College Football

Should I tell my doctor this could be cause of my insomnia?


I don’t think she would believe me.  But on the off chance she does, I might be prescribed medication of a different sort for this that has nothing to do with insomnia.

Yes I am crazy about college football.  I admit it.  I am not ashamed of it.  OK I am kind of ashamed of it.  But I soldier on with my quasi-obsession.  And this conference right here, the Pac-12 (along with the Mountain West to a lesser extent) shows how deep my obsession over college football is.  Obsession might be a strong word…depraved lunacy sounds much more on target.  When I get the opportunity (as you know…well you’d know if you read my blog for years!) I watch college football from Noon to pretty much between 2 and 3 in the morning on Saturdays in the late Summer and Fall.  I’m sure it’s not healthy for me and frankly I don’t care.  I enjoy it and that’s all that matters.

And the Pac-12, being the only Power Five conference touching the Pacific Ocean, gets games that start at 10:30.  Some even start at 10:45.  Don’t remember the last time I have seen a game up here start at 11 at night.  I shouldn’t give them any ideas.  Then again that’s just ESPN.  If we get the Pac-12 Network here (which I am still not super clear on), some games do start at 11.  My late nights will get even later.  Oh well, the things I do for the sport I love.  Where was I?

Oh yes, predictions!  Time for my projected Pac-12 standings followed by some California Dreamin’:

Conference Overall
North W L W L
Washington 8 1 11 1
Stanford 6 3 9 3
Oregon 6 3 9 3
Washington State 5 4 8 4
California 2 7 3 9
Oregon State 1 8 3 9
USC 9 0 12 0
UCLA 6 3 9 3
Utah 5 4 7 5
Colorado 4 5 7 5
Arizona State 1 8 3 9
Arizona 1 8 3 9

California Dreamin’

  • The state of California is going to have a good season this year. USC, UCLA, and Stanford should be near the top of the standings.  Cal is at least a year away from bowling again.  Then again, maybe their issue should be their fault-line-covering stadium and what they need to do about that.
  • Washington and Utah should also be strong teams. I can’t see the Huskies running through the Pac-12 like they did last season (sans their affair with USC).  But they will still be good and Jake Browning will get some Heisman hype I’m sure.
  • Hey look who’s back near the top? Willie Taggart takes over for a Ducks team that uncharacteristically fell into mediocrity (sub-mediocrity more like it…I mean they didn’t even make a bowl game).  He should give the program at least a bit of a jolt…not a PJ Fleck-type jolt but a jolt nonetheless.
  • Man is it ever going to be a shitty season in the desert. I can’t see either team from the state of Arizona doing well at all.  It also wouldn’t be surprising to see a DOUBLE SHITCANNING SPECIAL at or near the end of the season.  RichRod, especially, is on very thin ice at this point.  OK maybe thin ice is not the best analogy to use when talking about Arizona.
  • As for the Pac-12 title game, I see USC going over Washington and heading to the College Football Playoff undefeated. Remember when we used to have to include untied in that conversation?  Ah, the good old days…well, somewhat good at certain things I guess.
  • I see the Pac-12 having eight bowl teams which would be the right amount to satisfy the conference’s bowl commitments. Two-thirds of the league getting into the postseason?  That’s pretty good I would say.

Alright we are over a quarter of the way through the predictions with just…32 days to go?  Holy shit the season is coming fast.  I better start getting at this at a quicker pace.  Next up is the conference that, according to Urban Meyer, is just as good as the SEC, the Big Ten (and their fancy new contract with FOX).  Then the SEC will round out the Power Five conferences.


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