College Football

Everything was going so smoothly for the SEC this off-season…

Hugh Freeze _OP_AP photo

…then that happened.

And that’s not all for the SEC.  The Big Ten signed a nice big deal with FOX for half of their games.  The ACC houses the most recent national champion.  The Pac-12 is making a lot of inroads and looking better year-by-year as it feels more like the (somewhat) glory days when USC ran college football and there was always a few other Pac-12 teams who were very tough to beat.  And the Big XII…OK let’s not go too far.

What I’m saying is that the SEC’s absolute dominance over college football has waned quite a bit in the past two years.  No longer does everyone expect that the SEC champ (most likely Bama) will waltz into the postseason and win the title and it will be ho-hum, seen that before.  Now we expect the SEC to have to fight to keep their number one status.  And that’s good for college football as a whole.  Not saying dynasties are a bad thing: it’s more that conference dynasties are.

Let’s be honest, though, the SEC is still king (although not by as much).  Also, they are the only conference where we receive every one of their games in this area.  That’s nice.  Not even the Big Ten can say that anymore (damn FOX and damn CRTC and damn everyone who is making so we can’t get FS1 games up here…DAMN!).

Now for the task at hand: predictions.  Let’s do that, shall we?  Then I will follow that up with some good ol’ Southern homecookin’!

Conference Overall
East W L W L
Florida 8 0 11 1
Tennessee 6 2 10 2
Georgia 5 3 7 5
South Carolina 2 6 4 8
Vanderbilt 2 6 5 7
Kentucky 2 6 5 7
Missouri 1 7 5 7
Alabama 7 1 11 1
Auburn 6 2 9 3
LSU 5 3 9 3
Texas A&M 4 4 7 5
Ole Miss 3 5 7 5
Arkansas 3 5 7 5
Mississippi State 2 6 6 6

Good Ol’ Southern Homecookin!

  • I came to my senses and had Bama winning the SEC West. However, they will not come out of the regular season unscathed.  I think they will lose a single game.  I have that game being the Iron Bowl which would make for a very interesting College Football Playoff rankings the following Tuesday (since I would also be under the assumption that the Tide would be #1 going into that game…don’t worry Auburn won’t be #4 although that would be creepy wouldn’t it?).
  • Florida will rule the SEC East…as long as they have a good quarterback. I also see them only losing one game during the regular season.  They will barely beat out the Champions of Life, Tennessee who might just save Butch Jones’ job with a 10-win season.
  • Many have Georgia as the favourite in the East. I don’t think they will win more than seven games.  Their schedule is brutally tough with road games at Notre Dame, Tennessee, Florida (Cocktail Party in Jacksonville), Auburn, and Georgia Tech.    That’s on top of home games against Mississippi State, South Carolina, and dangerous Appalachian State.  Not an easy schedule to navigate for sure.
  • South Carolina, Vandy, Kentucky, and Mizzou, the four SEC also-rans (or more like the forgotten ones) will all be under .500 but should be competitive throughout the season. It wouldn’t surprise me to see one of these teams win seven or even eight games and make life tough for the top of the SEC East.
  • I still have Ole Miss at 7-5. Maybe I should change it.  Nah.  Go with your first instinct (even though that first instinct came well before Escortgate).
  • I have Bama beating Florida in the SEC title game to go back to the College Football Playoff. Florida and Tennessee would land somewhere in the New Year’s Six.
  • Ten bowl teams from the SEC with four just on the outside. Another good year (and dominating non-conference play helps immensely there).

Ok we are done the Power Five conferences.  So as a bridge to our Group of Five friends, the next predictions will be the Independent teams.  All four of them.  Less than a month away from the beginning.  Exactly thirty days.  Awesome!


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