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It is now time for the dog’s breakfast portion of our show…

Hey, hey! (I say that in my head in Krusty The Clown’s voice).  This will be the second year in a row I take a (probably totally inaccurate) stab at the schedules for the SEC Network, Big Ten Network, ACC Network, Notre Dame on NBC, and even the TSN schedules for this college football season.  Remember, Bell subscribers (which I am one of) will not get BTN this season.  But hey, Rogers customers get the SEC Network games now!  Good for them (and good for Rogers for coming to their senses on something that made no sense to begin with).  And for the first time ever, I will include the CBS Sports Network schedule as well.  I know, I know…you are so excited to hear that (I wanted the “Dripping Sarcasm” font for this part but couldn’t find it).  Alright, here we go with Round 1!


As I mentioned above, Rogers subscribers (including other smaller telcos that I tend to forget) now get the games from the SEC Network.  Good stuff.  Unfortunately you juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust missed hearing Big Game Brent doing less-than-big games on the Ocho (You are looking live at…wait, Sam Houston State?  Good lord.  Hey Joe, find the ten hottest girls in the crowd so I can ogle them throughout the game alright?).  So here we go with the projected schedule since I think not a single game has been confirmed yet:

August 31st Florida A&M at Arkansas (confirmed) 8:00 PM
September 2nd Missouri State at Missouri Noon
September 2nd Charleston Southern at Mississippi State 4:00 PM
September 9th Indiana State at Tennessee Noon
September 9th Eastern Kentucky at Kentucky Noon
September 9th Northern Colorado at Florida 4:00 PM
September 9th Alabama A&M at Vanderbilt 4:00 PM
September 9th Chattanooga at LSU 7:30 PM
September 9th UT-Martin at Ole Miss 7:30 PM
September 16th Purdue at Missouri Noon
September 16th Samford at Georgia Noon
September 16th UL-Lafayette at Texas A&M 4:00 PM
September 16th Mercer at Auburn 4:00 PM
September 16th Kentucky at South Carolina 7:30 PM
September 23rd Louisiana Tech at South Carolina Noon
September 23rd UMass at Tennessee 4:00 PM
September 23rd Auburn at Missouri 7:30 PM
September 30th Eastern Michigan at Kentucky Noon
September 30th Troy at LSU Noon
September 30th New Mexico State at Arkansas 4:00 PM
September 30th South Carolina at Texas A&M 7:30 PM
October 7th Georgia at Vanderbilt Noon
October 7th Missouri at Kentucky 4:00 PM
October 7th Ole Miss at Auburn 7:30 PM
October 14th Vanderbilt at Ole Miss Noon
October 14th Missouri at Georgia 4:00 PM
October 14th BYU at Mississippi State 7:30 PM
October 21st LSU at Ole Miss Noon
October 21st Idaho at Missouri 7:30 PM
October 28th Tennessee at Kentucky Noon
October 28th Vanderbilt at South Carolina 3:30 PM
October 28th Mississippi State at Texas A&M 7:15 PM
November 4th Western Kentucky at Vanderbilt Noon
November 4th Coastal Carolina at Arkansas 4:00 PM
November 4th UMass at Mississippi State 4:00 PM
November 4th Southern Miss at Tennessee 7:30 PM
November 11th Tennessee at Missouri Noon
November 11th New Mexico at Texas A&M 3:30 PM
November 11th Kentucky at Vanderbilt 7:30 PM
November 18th Missouri at Vanderbilt Noon
November 18th Mercer at Auburn Noon
November 18th ULM at Auburn 4:00 PM
November 18th Wofford at South Carolina 4:00 PM
November 18th Mississippi State at Arkansas 7:30 PM
November 18th UAB at Florida 7:30 PM
November 25th Louisville at Kentucky Noon
November 25th Vanderbilt at Tennessee 3:30 PM
November 25th Texas A&M at LSU 7:30 PM

OK I lied.  As of right now, one game is confirmed.  The first three weeks are confirmed in terms of the games that will appear on the SEC Network (and thus, the specialty pack up here).  The times are all TBA.  And as per usual, September is kind of garbage and then it picks up significantly starting in October with more conference play.


