College Football

Hey at least our conference doesn’t have an embarrassment for a coach…



So before we get to the ACC predictions, Hugh Freeze has resigned as head coach at Ole Miss because he called escorts on an Ole Miss phone.  What is it with coaches going outside their marriage for long time lovin’ and it being made public?  Fun Bobby and now this.  I’m sure there’s more I have missed (I would cackle with glee if I heard Nick Saban did something like this) but I can’t be bothered to actually research that kind of thing.

Alright on to the task at hand.  The ACC currently houses the reigning and defending national champions of college football, the Clemson Tigers.  They also have perennial powerhouse Florida State, and at least four other teams that could be considered contenders for a New Year’s Six spot.  Things are looking up for so-called basketball conference.  Even their bottom teams aren’t as bad as the other P5 conferences’ bottom teams.  Life is good on the east coast, at least for now.  So let’s get to my projected standings followed by some semi-deep analysis:

Conference Overall
Atlantic W L W L
Florida State 8 0 10 2
Clemson 6 2 10 2
NC State 5 3 8 4
Louisville 5 3 9 3
Syracuse 2 6 5 7
Boston College 1 7 4 8
Wake Forest 1 7 4 8
Miami 6 2 10 2
Pittsburgh 6 2 9 3
Georgia Tech 6 2 9 3
Virginia Tech 5 3 9 3
North Carolina 3 5 7 5
Duke 1 7 3 9
Virginia 1 7 3 9

Semi-Deep Analysis

  • I honestly cannot see any team getting out of the ACC unscathed. Arguably, it’s the deepest conference in college football.  I got FSU, Clemson, and The U all having two overall losses which pretty much would eliminate them from a chance at the College Football Playoff.  One of those three will have to beat one of the other two (at least) and run the table otherwise to have any type of shot at glory.
  • Expect at least one of NC State, Louisville, Pitt, Georgia Tech, or Virginia Tech to pull off an upset of the top three. Also, expect one of these teams to possibly be sniffing the Top 10 at some point during the season only to tail off a bit at the end.  It happens almost every year and this year will be no different.
  • Dino Babers is getting VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY close to getting Syracuse over the hump and back to playing bowl games on a near-annual basis. We knew it would happen.  It was just a matter of when.  Now let’s hope this doesn’t blow up in my face and he goes 1-11 and gets shitcanned halfway through the year.
  • Poor Duke. And poor David Cutcliffe.  They had their time in the rarefied air up at the top level of the ACC.  And it was fun.  Yes, Duke was fun to watch.  For football.  And Cutcliffe is one of the best coaches of the last decade for doing the most with the least (they should have an award for that called the Bill Snyder Award, he being the God of this kind of thing).  But now you Dookies, it’s time to slowly slide back down to semi-irrelevance, at least for the time being.  Enjoy the basement of the Coastal division with…
  • Bronco Mendenhall’s Virginia Cavaliers. Saying that, at least the Cavs have the appearance of a team on the rise from the fairly dark Mike London days.
  • I project nine bowl teams from the ACC. Make it ten if the bowls need another team and Syracuse is tabbed.  That’s a good amount of teams and matches up to any other P5 conference.
  • For the ACC title tilt, I think the Noles and Canes have their rematch and FSU comes out victorious (again). Won’t be quite enough for a CFP spot but the New Year’s Six Orange Bowl spot will be there for them.

Next up is one of the two conferences that keeps me up night (literally), the Pac-12.  We are 33 days away from the first games of the season.  A little over a month.


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