boise State 7 1 9 3
Utah State 5 3 6 6
Wyoming 4 4 6 6
New Mexico 3 5 5 7
Air Force 3 5 5 7
San Diego State 7 1 9 3
Nevada 3 5 4 8
UNLV 2 6 3 9
Hawaii 2 6 3 9
Fresno State 2 6 3 9
San Jose State 2 6 3 10

Potentially Insane Ramblings

  • I don’t think this first point is insane at all: Colorado State is going to be good. Good talent on both sides of the ball, a good head coach, and a brand new stadium that will make some Power Five schools envious.  It all adds up to a showdown with Boise State to see who gets to the Mountain West Championship Game.  I predict it will be the Rams since they will have that game at home and it should be a raucous crowd for it (remember how it was for the Broncos when they had to go Laramie last season).  And who will they face?
  • Good lord talk about a lopsided division. It’s the Aztecs and nobody else is even close.  I have to check to see if they have mathematically clinched the division already……………….not quite yet but the magic number is low.  There isn’t even a bowl eligible team other than SDSU in the West Division.    They should clinch around Halloween.
  • Unlike the West Division, the Mountain Division should be a dogfight. Yes CSU and BSU should pull away from the pack but when your weakest teams are New Mexico and Air Force, your division is stacked (at least from a G5 perspective).
  • I have the Aztecs upsetting Colorado State to win the Mountain West and get their shot against a Pac-12 team (hopefully) in the Las Vegas Bowl. Didn’t work out the same last year but they did whoop Houston’s ass.  We won’t discuss the whole Donnell Pumphrey record-setting day thing.  In deference to Ron Dayne and Ricky Williams.
  • The conference has five bowl tie-ins. Not that many.  And I predict five teams will make bowl games.    They do technically have a sixth tie-in with the Cactus Bowl but that’s only if the Big XII or Pac-12 doesn’t have enough bowl-eligible teams.

We are over two-thirds of the way through the predictions but not quite three-quarters of the way through.  Next up is the conference we see the least of (and it’s not really even close), Conference USA.  We are 23 days away from the season starting.  Oh yeah!

Also there is some NFL news.  The Hall of Fame game has crept up on everyone and is tonight in Canton.  Dallas faces off against Arizona.  Hopefully the field is OK for this one after last year’s debacle.  Football is back baby (even though it is just pre-season ball but still….FOOTBAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!)!


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