Just like last year, here is my opportunity to ask the stupid CRTC to just offer a package that includes all college football games from as many channels as possible and charge for that.  I would gladly pay more than what I am paying now for the U.S. College Sports Package.  But alas, they won’t because we don’t get nice things up here (except the health care system which is pretty damn sweet I must say).

Alright so here is the BTN schedule for this season which may or may not be a bit lighter due to the B1G signing up with FOX.  Rogers/Eastlink and I assume Shaw customers get this channel.  Bell subscribers do not.  Oh well.  The (alternate) means this will appear on the specialty pack for people who get BTN.

August 31st Buffalo at Minnesota (confirmed) 7:00 PM
September 2nd Wyoming at Iowa (confirmed) Noon
September 2nd Ball State at Illinois (alternate) (confirmed) Noon
September 2nd Nevada at Northwestern (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 2nd Arkansas State at Nebraska (confirmed) 8:00 PM
September 9th Towson at Maryland (alternate) (confirmed) Noon
September 9th Florida Atlantic at Wisconsin (confirmed) Noon
September 9th Eastern Michigan at Rutgers (alternate) (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 9th Western Michigan at Michigan State (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 16th Air Force at Michigan (confirmed) Noon
September 16th FIU at Indiana (alternate) (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 16th Morgan State at Rutgers (alternate) (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 16th Middle Tennessee at Minnesota (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 16th Bowling Green at Northwestern (confirmed) 7:30 PM
September 16th Georgia State at Penn State (alternate) (confirmed) 7:30 PM
September 23rd Rutgers at Nebraska 3:30 PM
September 23rd UNLV at Ohio State 7:30 PM
September 30th Ohio State at Rutgers 7:30 PM
October 14th Purdue at Wisconsin 3:30 PM
October 14th Rutgers at Illinois 7:30 PM
October 21st Purdue at Rutgers Noon
October 21st Illinois at Minnesota 3:30 PM
November 4th Maryland vs. Rutgers (in the Bronx) Noon
November 4th Illinois at Purdue 3:30 PM
November 4th Wisconsin at Indiana 7:30 PM
November 11th Indiana at Illinois Noon
November 11th Purdue at Northwestern 3:30 PM
November 11th Michigan at Maryland 7:30 PM
November 18th Rutgers at Indiana Noon
November 18th Purdue at Iowa 3:30 PM
November 18th Maryland at Michigan State 8:00 PM
November 25th Indiana at Purdue Noon
November 25th Michigan State at Rutgers 3:30 PM

Just like the SEC Network, the Big Ten Network mandates that every team appear at least once during a season.  And also just like the SEC Network the bottom two or three teams appear much more often than the top two or three teams.  Makes sense, right?  I mean other than Wisconsin at Indiana (at this point), there aren’t any fairly huge games on this network although I think that will change over the course of the season.  Besides, do you really want Rutgers on a big-time network more than once or twice this season?


This used to be easy.  WSBK out of Boston was pretty much everyone’s go-to for the ACC Network game of the week.  Now WNLO out of Buffalo is in the mix as well and we saw this come up when there were two ACC Network games at the same time.  This will actually work out so much better when the true ACC Network begins in 2019 (as long as it follows the format of the SEC Network up here in the Great White North).  We will just get the games throughout the day on the specialty pack and everyone will be happy (who actually orders the specialty pack).

