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Well look who left the College Football kiddie table!


Yes FOX already had the Big XII and the Pac-12.  But who gives a runny shit about that when you can have the BIG DAMN TEN!  With all due respect to the Big-Number and the Pac-Whatever, getting the better half of the Big Ten television contract was a coup by FOX and nothing less.  They are now into the big time with college football.  That’s a good thing right?  Spreading the love to more networks?  Not so fast my friend!

Yes the move to more games onto FOX means FOX will now show more games.  Tripleheaders even!  6 of them!  That’s awesome.  What isn’t awesome?  It also means more games to FOX Sports One, my nemesis (or maybe it just seems that way).  FS1 is going to get quite a few B1G games this season.  And those games we won’t see.  So for once, I am going to send out something specifically for a certain business.

*clears throat*

Dear Rogers,

I know I have talked a lot of shit about you since this blog started.  Well, at least in the first two years.  Then it turned to apathy.  Then to ignoring you outright.  Well, I’m back!  And I want to apologize.  Sort of.

OK let’s cut the shit…can you please adjust your schedule so that you can show an FS1 college football game at Noon on Saturdays?  It can even be on Sportsnet 360.  I don’t care.  Just one game a week.  I would forever be grateful (until you fuck something up again).



That felt dirty.

Alright onto the predicted FOX schedule for this season plus some topical conversation afterwards:

September 2nd UTEP at Oklahoma (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 2nd Louisville vs. Purdue (in Indianapolis) (confirmed) 7:30 PM
September 3rd Texas A&M at UCLA (confirmed) 7:30 PM
September 9th Nebraska at Oregon  (confirmed) 4:30 PM
September 9th Stanford at USC  (confirmed) 8:30 PM
September 16th Army at Ohio State (confirmed) 4:30 PM
September 16th Texas at USC (confirmed) 8:30 PM
September 23rd Michigan at Purdue 4:00 PM
September 23rd Notre Dame at Michigan State (confirmed) 8:00 PM
September 30th Iowa at Michigan State 4:00 PM
September 30th Arizona State at Stanford 8:00 PM
October 7th Kansas State at Texas Noon
October 7th Michigan State at Michigan 4:00 PM
October 7th Stanford at Utah 8:00 PM
October 21st Oklahoma State at Texas Noon
October 21st Colorado at Washington State 4:00 PM
October 21st West Virginia at Baylor 8:00 PM
October 28th Penn State at Ohio State (confirmed) 3:30 PM
November 4th Iowa State at West Virginia Noon
November 4th Oklahoma at Oklahoma State 4:00 PM
November 4th Ohio State at Iowa 7:30 PM
November 11th TCU at Oklahoma Noon
November 11th Oklahoma State at Iowa State 4:00 PM
November 11th USC at Colorado 8:00 PM
November 18th Oklahoma at Kansas Noon
November 18th Iowa State at Baylor 4:00 PM
November 18th Utah at Washington 8:00 PM
November 24th Texas Tech at Texas (confirmed) 8:00 PM
November 25th Ohio State at Michigan Noon
November 25th Oregon State at Oregon 4:00 PM
November 25th Northwestern at Illinois 8:00 PM
December 2nd Big XII Championship Game Noon
December 2nd Big Ten Championship Game (confirmed) 8:00 PM
December 27th Foster Farms Bowl (confirmed) 8:30 PM

Topical Conversation

  • The Pac-12 Championship (as far as I know) will go to ESPN.  FOX keeps the Big Ten Championship and will most likely add the Big XII Championship game.  Smart idea going at Noon since they will be up against a couple G5 conference championship games.  No point going up against the SEC Championship, even if it would be a good lead-in to the B1G title tilt.
  • You heard me right earlier (or more like saw me right…that doesn’t make sense)…6 TRIPLEHEADERS!  So we know we will get GUS JOHNSON! and Joel Klatt for the primetime affair, Joe Davis (who’s OK) with Brady Quinn for one of the other games.  And then I guess a call-up from the farm for the third game?
  • Here is the breakdown of games by conference (the home team is considered the “owner” of the game):
    • Big XII: 11
    • Big Ten: 10
    • Pac-12: 10
  • That is VERY balanced if it ends up that way.  Nice work FOX.
  • Some other nice work comes from the quality of games they get.  Arguably, two of three B1G games of the year (The Game and PSU/OSU) along with resurgent Texas going to USC, Bedlam, and opening Friday between TAMU and UCLA.  This has to be the biggest improvement from last season in terms of scheduling.
  • No games on October 14th.  Why?  I know I have seen the FOX media guide that goes over the timeslots but I am sure it’s because of the MLB Divisional Series meaning FOX will probably get a doubleheader of baseball that day.
  • FOX also gets one measly bowl game, the Foster Farms Bowl.  Actually they get two but the Holiday Bowl is going to FS1.  So guaranteed none of us will get that bowl game.  I hope some business (probably either Rogers or Bell) creates a better package for college football in the near future.  Not saying the U.S. College Sports Package/Super Sports Pack isn’t good (it is good I have to admit) but with good games going to FS1 it is becoming more imperative to be able to just get the Power Five conferences and all their games.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy MACtion and Fun Belt and some Late Night Mountain West but that’s the gravy.  The real part is the P5 games and to start getting less and less of them is concerning.

The final TV schedule post for the summer will be the ol’ grab-bag post highlighting TSN, NBC, and others that haven’t been mentioned but where we will be getting games from.  I refuse to do one for the specialty packs since that is absurd.  It’s a lot of games.  There you go, figured it all out for you.  Then I start getting into the prediction posts.  I have “played out the season” and have analyzed the results.  Spoiler alert: Alabama will be good this year.  Shocking, I know.


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