And this year we have a slight wrinkle early on which may rear its head later on in the season as well (although for now I don’t foresee it).  This actually may make it more PVR-friendly to be honest with you.  Schedule followed by a couple thoughts:

September 2nd California at North Carolina  (confirmed) 12:30 PM
September 9th ULM at Florida State (confirmed) 7:00 PM
September 16th Furman at NC State (confirmed) 12:30 PM
September 23rd Boston College at Clemson 12:30 PM
September 30th Rice at Pittsburgh 12:30 PM
October 7th Pittsburgh at Syracuse 12:30 PM
October 14th Virginia at North Carolina 12:30 PM
October 21st Wake Forest at Georgia Tech 12:30 PM
October 28th Louisville at Wake Forest 12:30 PM
November 4th Syracuse at Florida State 12:30 PM
November 4th Georgia Tech at Virginia 12:30 PM
November 11th Virginia at Louisville 12:30 PM
November 18th Syracuse at Louisville 12:30 PM
November 25th Duke at Wake Forest 12:30 PM

Primetime ACC Network game.  PRIMETIME ACC NETWORK GAME!  Normally this kind of game would go to the regional FOX network and we might get it on the specialty pack in poverty Standard Definition.  Instead, this game goes to primetime which is nice and I think it’s almost a test run for primetime games on the brand-new ACC Network in a couple seasons.  My guess is that they will go to an SEC Network type schedule then: three games a week (on average).  Does this mean no games on ESPNEWS starting then?  Wouldn’t surprise me since I can’t see them finding value in more Group of Five games on the family of networks.


I have this feeling one day NBC will add something on weeks when Notre Dame doesn’t play at home or at a neutral site.  Notre Dame could still have exclusivity on days they are on NBC but otherwise NBC could expand their portfolio (especially now when everything in the world of college football broadcasting seems to be in flux).  Here’s the FULLY CONFIRMED ND on NBC schedule for this season:

September 2nd Temple at Notre Dame 3:30 PM
September 9th Georgia at Notre Dame 7:30 PM
October 21st USC at Notre Dame 7:30 PM
October 28th NC State at Notre Dame 3:30 PM
November 4th Wake Forest at Notre Dame 3:30 PM
November 18th Navy at Notre Dame 3:30 PM

It seems like the norm that two primetime games occur every year for Notre Dame on NBC.  I am positive I saw somewhere that it is supposed to be three in a two-year span but I am guessing the two-year spans are not revolving in this case.  Also, this season we go back to having a game on NBC Sports Network which we, of course, do not receive.  Notre Dame hosts Miami-OH so it’s not like we are missing much there.  Plus it’s at the odd time of 5PM.  Weird.

Yes the CBS Sports Network schedule for the first time this season!  And now that I pay less for the channel itself (like $2/month) it makes sense rather than the $7/month I started paying before (which I hated).  So if you love AAC and MWC football (with a sprinkling of MACtion) this is the channel for you.  It really has become the de facto Group of Five major network with the sheer amount of games they have.  So here we go (this will be a looooooong list):

August 26th Oregon State at Colorado State (confirmed) 2:30 PM
August 26th USF at San Jose State (confirmed) 7:30 PM
August 31st FIU at UCF (confirmed) 6:00 PM
August 31st ULM at Memphis (confirmed) 9:00 PM
September 1st Fordham at Army (confirmed) 6:00 PM
September 1st Boston College at Northern Illinois (confirmed) 9:30 PM
September 2nd Kentucky at Southern Miss (confirmed) 4:00 PM
September 2nd Vanderbilt at Middle Tennessee (confirmed) 8:00 PM
September 9th Buffalo at Army (confirmed) Noon
September 9th Tulane at Navy (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 9th Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech (confirmed) 7:30 PM
September 16th Iowa State at Akron (confirmed) Noon
September 16th Virginia Tech at East Carolina (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 16th Oregon at Wyoming (confirmed) 7:00 PM
September 16th Stanford at San Diego State (confirmed) 10:30 PM
September 22nd Florida Atlantic at Buffalo 7:30 PM
September 23rd Army at Tulane Noon
September 23rd Cincinnati at Navy (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 23rd San Diego State at Air Force (confirmed) 7:00 PM
September 29th BYU at Utah State (confirmed) 8:00 PM
September 30th Akron at Bowling Green Noon
September 30th UTEP at Army (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 30th Air Force at New Mexico (confirmed) 7:00 PM
September 30th Northern Illinois at San Diego State (confirmed) 10:30 PM
October 5th Western Michigan at Buffalo 8:00 PM
October 6th Fresno State at San Jose State 10:00 PM
October 7th UCF at Cincinnati Noon
October 7th Air Force at Navy (confirmed) 3:30 PM
October 7th Central Michigan at Ohio 7:00 PM
October 7th Hawaii at Nevada (confirmed) 10:30 PM
October 13th Wyoming at Utah State 10:00 PM
October 14th Eastern Michigan at Army (confirmed) Noon
October 14th Toledo at Central Michigan 3:30 PM
October 14th Navy at Memphis 7:00 PM
October 14th Boise State at San Diego State (confirmed) 10:30 PM
October 20th Western Kentucky at Old Dominion 6:00 PM
October 20th Air Force at Nevada (confirmed) 9:30 PM
October 21st Temple at Army (confirmed) Noon
October 21st UCF at Navy (confirmed) 3:30 PM
October 21st SMU at Cincinnati 7:00 PM
October 21st Fresno State at San Diego State (confirmed) 10:30 PM
October 26th Toledo at Ball State 7:00 PM
October 27th Tulane at Memphis (confirmed) 8:00 PM
October 28th Buffalo at Akron (confirmed) 11:30 AM
October 28th Air Force at Colorado State (confirmed) 3:00 PM
October 28th Cincinnati at USF 6:30 PM
October 28th Boise State at Utah State (confirmed) 10:00 PM
November 2nd Ball State at Eastern Michigan 6:00 PM
November 3rd Marshall at Florida Atlantic 6:00 PM
November 4th Houston at USF Noon
November 4th Army at Air Force (confirmed) 3:30 PM
November 4th Colorado State at Wyoming (confirmed) 7:00 PM
November 8th Kent State at Western Michigan 7:30 PM
November 9th Ball State at Northern Illinois (confirmed) 7:00 PM
November 11th Duke at Army (confirmed) Noon
November 11th SMU at Navy (confirmed) 3:30 PM
November 11th UConn at UCF 7:00 PM
November 11th Boise State at Colorado State (confirmed) 10:30 PM
November 15th Eastern Michigan at Miami-OH 8:00 PM
November 16th Buffalo at Ball State (confirmed) 7:00 PM
November 17th Middle Tennessee at Western Kentucky (confirmed) 8:00 PM
November 18th UCF at Temple Noon
November 18th San Jose State at Colorado State (confirmed) 3:30 PM
November 18th Boston College vs. UConn (in Fenway Park) (confirmed) 7:00 PM
November 18th Nevada at San Diego State (confirmed) 10:30 PM
November 24th Northern Illinois at Central Michigan Noon
November 24th New Mexico at San Diego State (confirmed) 3:30 PM
November 25th USF at UCF Noon
November 25th Boise State at Fresno State (confirmed) 3:30 PM
November 25th BYU at Hawaii (confirmed) 9:00 PM
December 16th Cure Bowl (confirmed) 2:30 PM
December 29th Arizona Bowl (confirmed) 5:30 PM

What did I tell you?  Such a huge schedule.  It’s ESPN-esque!  Anyway, you will see gratuitous AAC and Mountain West fare here along with a sprinkling of MAC and Conference USA with NO SUN BELT ANYWHERE.  Poor Sun Belt.  Also nice is that the majority of the schedule is confirmed.  Much different than the SEC Network pile o’ games.


Speaking of long schedules, let me take a crack at the potential TSN schedule.  I know I will be wrong.  Almost guaranteed.  But I will try.  That’s what’s important.  Right?

None of the games are confirmed yet (although some are confirmed on American networks) and none will be until mid-August when maybe the first week will be set up.  Not as bad as the specialty packs (which still amazes me…it can’t be that difficult to do schedules for those) but still bad.  So here we go and let’s get on with the carnage!


September 2nd Kent State at Clemson Noon TSN1 ESPN
September 2nd Florida vs. Michigan (in Arlington) 3:30 PM TSN2 ABC
September 2nd Alabama vs. Florida State (in Atlanta) 8:00 PM TSN2 ABC
September 2nd BYU vs. LSU (in Houston) 9:30 PM TSN1 ESPN
September 9th Louisville at North Carolina Noon TSN3 ABC
September 9th Cincinnati at Michigan Noon TSN4 ESPN
September 9th Utah at BYU 10:15 PM TSN1 ESPN2
September 9th Boise State at Washington State 10:30 PM TSN3 ESPN
September 16th Oklahoma State at Pittsburgh Noon TSN2 ABC
September 21st Temple at USF 8:00 PM TSN2 ESPN
September 23rd Alabama at Vanderbilt Noon TSN3 ESPN
September 23rd Mississippi State at Georgia Noon TSN2 ESPN2
September 23rd Louisiana Tech at South Carolina Noon TSN4/TSN5 SEC Network
September 30th Florida State at Wake Forest Noon TSN4 ESPN
September 30th Syracuse at NC State Noon TSN3 ESPN2
October 4th Arkansas State at Georgia Southern 8:00 PM TSN3 ESPN2
October 5th Louisville at NC State 8:00 PM TSN2 ESPN
October 7th Notre Dame at North Carolina Noon TSN5 ABC
October 7th Penn State at Northwestern Noon TSN3 ESPN
October 7th Illinois at Iowa Noon TSN4 ESPN2
October 7th LSU at Florida 7:00 PM TSN1/TSN5 ESPN
October 14th NC State at Pittsburgh Noon TSN5 ABC
October 14th Oklahoma vs. Texas (in Dallas) Noon TSN3 ESPN
October 14th Michigan State at Minnesota Noon TSN1 ESPN2
October 19th Memphis at Houston 8:00 PM TSN3/TSN5 ESPN
October 21st Louisville at Florida State Noon TSN4 ABC
October 21st Indiana at Michigan State Noon TSN1 ESPN
October 21st USF at Tulane Noon TSN2 ESPN2
October 28th Georgia Tech at Clemson Noon TSN4 ABC/ESPN2
October 28th Wisconsin at Illinois Noon TSN2 ESPN
November 9th North Carolina at Pittsburgh 8:00 PM TSN2 ESPN
November 10th Temple at Cincinnati 7:00 PM TSN2 ESPN2
November 11th West Virginia at Kansas State Noon TSN3 ABC/ESPN2
November 11th Rutgers at Penn State Noon TSN1 ABC/ESPN2
November 11th Alabama at Mississippi State Noon TSN4 ESPN
November 11th UL-Lafayette at Ole Miss Noon TSN2 ESPNU
November 11th Florida State at Clemson 3:30 PM TSN1 ABC
November 11th Iowa at Wisconsin 3:30 PM TSN4 ESPN
November 11th Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech 3:30 PM TSN3 ESPN2
November 14th Ohio at Akron 7:00 PM TSN3 ESPN2
November 17th UNLV at New Mexico 9:30 PM TSN2 ESPN2
November 18th Virginia at Miami Noon TSN3 ESPN
November 18th California at Stanford 3:30 PM TSN3 ESPN
November 18th NC State at Wake Forest 7:00 PM TSN2 ESPN
November 18th UCLA at USC 10:30 PM TSN2 ESPN
November 23rd Ole Miss at Mississippi State 7:30 PM TSN1/TSN3/TSN4 ESPN
November 24th Miami at Pittsburgh 11:00 AM TSN1 ESPN2
November 24th West Virginia at Oklahoma 3:30 PM TSN5 ABC
November 24th Boston College at Syracuse 3:30 PM TSN1 ESPN2
November 24th Notre Dame at Stanford 8:00 PM TSN1 ESPN
November 25th Penn State at Maryland Noon TSN1 ABC
November 25th Clemson at South Carolina Noon TSN5 ESPN
November 25th Washington State at Washington 3:30 PM TSN1 ABC
November 25th Wisconsin at Minnesota 3:30 PM TSN5 ESPN
November 25th North Carolina at NC State 3:30 PM TSN2 ESPN2
November 25th UTSA at Louisiana Tech 7:00 PM TSN2 ESPN2
November 25th Florida State at Florida 7:30 PM TSN5 ESPN
November 25th Georgia at Georgia Tech 8:00 PM TSN4 ABC
December 2nd AAC Championship Game Noon TSN4 ABC
December 2nd Conference USA Championship Game Noon TSN1 ESPN
December 16th New Orleans Bowl 1:00 PM TSN2 ESPN
December 16th New Mexico Bowl 4:30 PM TSN2 ESPN
December 16th Camellia Bowl 8:00 PM TSN2 ESPN
December 19th Boca Raton Bowl 7:00 PM TSN2 ESPN
December 22nd Bahamas Bowl 12:30 PM TSN4/TSN5 ESPN
December 22nd Idaho Potato Bowl 4:00 PM TSN4/TSN5 ESPN
December 23rd Dollar General Bowl 7:00 PM TSN2 ESPN
December 26th Cactus Bowl 9:00 PM TSN3 ESPN
December 27th Independence Bowl 1:30 PM TSN2 ESPN
December 27th Pinstripe Bowl 5:15 PM TSN2 ESPN
December 27th Texas Bowl 9:00 PM TSN2 ESPN
December 28th Camping World Bowl 5:15 PM TSN2 ESPN
December 28th Alamo Bowl 9:00 PM TSN2 ESPN
December 29th Cotton Bowl 8:30 PM TSN3/TSN5 ESPN
December 30th TaxSlayer Bowl Noon TSN4/TSN5 ESPN
December 30th Fiesta Bowl 4:00 PM TSN1/TSN5 ESPN
December 30th Orange Bowl 8:00 PM TSN5 ESPN
January 1st Outback Bowl Noon TSN2 ESPN2
January 1st Peach Bowl 12:30 PM TSN1/TSN4/TSN5 ESPN
January 1st Rose Bowl (CFP Semi-Final) 5:00 PM TSN1/TSN4/TSN5 ESPN
January 1st Sugar Bowl (CFP Semi-Final) 8:45 PM TSN1/TSN4/TSN5 ESPN
January 8th National Championship Game 8:00 PM TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5 ESPN

Good lord that’s a long list.  That’s not a bad thing and I am not complaining.  I will say that many of these will be slightly incorrect where I chose the wrong TSN network or something like that.  I only have one SEC Network and one ESPNU game being broadcast by TSN and it wouldn’t surprise me if that was one too many for both.

Finally done.  This took way too long to do but it’s getting me organized and giving you a glimpse of what you may be looking at this late Summer, Fall, and very early Winter.  We are now exactly 40 days away from the start of the college football season and I am way behind on my posts.  Coming up it’s prediction posts and then some other tidbits about the season.  It’s right around the corner.  Finally!


4 thoughts on “It is now time for the dog’s breakfast portion of our show…

  1. Hey Bossman!

    Off topic here, but with that DAZN deal acquiring NFL Game Pass in this country for the next five years, will it truly be exclusive to them or will they change their minds and allow Bell & Rogers a sub license to have Sunday Ticket and possibly Red Zone on their systems?


    1. Yes it looks like Sunday Ticket and RedZone will no longer be available to Bell, Rogers, and any other telco company in Canada. It was removed from the Super Sports Pack on Friday I believe. It hasn’t been removed from the U.S. College Sports Package yet (according to the Bell website) but I am sure that will happen soon. I don’t mind this happening if it begins to allow Canadians to get these types of things on their own without having to have huge cable packages attached to it. If DAZN gets a college football package of sorts it will definitely pique my interest.


  2. It would be great if DAZN purchases the rights to Fox Sports One’s College Football Package here in Canada. That would be awesome news!


  3. It would be great if DAZN could structure some sort of a college football package, especially if it included FS1. As I have said in the past, I would gladly pay a (bit of a) premium to get pretty much all P5 games (and subsequently some G5 and FCS games as well if they are on the same networks). The fact that that is not available here in Canada in some form speaks to how archaic the system is up here for television and how to give consumers as much of what they desire.


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